Patch Details for MLB 12: The Show

Posted April 13th, 2012 at 9:30 am

It took longer than previous years to get the first patch for MLB 12: The Show but as of this morning it has arrived! The patch includes a fix to start times for games in Franchise mode (unlike MLB 09 a restart of Franchise/Road to the Show will not be required) the success of outfielders being able to throw out runners at first base on base hits will be greatly reduced, and teams will now wear their correct alternate jerseys on appropriate days.

It’s most notable that the new structure for the MLB Playoffs and the addition division tiebreaker games are not being delivered at least with this update and nothing seems to have been done to improve hitting success which has been one of the most talked about issues since release. There are also numerous early reports of pre-existing Franchises and RTTS careers freezing post-patch which will have to be followed up on. Continue on for the full details on the patch and leave any thoughts in the comments! 

Front End Fixes
•Start Times/schedule Issue. All of our games (Season and Franchise modes) were starting at 1 PM or 7 PM. You will now see games starting at their correct scheduled times. Games will match their scheduled times listed on team website schedules and

•Fixed “Special Jersey Days” issue. Teams were not defaulting to the alt jerseys on the designated days or during spring training. You will now see all teams wearing their Spring Training jerseys throughout spring training. Also, teams will now be wearing their throwback jerseys and alternate jerseys on the correct days, as scheduled by the MLB and their own team websites.

•Sounds of the Show: – EDIT PLAYER – Personalize tab: Previewing Reliever Entrance Music. While modifying/selecting a player’s reliever entrance music, all sound previews (in slots 2 and 3) are the same as ‘Reliever Entrance Music 1’

•Gameplay Pitching Option: Pitch delay option had no effect. There will now be a noticeable difference between the Pitch Delay options of FAST, NORMAL, and SLOWER

•Off balanced catch to end an inning would result in an error being called on the defender that made the catch. No error will be called now, and the play will be scored correctly

•RF throwing out runners at first issue – Line drives hit to RF, was too frequently resulting in the user controlled (or AI controlled fielder) being able to throw the runner out at 1st base. Throws from the Right Fielder should be less accurate and far less likely to result in a force out at 1st base. This can still occur, but only in very real world scenario. Strong line drive to RF, and a strong throw to 1st base

•During the pitcher warm up, the umpire would occasionally appeal to 1st or 3rd base. This has been fixed

•PCI flipped in pitcher view when batting from that particular view. This has been fixed.

•Hot/Cold Zones flipped in pitching view. This has been fixed.

•Pitcher/Batter stats OSD had the Hot/Cold zones flipped when using “behind the pitcher” camera. This has been fixed.

•The Twins sign in center field will be lit all the time during night games.

•Step offs and throw to base (usually on a steal early) should be sped up and easier to control.

•”Show Track” presentation was occasionally off, in regards to the pitch location. It does not correctly spot the location of the pitch When
Campbell does post batter analysis of previous at bat

•Fixes to jumbotrons in several stadiums: Atlanta Turner Field jumbotron would display pre-game lineups in the middle of the game / Cincinnati Great American Ballpark would have missing info in the batting order view / Washington Nationals Park would display the away team’s lineup, when it should be showing the home team lineups

•Dodger Fans chanting “Beat LA” at home during rally moments. This has been fixed.

•Sounds of the Show In-between inning music/end of inning assigned music does not play on occasion. This has been fixed.

In game on-screen display
•When the ticker displays the league leading pitchers by ERA it only displays this to the whole number. League Leader pitchers would show ERA’s of 1, or 2, instead of 1.56 or 2.35 (for example)

•Extensive League setup improvements. Increased stability and usability.

•Lock when using Custom Roster in leagues. Leagues are stuck in a forming state and/or freeze the PS3 when they try to load their league. This has been fixed

•Backing out of a draft in progress would occasionally cause a league to freeze. This will no longer occur.

•League challenge options are now shown correctly in pregame acceptance. When a user would receive a league challenge, he would see his own Online User Settings, instead of the League Settings that were assigned by the commissioner.

•Inviting users to leagues under several circumstances would result in this message (“The given league ID is not valid.”) This has been fixed.

