Tiger Woods 13 Patch to Offer Alternate Method of Utilizing Kinect

Posted April 18th, 2012 at 5:30 pm

In an update for Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13 that will arrive on Friday EA Sports will be delivering the more traditional way to swing with Kinect for Xbox 360. Tiger 13 originally chose to go with a parallel stance to the TV rather than facing it directly while swinging – which in theory was to better capture the full body in the process. The patch will allow users to swing either way on the two lower difficulty levels whether standing to the side or swinging directly towards the screen. Kotaku has the full details with the thought process behind the update.

It’s unclear if the patch will carry with it any other changes or improvements or if it will be solely dedicated to providing the new means of swinging with Kinect. EA seems to think the stance was a big part of why this means of playing hasn’t gained much traction. Was it a detriment to the Kinect experience for you or do you see this as a move made more out of desperation? As always leave any of your thoughts in the comments!

  • mcmax3000

    The stance wasn’t that big of an issue for me.

    My issues with the Kinect integration were more the wonky UI & just the general length of playing a game with Kinect as setting up your shot takes forever.

    Also, I like how in the Kotaku article, the developer says you should play with a golf club in your hands. How many people have living rooms big enough to be swinging a full sized golf club around without breaking anything? I sure as hell don’t.

    • Yeah I had the same thought reading that. Just started to imagining golf clubs shattering TV screens.

      I never really got the feeling that the stance was why it wasn’t getting a ton of praise/usage. At least to me I found Kinect to be helpful with the voice commands and then more distinct motions like zooming in – but that may just be due to a lack of desire to really play a game with motion for an extended period of time.

      • mcmax3000

         The voice commands are good when they worked (which was probably about 95% of the time but they aren’t perfect) & the distinct motions are good.

        My biggest issues were aiming could be kind of wonky and I found myself triggering UI elements when I didn’t mean to.

        • $150 camera for voice commands

           My biggest issue was the game and Kinect both suck ass.

          In other news….http://investor.ea.com/stockquote.cfm

          • mcmax3000

             I disagree with your assessment of both Kinect & this year’s Tiger Woods game.

            I also fail to see what EA’s stock information has to do with a patch for Tiger Woods 13.

          • $150 camera for voice commands

            “My issues with the Kinect integration were more the wonky UI & just
            the general length of playing a game with Kinect as setting up your shot
            takes forever.”

            Sounds like the game sucks ass to you also, and it sucks ass even longer when you have to play it with a worthless $150 camera just to use some lousy voice commands…soooo I tend to disagree with YOUR assessment of both Kinect & this year’s Tiger Woods game.

            I can also see WHY you fail to see what EA’s stock information has to do with a patch for Tiger Woods 13.

          • mcmax3000

            I don’t get where I implied that the game “sucks ass”…

            The Kinect implementation has some issues but it doesn’t even come close to sucking. The game overall is very well done & easily the best console golf experience of this generation.

            Kinect support is 100% optionaL. Outside of a couple of rounds to try it out, I’ve been playing with a controller & finding it very enjoyable, especially thanks to the new swing mechanic.

          • $150 camera for voice commands

             The game overall is very well done & easily the best console golf experience of this generation.

            Gimmee a sec while I go through the long list of console golf sims released this generation. I just need but a minute to compile the list and umm….

            Oh wait,forget that.  You say the Kinect support is optional, and that there’s this whole “new swing mechanic” that makes all the difference in playing this game better than from last year’s version? Well, why didn’t you say so?

            That “new swing mechanic”, and the “all new” customizations alone are worth another $60 for the only golf sim released for 2013.  But gee, I wonder what people are ever gonna use that Kinect for when these publishers can’t seem to impliment it properly. I though it was supposed to be “better with Kinect”….but the voice commands work good, huh?


  • Mr. 925

    This years tiger is the best it’s been in a long time. Kinect is and always will be a gimmick. I’m not sure why people expect so much out of it. Controller play is the obvious way to go. The amount of “customization” you can put into each shot makes this years game much better than the ones before it.

    • $150 camera for voice commands

       The amount of “customization” you can put into each shot makes this years game much better than the ones before it.

      That’s it? The Kinect integration is hit or miss, and a tiny bit more customization was all it needed to be considered “the best it’s been in a long time?”

      So there was no monumental graphics overhaul, or any “major leap” in overall gameplay design, extra courses added, more new and exciting ways to play, outside of just more added shot customization?

      I sometimes wonder when we are praising a new version of an established EA  franchise that is otherwise almost the same as last year’s version, how much of that awesome customization could EA probably just have easily “patched” into last year’s version for much less than you having to pay another 60 bucks? 


