All-Star Weekend Coming to NBA 2K13 as Pre-Order Exclusive; Wii U Version to Release in Console Launch Window

Posted May 30th, 2012 at 7:00 am

Last week 2K Sports teased a “big announcement” for NBA 2K13 and that news has come earlier than expected because it wasn’t really something that would have attracted headlines at E3. The game will feature the Sprite Slam Dunk Contest, Three Point Contest, Rising Stars Challenge, and the NBA All Star Game set in Houston where it will be played in February 2013. This is being offered exclusively as a pre-order deal through all retailers and was listed by Amazon first this morning (360PS3) with a code being provided to download the content.

In recent years EA Sports held exclusive rights to the All-Star weekend setting which is why despite having a dunk contest in the NBA 2K series it was held in “Blacktop” mode. The rosters for the Rising Stars and All-Star teams will feature those involved from 2012 and then will be updated with the 2013 players once they are selected.

The other noteworthy news is that 2K Sports revealed there will be a version of the game for the Wii U in its launch window. The release date hasn’t been announced but is widely expected to be November and 2K is stating the game will be out “during the holiday season”. Also there appears to be no plans for NBA 2K13 to release on the PlayStation Vita.

  • porr21

    Why is this a seperate mode and not in association? And why do i have to preorder it to get it? lol at 2k thinking this is big news. No one bought Live for all star stuff.

    • Barimanlhs

      I dont understand why this is separate from the game….if it happens in real life why in the world wouldnt it be in the normal version without some external influence? DLC is killing me…..

  • NELL86

    Booooooooo now new online servers would of been news atleast smh!!!!!  

  • mcmax3000

    It’s great that they’re finally getting that stuff but terrible that it’s restricted to being a pre-order bonus.

  • PutcheeseonmyRoethlisberger

    Actually this is big news. This was the one thing I was begging for. If they can put this in online association that would be big.

  • Keith.

    Good to see a pre-order that adds something to the game — obviously, this goes against the EA way of nickle and diming its customers for things like this.  If this were EA, they’d figure out a way to be charging extra for something.

    Bad news about no Vita version, if that’s true.  Hopefully someone got their wires crossed and it’s going to be coming out for Vita instead of PSP.  From the way the 2k guys talked during their recent investor call, it sounded like they were well positioned to be delivering for Vita. 

    • Scottyo614

      I hope so too man. MLB the Show and Mortal Kombat have been great purchases. The Vita is like the Jemarcus Russell of systems right now… Looks physically imposing, great potential… Just very few ways right now to get the most out of the system. I really feel video game people have it wrong. They release half a product expect you to buy it so they can show effort is worth it… Make a solid product and people will come, make a bad product and forget it the base is done… Yet this generation that idea has been lost. They feel If we make it regardless people should buy.

      • Keith.

        Exactly.  At $35 a pop, NBA2k, NHL, and FIFA all would be definite buys for me on the Vita.  As it stands, right now it looks like we may only get FIFA — and there’s no telling if it will be based off FIFA 12 or 13.

        Anybody not developing for Vita is leaving good money on the table.

        • Nov

          the vita is bombing. no surprise that 3rd parties are already abandoning it.

          • Slla

            I get the price his high for the system, but whatever happened to the if you build it they will come method. It’s more like now, we will half build it and hope to make a little profit. EA has not been good at the handheld market.

            right now hoping for Call of Duty on Vita with a good online experience to boost Vita. Price point is everything and there’s a lot of games I’d rather buy at $35-$40 than the $60 or depending on a pre order.

            Madden not including everything was a huge let down in my eyes. I was excited about that and NHL possibilities of cross saves and playing on the go.

          • Keith.

            NHL and Madden would both be great fits for the wide Vita screen.  It’s a shame they both appear to be blowing off the system.

    • Wait…you gotta be kidding me with this comment. You would kill EA for holding a whole mode back as a pre-order exclusive. You’re trying to say this is better than offering uniforms, or individual players for a mode, ect? 

      Come on. It’s no different they all hold back content now. It’d be justifiably arguable that this is more egregious because its a whole mode and one that consumers would expect to already be in the game in some form or fashion. The one thing that they did do right was making it retailer wide and not having to choose pieces from a certain one.

      And 2K made official all the systems it’s coming to. No Vita.

      • Keith.

        EA would never hold back an entire mode as a pre-order exclusive for all retailers.

        What’s my proof?  They’ve NEVER done it, with any of their sports games.

        Now, if you want to talk things they’ve held back so they could sell as DLC — I can give you plenty of examples of those.

        At the end of the day, with competition from NBA Live on the horizon (no matter how small of a threat NBA Live may be), it’s a smart move by 2k to offer this mode as an added incentive for their customers to pre-order the game.  

        Glad to see 2k taking a page out of the EA marketing playbook, while leaving behind the page for paid-DLC.

        • Alex

          You’re right. EA has just introduce the whole “pay for online play unless you buy games new” concept, as well as overpriced DLC eg. all of the courses that have been available for Tiger Woods golf the past two years.