General Online
•Online In Game OSD: During an Online game, within the Pause menu, the Wind speed and direction is always 14 to 17 MPH blowing in from CF online. The wind was actually blowing this direction in game as well, making hitting fly-ball HR’s difficult

•PLAY NOW – Head to Head Logic that selects the home team was not working as intended. Now, the user with more XP points will be the home team, when matched randomly through the Play Now system

•Online bottom line ticker had no data and would only shows up briefly and disappears after the “brought to you by…” This also affects NP ticker updates not showing up in-game.

•Sub-Leaderboards – The top player on each team based sub-leaderboard has an impossible amount of xp/wins/losses, as well as links to the player card of a different player.

Diamond Dynasty
•Pitchers, and some position players did not have their assigned numbers in Diamond Dynasty. Assigning any number to any player in the TEAM CUSTOMIZATION / EDIT PLAYER area of the Front End did not carry over into game. Once the user entered the game, they would not be wearing that number. Frequently, Pitchers would follow this trend: Number one starter will wear the #1, Number three starter will wear the #3, the ninth guy in the bullpen will have #9…

•Fix for Diamond Dynasty pitch speeds. The fix makes any created DD player use the pitch speed formula as RTTS. No MLB players will be affected. Before the patch, users encountered issues where a Pitcher will have a 99mph fastball and 70mph change-up.

  • Guest

    “It took longer than previous years to get the first patch for MLB 12: The Show” Really? This was probably the earliest patch they’ve pushed out in the last couple years – quit finding ways to throw a gab at them. It’s amazing how much of a grudge you hold ever since you weren’t invited back to CD. Every article you write that pertains to The Show, you’ll find SOME way to be a douche. 

    • The first patch has been out two weeks after release the last couple years, that’s a fact. I had a whole article about it! Not even disparaging them for it…explaining that they didn’t need to really rush it this year.So…maybe you could understand what’s being referenced before you comment next time!

    • ben

      lol youre an idiot. go back to OS to hang with the other show fanboys who refuse to see that this game is not perfect

      • the show is almost as perfect as your mothers tits, you fucker.

      • Amen_Ra

        OS is fanboy central!

        Still a good site for content though

  • Kujayhawks152006

    ugh i wish theyd fix the hitting.  its fine though ill just keep playing with my adjusted sliders

    • Keith.

      What problems are you having with hitting?  Are you using guess pitch?  If so, make sure you move the left stick on pitches where you’ve guessed right (such as, if you’ve guessed right that the pitch will be down and in, then be sure to move your left stick down and in as the pitch is being delivered).  I’ve found that I’m getting GREAT results with this.  Previously, I assumed if you guessed right — you’d automatically make good contact, but that’s not true.  This is using the timing method of hitting, btw.

      • Kujayhawks152006

        no the problem is having a hanging slider in the middle of the zone with perfect/good timing, perfect/good stride, and good contact and either a dinky pop up in the infield or just rolls over on a pitch.  yet the CPU smashes a down and away slider a mile over the fence.  

    •  Yeah the hitting sucks. My biggest problem is in RTTS.  I can’t seem to get the comp to throw any pitches in the zone everything is like a mile off the plate.  How did you set your sliders?

      • Kujayhawks152006

        in my rtts they never throw out of the zone lol.  i keep trying to draw walks for my goals but theyll only throw 2 balls an at bat.

        i play on the 3rd highest difficulty setting.  i only bump up the HUM contact, power and solid hits up 3 clicks.  it seems to work out.  your guys dont win 20-0 or anything and its still competitive where you feel like you can lose and you do sometimes.  its a lot more equal

        • Play on All-Star or Hall of Fame and the computer throws less strikes.

  • here’s the thing though… if you’ve already started a franchise, will the patch for the start times make you have to start franchise over again? Or not?

    • mcmax3000

       “The patch includes a fix to start times for games in Franchise mode
      (unlike MLB 09 a restart of Franchise/Road to the Show will not be

      It’s right in the article.

    • Skyflame21

      In the article above it says no, you won’t need to re-start.  You should be able to continue with the times just being implemented within your league.

  • Robbo

    Does anybody else find that catchers just sit there too often on catchable foul balls? That bothers me more than anything & seems like an easy enough fix…surprised it’s not included.