      • Mr. 925

        You people on this site sound like disgruntled EA employees. If you don’t like the game then guess what, you don’t have to buy it. Given that I play tw13 casually all the BS you just splurged all over the screen is irrelevant. At the end of the day I understand that video games are going to have issues. But I also understand it’s a VIDEO GAME so I don’t let that ruin my experience. Even FIFA, which is the best sports game ever, has issues.

        • $150 camera for voice commands

           If you think I posted a bunch of irrelevant BS, then you clearly don’t understand a damn thing. The whole issue is totally beyond your level of intelligence. Another fool and his money.

  • “Better with PS Move”

     Best game of golf you can buy right now. Of course with all the different choices available to you, you might have a hard time deciding which one to spend your hard earned $60 on. But this one has the crappy Kinect integration, verses the other golf games. Wait…there are no other golf games. Wow, EA’s probably got a monopoly on the game of monopoly.

    GameSpot Review—-Apr 2, 2012  Tiger Woods 13 still presents a
    reasonably good golf game, but there isn’t much new here save subtly
    improved “PS Move” and gamepad controls.
    And this from the IGN reviewer—Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13 restricts access to 20 of its 36 courses.
    Players can rent one round on a locked course for 6000 Coins, the
    earnings of about 10 rounds at 18 holes, each of which takes about 20
    minutes. For those who can’t spend the inordinate amount of time
    required to borrow one round of golf, EA presents “the option to pay” for
    Coins. Rather than selling the audience iconic places like Banff
    Springs, it’s made it more expensive than ever – and it’s temporary.
    Restricted courses have to be “paid for” in order to play them? Of course EA consistently pulling crap like this has nothing to do with EA ‘s stock price falling. This kind of stunt of restricting you from access to the already, paid for on-disc content with an “option to pay system” is just one example out of sayyyyy———-every goddamn game they release nowadays? http://investor.ea.com/stockquote.cfm

    • $150 camera for voice commands

       Also from the IGN review——

      “Coins unlock slowly in the context of item price, which is where EA aims
      to lure players toward its downloadable add-on content. The publisher
      learned from Tiger Woods 12 that locking courses behind a pay-to-play
      gate was a mistake, so Tiger 13 tries to meet the audience in the
      middle. Coins earn players access to new courses, so playing Tiger Woods
      13 as normal rewards players with extra content without having to spend
      real-world money. Even better, completing challenges unlocks courses

      This is the pitch, anyway. The reality is that EA’s new system is a
      disgusting, well-disguised sham that makes past DLC traps look like

      • $150 camera for voice commands

         But wait, there’s more good news——

        “In addition, the PlayStation 3 version of Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13
        doesn’t let players pay for individual or packaged courses with their
        PSN wallet. They’re only available for trade with Coins. Worse, Coin
        increments don’t line up with course pricing, so buying enough Coins to
        grab what players want always leaves them with change.

        EA is well within its right to restrict access to as much optional
        content as it pleases, but Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13 features an
        exploitative add-on system which displays complete contempt for its

        • Skihawks

          You could have provided us a Cliffs Notes version with one simple statement – I dont like TW 13.

          You have your opinion. You dont have to dog another’s.

          • $150 camera for voice commands

            Hey Skihawks, it is what it is. Don’t let the truth get in the way. You do what you do. I do what I do.

            I would like to know your what your opinion of the game is since you only chose to comment on my lack of internet etiquette?

            I cant wait to “dog” your opinion too, little girl.

          • $150 camera for voice commands

             I’m not here to try and boost up another crappy $60 EA game. You guys are.

            How about that?  There’s a Cliffs Note for you.

  • Mantastical

    Stupid EA how bout fixing the glitches and freezing issue first.

  • I have no problem with the stance at all. What I have a problem with is the game constantly freezing up and the fact that I haven’t completed a full round of golf in about a week. It was fine when we first got it, but it has been a nightmare to play over the past week.

  • Quay901

    The stands wasnt an issue for me too, its a lil iffy when tryin to change ur shots for as aiming. What i have done to help me with the controls and length of time. on the game i play with the controller in my hand so i do all the adjustments with the controller and swing with the kinect motion.

  • deaddrunkguy

    how about fixing all the dam glitches in the game 

  • Brucedrake

    my issue with the kinect is lack of feedback when shot does not go as planed, swing too fast left head etc and am finding its a quessing game on how hard to hit the puts. i am on the 3rd level i found th first 2 relaitevley simple. i ma an avid golfer of 35 years and carry a 12 handicap and find it challenging to make corrections when you have no idea what you did wrong. is there a manual or book on how this game can be played.