Dynasty Mode News Builds on Good Vibes for NCAA Football 13

Posted May 18th, 2012 at 9:30 am

NCAA Football 13 gained some positive traction with it’s gameplay and presentation news that was desperately needed due to a high level of skepticism generated by the troubles of last year. With over 3K votes collected following the news related to Dynasty mode the results are now even stronger in its favor. The video from last night however hasn’t done the game any favors and that came too late to influence any voting patterns. 

•52% Encouraged and more likely to buy
•29% No change and likely to buy
•14% No change and unlikely to buy
•5% Discouraged and less likely to buy

Dynasty mode’s new features include ESPN studio updates and a bottom line ticker, deeper scouting and recruiting options. dynamic conference prestige, and triple-threat athletes. Those details have been positively received even though there may have been other additions desired that didn’t make the cut. The $45 Amazon deal is probably even factoring in here as well given the perceived value of the product at that price point is much higher than if it had been stuck at the standard $60.

  • Keith.


    • Remmy

      Not judging your opinion either way, but do you get a lot of satisfaction out of coming to this website day after day and posting negative comments? Does it make you feel better? To me it just seems like you’re beating your head against the way, and it looks ridiculous.

      • jesus the sun

        Have you ever waited in line for a midnight release of Madden? And while in line just observed the people standing with you? These same people are the fruit of this forum. Maybe you know what I mean.

      • Crimson

         It just looks that way to you. Do you come here every day Remmy? Do you ever comment on anything to the point that anyone would remember reading something substantial that you had to say on any particular day? To some of us, this guy Keith has offered a whole lot more useful information and thought provoking comments, to this forum than you may have. Does anyone here remember reading any of your comments? I remember reading a lot of Keith’s comments and I can appreciate his point of view. Does this make you feel better? To me, it just seems like you need to shut the fuck up.

        • Keith.

          Thanks, man.

        • Amen_Ra

          That about sums it up

      • Keith.

        I do get a LOT of satisfaction from stating my opinions here (thanks Pasta!). And it makes me even happier to know that EA apologists don’t like what I (and others who are just as fed up as I am) have to say.

      • Amen_Ra

        Another dickrider…

      • Larryperry697

        yo, remmy u like sucking on ea’s pipe

  • James Kraft

    For my birthday, I was given a pre-order of this…so it looks like I’m getting it after all. For $45, I think money can be spent on worse things. If they spent $60 on this game, I would have told them to take it back or just give me the dang money! lol

    The video released last night probably took some wind out their sails, no pun intended. There were many issues that need addressing, if that’s close to the final product.

    • jesus the sun

       Now I am stuck trying to figure out that pun, if it were intended. … hmm…

      • jesus the sun

         sails=sales   Do I win a prize?

  • Sharriod

    Misleading. I’m sure more than half changed their mind after seeing another quick clip. Those chafes and upgrades from last just isn’t enough. Unlike I said none of the people who attended community day events are talk right now. It’s like they lied

    • mcmax3000

      He generally does a poll after each reveal so if a lot of people did change their mind after that, it would be reflected in the next poll.

      He did also specifically note in the article that the video last night probably hurt the game’s perception.

  • Jumpman2033

    So far this year looks to play identically to last year. If it weren’t for the ticker at the bottom and the “greyed” out receiver icons I would swear that it was NCAA12.

  • Outkaz

    Do a new poll and see what happens!! lol

    • we report, you decide

      You mean show the actual results of the previous poll. If he did another, it would be even better.

  • defy1

    Very Dull commentary, same gameplay, still no real crowd reactions, just save 60$ and update your roster on ncaa 12, “if you even have that game”. This game should have been a 1600 microsoft points update to ncaa football 12, if even that much.

  • we report, you decide

    Alright. I’m just going to get it off my chest. The poll was rigged. This article is propaganda bullshit. The game looks like shit and none of what was written in this article is true. This is just like watching Fox News Channel when a Republican president is in office. Typical Pastapadre/EA propaganda.

    • we distort, you decide

      Most internet polls show real-time polling results. Not Pasta’s polls. Nope. Not a EA poll on this site. I knew it would turn out in EA’s favor. Just like the Madden 13 polling.


    • Chrsn

      I was going to say it was like MSNBC with Obama in office.

      •  If you’re talking about propaganda and a news organization then you have to go with Fox “News” because that’s all that network is for. 
        But maybe the poll shows people are looking forward to the game because people Actually are.  Or there is also the possibility that the people who do nothing but bitch about EA on this site just didn’t get to the poll.

      • we report, you decide

         I’ll take the extremely intelligent Rachel Maddow over any one of those ignorant blond bimbo Fox bitches any day of the week.

        • Erik Hancock

          MSNBC is way more biased.

          • Hannity is the devil

            Sure they are. Whoever said they weren’t? But…MSNBC also never made the claim of being “fair and balanced”. Fox News Channel represents the worst, most ignorant people in the country. All the racists in America love Fox News Channel.

          • Xcef2008

            “All the racists in America love Fox News Channel” – Speaking of ignorant people. 

          • Stevie D.

            Ok. So you’re the lone racist watching CNN.

  • Texan

    I passed on N12, so to me the video from last night looked like an N11 upgrade. Until those exclusive contracts with the NCAA & NFL are history, expect the same old recycled polished up turd evey year!