    • Are they in the air or bouncing 1st? I thought this was a problem until I watched some replays and the ball was hitting the ground 1st.

    • johnnyg777

      Yes, absolutely. For me it is one of the only things that bugs me. That, and outfielders throwing the guy out at first. According to this the latter has been fixed. I just got the patch this morning. Can’t try it till tonight. You’re the only guy I have seen mention the catcher thing yet. I keep screaming at the screen. Get up out of the crouch already you moron! What is up with this? I would have expected to see a lot of complaints about this catcher issue. Like you said, it seems like it should be an easy enough fix.

  • TemRe

    Great job SCEA. 34 games into my Franchise and now I cant advance because it freezes.

    • Catch88

      YES!  Does anyone know how to fix this?

  • No3456

    One of the guys from SCEA posted yesterday – the patch DOES NOT require that you re-start your franchise. 

    • NOV

      The article says that even. But now that a lot of people are having their franchises freeze looks like they were wrong about it. 

  • Marginwalker12

    I have every problem in the world throwing out people at first from right field. Maybe it’s because I’m playing with Heyward. But from the three chances I can remember, Freddie gets pulled away from the bag in the same animation every time.

  • Noodle Daddy

    Pasta and your inside scoop on the show sales are down from last year? It made top 3 on NPD last month with the game in front of it doing 528k, So how much did the sales drop their buddy?

    • Like I mentioned yesterday in a comment its placement in the Top 10 is not reflective of sales. There were multiple games last year in March that sold over 1 million, even more that sold over 500K. This year its just 1 and 2 which allowed The Show to rank higher, same as NBA 2K12 and even SSX coming in 5th tells you what a weak month it was. I’m pulling in more data before full analysis. 

      • Noodle Daddy

        Yeah butNPD #7 on that list is 230k, the show did about 300 last year so it couldn’t have falling that much.

        • Keith.

          Also don’t forget that NPD doesn’t track digital downloads, so The Show’s total sales are higher than what NPD is reporting.

        • I actually had The Show higher than that last year, down about 9% from MLB 10 to 328K. Again though whatever this total is will include the Vita sales which are new. 6 to 3 on the list is likely clumped in that 250-350 range without a great deal of separation.

      • Bor1cua100

        Hey Pastapadre. Their a GLITCH in RTTS… When i steal 2B most of the time ,the catcher wouldn’t throw it to 2B …he stays there standing up holding ficking ball….and the game wouldn’t let me press start or leave the game or run…then i need to RESTART the game again..Just to play..they need fix that is really getting annoying now…

        • Eric

          This is a killer glitch that is ruining a lot of my games in RTTS, forcing me to restart the game constantly. It’s the point now that if my player is having a great game, I won’t attempt a steal for the rest of the game for fear of a glitch.

  • Steve

    Wait so insane trade logic still exists? The number one most important thing did not get fixed? You fucking suck sony. No new playoff format? You guys are useless. 

    • James

      It was already stated BEFORE the game came out that why weren’t going to change the playoff platform this year. And this is just the first patch I’m sure they’ll try and address the trade logic in the next patch.

      And if you don’t like the game go play backyard baseball 2k12 for the N64… I mean MLB 2k12 for the Ps3.

      • LOL Backyard Baseball

      • Kujayhawks152006

        backyard baseball > 2k12

        give me pablo all day

    • JrKle

      Agreed. Cant believe with how shit 2K12 is that those developers actually got some things done better than Sony.

  • I think the Vita version has had a few patches. It might be that because that had more issues they couldn’t fix the PS3 version till now.

  • X42z

    3 years into my road to the show and now i cant move past the current date cause it freezes. i put too much time into this to just say oh well and start over. if its not fixed soon ill just sell the game and probably wont ever buy it again after this

    • Catch88

      Does anyone know how to fix this?  I’m so pissed

    • Bor1cua100

      try deleting all MLB the show 12 patch…all setting..and roster..but dont erase RTTS..then try again see if works

  • James Kraft

    SCEA said they will NOT be able to put in the new playoff system this year. Not sure why this keeps coming up…

    Good patch overall though, very good.

