Pre-Order Bonuses for Madden NFL 13 Providing Exclusive Legends

Posted April 23rd, 2012 at 6:00 pm

Both Amazon and Gamestop have posted their pre-order incentives for Madden NFL 13 and they feature exclusive legends for use in Ultimate Team and the brand new Connected Careers mode. Integrating legends has become all the rage since the NBA 2K franchise succeeded to a great extent by doing so. EA has followed by introducing them into Madden, NHL, and most recently NCAA Football 13 through various initiatives.

Amazon: Joe Gibbs and Lawrence Taylor
Gamestop: John Madden and Barry Sanders
Best Buy and Walmart: Bonus not posted yet

Legends are not new to Ultimate Team though there were a very limited amount offered to make them feel all the more special and valuable – Walter Payton debuted in Madden 11 and several were exclusive to the Collector’s Edition in Madden 12. They’ll now also be a part of the Connected Careers mode which was mentioned but only vaguely described earlier today. Interestingly a coach is being paired with a player suggesting more to the mode than just the simple Superstar setup or recreation of highlights from a legend’s playing days.

  • GotHeeem

    I am not sure who would choose the Amazon variety over Gamestops!

    • Well, Amazon as a retailer is much better to buy from…especially since they’ll probably include a $10 or $20 promo credit with the purchase. In terms of names in the incentive though I agree Gamestop has the more appealing duo.

      • 49ersfan#1

        why would u pass on john madden (the name of the game is based on him for god sakes!) and barry sanders!

        • JoeyD

          Because LT is the best defensive player of all time.

        • Jfull0511

          Well, for instance, Joe Gibbs has three suponer bowl rings to madden’s one. That is only if you count that in your evaluation of a coach…

  • Connected career seems more intriguing now that I know it is with old coaches. I still wish it was linked to the coach you use in NCAA.

    • The Other Great Leon

      You’re actually intrigued by this?



      •  I would like to hear more about it. I like the coaching feature in NCAA, so if Madden lets you just coach a game I would play it more. I don’t like playing all the time but I don’t mind watching and picking plays.

        • 49ersfan#1

          wow thats boring… u can do that in FIFA….

    • Amen_Ra

      A sucker is born every minute

      •  Didn’t state I was going to buy the game. mentioned that in the other madden topic.

        • Amen_Ra

          Fair enough… comment retracted

  • john should be a TE

  • AmazinsCowboys

    Barry Sanders, who I will admit (as a Cowboys fan) is the best RB ever and John Madden, the man who the game is named after? Gamestop I will be placing my pre-order with you guys shortly.

    • No Sheep


      • Smsixx

        More idiots obsessed with how others spend their own hard earned money.

  • Clintbeastwoods

    It is foolish to pre order a madden game when you know that the game will be filled with bugs/glitches! every madden on 360/ps3 have been filled with game breaking glitches! If you dont believe me just search youtube or the intenet and see for yourself! Save your money folks all ea games suck!

    • Krr

      true of every sports game for that matter.

    • James Bond

      STFU you mindless hater.

      • Ashy Larry

         He actually sounds a lot smarter than you, dumbshit.

        • Rm7280

           Yea, talk about been there done that, why would anyone trust EA to deliver anything constructive re this game?
          P.T. Barnum said it best, “”Theres a sucker born every minute”

  • No3456

    I always wish you could ACTUALLY play with the legends – MUT means nothing to me.

  • Clintbeastwoods
  • 49ersfan#1

    but why MUT? why cant u play with them…. MUT is a rip off 🙁

  • Spoonfish

     My immediate thought on Connected Career was to Fifa.  You can play as a player all the way to manager.  Could be cool to do the same in NCAA and Madden.

    • Spawnfish

       My immediate thought was, “this game is gonna stink again”. Could be cool to bypass it altogether.

      • Spoonfish

         What an ass…

        • Spawnfish

          Cut it out Sandusky. We don’t tolerate that type of thing here. Release your grip on the boy.

          • Spoonfish

             Completely inappropriate.  Can’t you come here and make constructive comments.  You should be ashamed of yourself.

          • Spawnfish

             Gimme a sec, I’m still laughing at you. I’ll try be ashamed tomorrow.

          • Spoonfish

            Don’t worry we all know what a waste of a human being you truly are.  Sad and pathetic.

  • DaRealest

    Check this out. I think I’m the first first dude to go to this site, looks like it just was put up. Was googlin sports gaming sites and I went to this site.