    • Marginwalker12

      There’s no exclusive license for the NCAA. And as far as I know, NCAA is really the only historically commercial viable video game.

  • CLEfan4LIFE

    Fuck this game. BTW this poll is so fucking rigged.

  • Alex

    is that all they are improving in dynasty? no changing the conference logo on a jersey when your school switches conferences, fixing the empty bowl problem when you use too many created teams, post game interviews like NBA 2K12, more depth in contract negotiations, or changing crowd depending on your school size and record. I mean they should have at least added interviews for coaches in dynasty or for you RTG player EA never wants to improve the my player modes. 

  • chris

    Who are the people that are voting that they are impressed with this and more likely to buy?  I have been going through all the comments and nobody has anything positive to say about this garbage.  They need to wake up and push the release day back and improve this shit.  Its really bad that it looks IDENTICAL to NCAA 12 and 11 for that matter.

  • Larryperry697

    game of year…im buying 20 copies…who with me? ea fan boys we must stand up!!

    • defy1

      Lol, good luck finding 20 people

  • Eagleyedesigns

    Good vibes?  What the fuck game are you talking about?  There hasn’t been more than a handful of positives about this bullshit garbage.

  • we report, you decide

    At 15:00hrs on 5/14/2012, one payment was made to an alias name of “Pastapadre” for online services rendered. The money was forwarded from the account of an unnamed major game publishing executive for the previously mentioned alias’s assistance in helping market the game publisher’s product, which had been continuously dwindling in sales due to the lack of failed deceptive marketing schemes and the lack of any major innovations by the publisher who controlled the market for the product in question. I submit to you exhibit A., another shitty football game.

  • we report, you decide

    Pasta ain’t ever gonna dare post something like this when he’s trying diligently  to help EA sell their crappy ass college football game.


  • Skihawks

    Bought it on Amazon.

    • Crimson

      Yeah, I know. I just called their customer service. They said they just sold one copy. They were laughing so hard that I got irritated and just hung up.

  • We report, you distort

     Hey Pasta, this is from Amazon. Yeah, you’re right. People are really talking about this year’s game’s potential. You know what they’re saying?

    That guy Pastapadre is back on the EA payroll with his fake poll results and him constantly trying to prop up lame EA football games after about 75% of his website’s visitors seem to think these EA football games are inferior crap. Since you are sharing the Amazon deal on NCAA 13, I thought I would be remiss if I didn’t share what else I found people thought about the game in the Amazon forums for the game. This link is from Amazon. I found that the opinions on Amazon are in stark contrast to the propaganda you posted here.


    • Larryperry697

      i heard on youtube 2k got some football news at e3…but will se cuz im really sick of ea football

    • Larryperry697

      it’s a shame how they take people money with nothing really ground breaking…i se why they was voted the worst company…smh

    • Larryperry697

      i haven’t bought madden or college football in 4 years now.its just best 2 do your own research..i se all the suckers who love’s 2 give 60bucks away 4 nothing!!!..lol…btw everybody pasta gets all easports games free.

    • Chris_tierce_4

       looks like the kiddies got internet privileges this weekend. you sound like a child.

  • Yo dawgz, I herd yall liked sports tickers, so I put a sports ticker in yall NCAA 13 so yall could play NCAA 12 while yall play NCAA 08.

  • Larryperry697

    pasta u should change this site 2 in ea site already…because it’s 2 obvious dude…stop being fake.

  • Clintbeastwoods

    This was posted on one of the madden school forums!  You know what I hate?

    How the the online ticker is like: “We are clearing stats, and monitoring duplicate accounts, and banning accounts, and doing this and that, and blah blah blah . . .”

    And yet so many of the Top 100 are cheating their asses off and EA is doing shit about it. Like, how hard is it to scan through the Top 100, audit their play and make a determination that their rank is bogus bullshit?

    That shit is sad.     

    • Clintbeastwoods
    • Bro, ANY top 100 nowadays is full of cheaters. Dude, there are people “cheating” on Minecraft JUST to get at the top. I play Sonic the Hedgehog (favorite game growing up) and all you see on the top of the leaderboards is guys with the SAME 9999999999 score at the top, literally like that.

      Getting to the top of the leaderboards really doesn’t get you much respect nowadays because you have dedicated losers who look for ways to cheat the game from day one.

      I would LOVE to see EA do something about the guys at the top though, it is sad, and it irritates me because I’m highly competitive. I didn’t play Madden but I think I MAY know of a Madden clan that played NCAA Football, and all those guys did was rocket catch, use a playbook formation glitch, and boot/kick you if you managed to get a lead on em.

      But guys are gonna always find out ways to cheat on any game. I remember for NBA 2K11 (or 12), some guy had found out how to “mod” the MyPlayer attributes before – BEFORE – the game even officially dropped. Youtube video and everything.

    • Texan

      That whole rating thing is pointless! It only last for what, one year until the new game(s) come out. Who was #1 last year? Better question…Who cares? It’s just bragging rights, and last time I won a game online, I was the only one in the room, so did it matter to the rest of the free world? No, just me! The rating system is in place so that software cheatcode companies can sell products to manipulate the games software, not educate you on how football is supposed to be played.

  • Fofoman23

    Am I the only one that notices on the bottomline of the pic it has Mississippi State #5??! That’s very odd haha