  • Justinramsey9

    im glad  they fixed the BEAT LA chant in Dodger Stadium! that started out kinda funny, but then got very annoying!

  • Ayalacubs

    They better put the new playoffs, this is the reason I bought 12 for!!!! I should of kept 11 than plus if 2k can do it why can’t SECA do it????

    • James

      Better put the new playoffs? or else what? You already purchased the game knowing that they said the new playoff system wasn’t going to be in 12. And if you didn’t know then that’s your fault for not researching a game before purchasing it (and assuming you posted on this site you must have knew because Pasta already addressed it).

  • ARB3108

    There are some reasonable gripes and complaints on here, but man there are some serious winers too.  Thank you Pasta for posting this on here and making it easy to get all the details in one convenient place.  It saves me alot of trouble to just click and check your page each day to find out the latest news on the games I love to play.

  • ……..

    Wow, that’s one long list……almost as long as the mlb 2k11 patch list from last year

  • Rauber23

    wow, Thanks new patch.  It freezes every time I load my franchise.  Awesome.

  • Keith.

    After 3 games post patch in my Cards’ franchise (no freezes), I’m seeing more replays (love it!), more banners and stat overlays in-game (such as, “on this day in history, …”, division standings, etc.), and more tv broadcast elements (before, there would be a text message telling you who was on deck at a 3-2 count; now, it’ll flash to Matt Holliday in the on-deck circle, for example). Awesome improvements.

    Kudos to SCEA. I thought NBA2k had really nailed the TV broadcast presentation elements, but The Show takes it to another level. Great stuff. Sure wish we had football and hockey games that were comparable.

  • Hammer

    awww fuck yeahhh

  • My franchise freezes when I try to access the schedule screen to play my next game now.  Thanks a lot for forcing me to download a patch that adding literally nothing to my MLB 12: The Show experience at the cost of me losing all of my progress in Franchise.  Assholes

    • catch21_2

      uninstall the patch?

  • Clubktb1

    where can you ask for more changes? 

  • Clubktb1

    Batter walkup music is too short. It should start as the batter is in the on deck circle and walking to the plate, some players it starts as they are waiting on the pitch!

  • Will

    Ok i could use some serious help here…I just bought a ps3 after using a 360 for the past 4 years, and the first game I bought was The Show.  I’m trying to hit using the analog stick but everytime i press up to swing, i check my swing. Literally EVERYTIME. its driving me crazy…any help??

    • James

      Are you pushing up far enough?… I don’t know if you’re doing this but if you are pulling back all the way to start the stride don’t, just push it down slightly to get your foot up then push up either all the way or most of the way. The issue I had was I was pulling back to far and that cause me to not push up far enough because I was trying to react to fast and would only flick the stick up. If you are flicking the stick try and change that up to a full followthrough.

  • Ryan2453

    The only problem i have with this game is diamond dynasty they r contracts and pitcher stamina. For contracts a mlb Player is only 10 and u cant raise it so even if u do spend 15 million for braun or someone good u only have them for 10 gms. N for pitchers u have 10 games but only 1-2 games pitched bc it takes forever to restore stamium evev if u dont put them in active roster plzzz add contracts n fix pitcher staminum

  • scognat

    I have the pc richards and son whistle after amstrike out at yankee stadium, but the original corny default one still plays too will this be fixed with the new patch?

  • scognat

     after a strikeout*

  • Mike

    I love the game, but where the fuck is the online home run derby at ?  It’s not a huge deal to me, but I was under the impression we would be able to play HRD online this year.

  • BrendoCelt34

    I have a really aggravating problem! I am trying to play in an off-line franchise mode…and I can’t choose my team to actually play a game. When I move the controller icon to the left or right the word “CAPTAIN” pops up and doesn’t allow me to advance to the lineup page to play the game….PLEASE HELP ME!

  • soulmonk

    I’m in 6th yr of RTTS, I went through free agency without signing so I could go to the Yanks. Now I’m playing in the Majors but I can only access AAA Scranton Yankee stats. Anyone know how to get the Majors stats back?

  • Rongeeste

    If bases are loaded for the CPU=90% chance they’ll hit a homerun