    So far looks pretty gud, hopefully they keep postin stuff, cuz the dude seems like he will give EA a hard time. Check it out ppl, we might be able to have another site that can help us bring down EA! or atleast get um to notice what the ppl want.

  • MoneyMayweather

    NFL 2k14 all I want all I need all I care about at this point this late stage in the generation. You can bank on it NFL 2k14 will come out next year just remeber the name! Money mayweather told you so!

    • No3456


    • mcmax3000

      As far as I know, the extension that EA signed with the NFL last year because of the threat of the lockout gives them the exclusive license through next year so even on the off chance that EA & the NFL don’t extend further & 2K does make another NFL game, it wouldn’t be next year (unless I’m mistaken in my information about the current license terms).

    • Rm7280

       NFL2K will never return in any form, 2k as a company cant afford the undertaking, with or without the license. This is reality, sadley

  • pre-order deez nuts

    Pre-order a Madden game? That’s the dumbest thing I ever heard. 

    “If you pre-order our new sorry ass football game from such and such a place, we will give you some free dlc codes for absolutely worthless shit. Please ignore the fact that there will be more copies of our new sorry ass football game, than we could ever possibly sell out of. We are just trying to generate a false sense of demand (like we do every year) for our new sorry ass football game.”

    “Are you a member of “EA Gamechangers?”(a small select group of dumbasses)
    If you are, you may get the chance to get our new sorry ass football game early, if you show up on internet forums to help promote our sorry ass game.”

    “Did you purchase an “EA Season Pass?”(another select group of dumbasses)
    If you did, then you can download our new sorry ass football game a whole 3 days earlier (the actual time it probably takes to download it, for most people) than all the other dumbasses who are rushing to the midnight openings, for just $25 extra, on top of the other $65 you will pay for the sorry ass game. Thats a $90 dollar value for our new sorry ass football game!!!”

    “What are you waiting for? It doesn’t get any better than this!!!”
    (It actually doesn’t, this game will definitely suck again, just like the last one)

  • Jz

    So lame

  • Bob

    I wouldn’t pre-order for anything less than full teams in the equipment of their era. Though I know how hard it can be to put something like that together.

  • I’m guessing the connect careers involves being able to use those guys in the franchise mode as a “what-if” type of thing. Like, what if John Madden coached the current Raiders with his philosophies? Or what if Barry Sanders was a RB on the current Detroit team? I’m not really TOO interested but if could be something I use to breathe life into the game later into it’s life cycle.

    • Jwaan 2.0

      I’m guessing the connect careers involves being able to trick people into thinking that they added value to the game as a “what if this game didn’t suck the every time we made one this console generation” type of thing. Like, what if John Madden actually woke the fuck up and realized that he was associated with the worst game of videogame football ever released on next gen consoles? I’m not really TOO interested but it could be something that makes him finally realize that he needs to do whatever it takes to remove his good name off of this inferior product.

      • Jwaansmith_17

        Sheesh, you people must LOOOOVE me. 😀

    • Jwaan is an EA douche

      Hey Jwaan, you aren’t fooling anyone with all your spam Madden comments saying how great it’s going to be. Please go die.

      • Jwaansmith_17

        Oh look, I have a fan. ^_^

      • LOL your a sad man. Take the stick out of your ass and get a life. Go have fun or something, go get a woman, get out of the basement, do SOMETHING.

  • Rm7280

    more lipstick for a fat bloated pig


    Fix Franchise mode!!!! we don’t need real faces for our NCAA draft picks!!! and can we please edit players face and hair, geeezzzz!!!

    • I think the player portraits look funny. Matt Barkley looks like a chubby fat kid in his pic not a blonde athletic socal kid….EA sucks.

  • M8TRIX11

    definitely not worth pre-ordering. Should already be in the game and shouldn’t need to download. Ridiculous what they’re doing. Games that need to be pre-ordered to get something “extra” are stupid. If it has dlc that on the first day then it should’ve came with the game for free and not needing a pre-order… 

    • Well, then most games must be stupid since most new games come out with extras like that.

  • Kid Fleetfoot

    Madden 10 had loads of legends. That was well done imho. That’s the way it should be, Use the name, then let them playo. If it’s in the game, it’s in the game… or is it?

    • Tish

       madden 05 had tons of legends…

      • Jwaansmith_17

        Yes, that comment below (or above) was directed at you buddy. 🙂

  • Jwaansmith_17

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  • pre-order whining baby

    so don’t order it… Why do we have to hear you complain? Your just being really annoying…