MLB 2K12 Patch Still A Ways Off

Posted May 9th, 2012 at 9:15 am

Though it has desperately needed post-release support in the way of a patch MLB 2K12 has gone without one because of the Perfect Game Contest. Ironically 2K Sports had to make sure the competition would offer uniformity for the whole month of April only to find out that any legitimacy it had was shattered by rampant cheating. Now that it’s all over though 2K Sports is in the clear to alter the game and because of that many expected they would be ready to roll out an update immediately. Unfortunately that is not the case and the wait will continue.

The company let it be known that a patch is still in the works and hasn’t even cleared their own internal testing. Once it does Microsoft and Sony will have to put it through their own respective certification process. Essentially now a reasonable estimate for when it could arrive is late this month or early June with possible delays from that should any problems be discovered.

Considering the MLB 2K series is all but officially cancelled some may just appreciate that they’re working on providing a patch at all. Still expectations these days, no matter how low considering the series in question, is for better post-release support than what the company is delivering here and given the state of the product any criticisms are warranted.

  • Denny

    Still nothing about EA bringing back MVP?

    • No…and that could be for any number of reasons such as EA hasn’t secured the license (there was talk that MLB may have still been asking for too much) or that even if they have there may be a date they can’t announce that before. 

      I’d but the chances of their being a baseball game on the 360 next year at no better than 50/50.

    • Keith.

      EA’s got a lot bigger issues to deal with than bringing back MVP, which would get trounced by The Show anyways.

    • EA can’t “save” MLB games. Likely lose a ton of money trying, they do football as the only distributor, they suck with NBA games now even though they have competition with 2k. MLB they would have to deal with The Show and 2K.

      • mmo123

        Uh, if EA were to pick up baseball, it’d be because 2K is dropping out of baseball.  So they’d just have to deal with The Show, leaving them as the only baseball option on 360, much like 2K currently is.

        •  okay that would make more sense. If 2k drops out of MLB I would hope they take a look into college basketball. A lot of money can be made there if done correct.

          • mmo123

            I agree, I would love to see college basketball make a comeback.  Stuck playing CH2K8 and NCAA Basketball 10 because no one is willing to make a college basketball game anymore.

            As for baseball, while NBA and NCAA Football haven’t been the greatest of all time games, 2K’s baseball games have been riddled with bugs, glitches and problems for years, so I’d be willing to give EA a chance with baseball.

  • Keith.

    Pasta, EA agrees to pay $27 million to settle the Madden Monopoly lawsuit, and your first story of the day is about the 2k12 patch being far off?  I know it must be hard to admit you were dead wrong about this one, but c’mon… 

    • Interesting. It was a silly and baseless suit but sometimes the easiest thing to do is just settle and wipe it away rather than go through an extended process that would cost them money even if they eventually won.

      Have to see what the settlement is though. Could be something like a $5 coupon for on a future purchase. It won’t be anything significant.

      • Keith.

        Trust me, huge companies — especially one as ruthless as EA — don’t pay $27 million to settle “silly and baseless” lawsuits.  The fact is, the Judge found the suit had merit when he denied EA’s motion to dismiss, and now EA’s best legal team apparently thought the suit had merit, having advised EA’s head honchos to fork over close to $30 million to settle the thing.  You’ve been wrong all along, but I can certainly see why you’ll never admit it.

        What gets me is that no one in the gaming media seems to care. 

      • Keith.

        “It won’t be anything significant.”
        EA has set aside $27 million dollars for the settlement.  I’d hardly call that insignificant.

        • Again…lets say its $27 million – spread that between 10+ million potential plaintiffs and how much is it per person? A couple bucks each tops. And that’s not even counting how much the lawyers will take off from a final settlement number which would be a good deal of it.

          • Keith.

            You really think 10 million people signed up to be in the class? I know that I did, but most people scoffed (like you).

            Besides, I’m not looking to get rich from the lawsuit.  Rather, it’s about the pain caused to EA for monopolizing the football videogame market these past 8 years.  For EA to now have to pay for their arrogance (“what monopoly?”) is victory enough for me.

            Too funny the reporter went to Jeff Brown at EA for a comment, and he wasn’t answering the calls.  (He’s the very same clown that said years ago that Madden would outsell 2k football even if 2k taped a ham sandwich to their game.)  Can’t wait to hear his EA-spin on this one.

          • Skopin

            So we should be able to file a class-action lawsuit against 2k for the MLB games then, right?

          • mmo123

            That’s what it sounds like.

      • Malikstarks2

         If you created an article when the suit was announced (to scoff at it) you have a responsibility to follow up on it now that it has apparently been resolved.

  • Keith.

    And I’m not sure why you’re so set on burying MLB2k and declaring it to be “all but officially canceled” — seems to be holding its own in the sales department, on the 360 anyways.

    • mmo123

      Of course it’s holding it’s own on the 360.  Because there’s no other baseball game on the 360.  It’s either buy MLB 2K or not play anything baseball.

      • Smsixx

        2k has actually sold little over 300k across all platfoms (360 is aout 3/4 of those sales).

        The game has not been perfect by any means, but it has sold decent enough (in my opinion) for 2k to look at their options for next year. Everyone spits on this game and has called it a “failure” but the fact is that they read too much into the biased views on this site.

    • Decent sales (relatively speaking anyway) doesn’t change that 2K will lose $30+ million again this year on the MLB and that their leadership wants to do away with licensing deals.

      • Keith.


  • Alexsde90

    pastapadre….biggest selllout..just like EA

  • trizzle

    Guys these developers are in trouble. Did you see Sony posted record losses for last year?

  • Mike

    It’s May for Christ’s sake.  How long are they gonna wait ?

  • Hightower8655

    Thanks for all the updates on MLB 2k12, sometimes I feel like one of 1000 people that were dumb enough to buy the game. According to, that isnt too far off… either way, your info about the badly needed update is all I have, and I refuse to play the MLB Today Season mode as it is now; no true stat tracking… in a BASEBALL GAME (and an advertised feature). Baseball is all about the stats… But I digress.  Your updates are most appreciated and I will be back frequently for updates.