      • Amen_Ra

        Yep this is some bull$#!T for being pre-order exclusive, but then again if you are going to buy the game anyway why not pre-order it….

        • Right. I don’t really have a problem with it. Just don’t think anyone can say 2K is doing something admirable here like he was suggesting.

          • John Wade

            Man,if EA was doing this Keith would be raking them over the coals for it. How is it admirable when they’re making you jump through hoops to get something that EA was giving you for free?

            This just makes it official, Keith is a fucking idiot.

          • This is a cowardly attempt to force consumers’ hands and, in essence, force EA Sports basketball out of relevancy. It’s smart, but it shows how much they probably fear the return of the Live brand.

            Why buy NBA Live when you can have the best basketball sim AND All-Star Weekend, all in one game?

            The only thing I have a problem with is that it should be a default “feature” not an incentive.

        • mcmax3000

           “but then again if you are going to buy the game anyway why not pre-order it….”

          The problem is, I’ve had many times myself & I’ve known other people that have also had issues where they do pre-order a game, yet don’t get the content anyway.

          It’s one thing when it’s an additional costume or a car for a racing game, but this is pretty significant content.

      • CLEfan4LIFE

        I was thinking the same thing pasta, LOL.

    • Skopin

      Good to see? Why is something that is real only being offered as a pre-order bonus?  What’s next? Next year, maybe they will just make Association a pre-order incentive. If you don’t pre-order, no Association.

      It’s a joke. I want to see if they have fixed all the issues with the last 3 games before I decide if I want to buy it or not. But they are telling me that if I want to do that, I can’t play the full game.

      I can guarantee you that if EA did this, you would be all over them. Yes, EA does milk the DLC quite a bit, but at least their DLC is all extra content. What would you say if Madden made the Super Bowl a pre-order incentive? I mean, that’s a good pre-order incentive that adds something to the game, right? Just stop with the double standard. That’s all I’m asking. Both companies are underhanded, and neither one fixes the issues plaguing their games.

      • Keith.

        The Super Bowl analogy doesn’t work, since from what I understand the All Star Game will be in 2k13 regardless of whether you pre-order or you don’t.

        It would be more like The Show offering the Home Run hitting contest or the Futures Game as a pre-order incentive.  And since I buy The Show sight unseen every year (just like NBA2k), it wouldn’t have any bearing on me one way or the other.

        Speaking of taking the clowns at EA to task, I’m looking forward to Pasta putting up a story about their Heisman Challenge reveal today.  Talk about an Epic Fail.

    • Skihawks

      Are you serious? EA added this mode on the disc and 2K adds it as a pre-order bonus and it is a good thing? Damn, you either love 2K that much or hate EA with every ounce of your being.

  • Need to fix association like I said in the other 2K post.

     I think they need to re do roles completely and the whole play for a winner, financial, and loyalty. Stop with the play for winner they are in the pros everyone wants to win either drop it or change the way it sounds.

    Coaches need to play a role more in getting players which means teams should not change coaches every damn season. A great coach can have guys check egos making them happy coming off bench.

    Have player test FA but have a list of teams an have their original team be 1-3 unless they are pissed. Always new CBA better be in no need for a 80-85 getting 100million dollars if potential is already reached. Contracts
    get stupid in year 4, 2k12 FA part was a disaster nobody tested but
    when 2-3 yrs pass everyone test and they ask for amounts that are not
    realistic for them.


  • Dymez

    “The rosters for the Rising Stars and All-Star teams will feature those
    involved from 2012 and then will be updated with the 2013 players once
    they are selected.”

    So, I can’t even play with the players I want to?  On top of that, it’s not even built inside the ‘Association’ mode, not to mention a DLC.  Disappointment, NBA Live did this much better.

  • TheLibrarian-

    I wanted this so much, but I’m disappointed to see that it is only DLC, and if it is not in Association Mode then it will be almost useless to me.

  • Gay

    LOL.. what a slap to the face for all you 2K lovers.  Pre order to get a mode that SHOULD be in the fucking game already.  If Madden did a PREORDER AND YOU GET TO DOWNLOAD THE ROOKIE COMBINE MODE THAT ALLOWS YOUR SUPERSTAR TO SHOW WHAT HES GOT BEFORE THE DRAFT VIA MINI GAMES, You guys would shit yourselves trying to point out the money grubbing, whore that EA is. But since its 2K13… OH WELL< WE ARE GONNA GET IT ANYWAYS!! You guys are turds…  GAY!!!

  • Let me get this straight:

    I have to pre-order this game in order to get a game mode that not ONLY is a part of the NBA, but is an event that ALL fans get to experience?

    I mean, this isn’t like EA Sports not having a spring game in the NCAA Football series, or EA Sports not having training camps or OTAs in Madden. Those are “events” that only a minority of fans (RELATIVELY) really are concerned with. All-Star Weekend is an event for the FANS, so it should be in the game BY DEFAULT. Not only that, but we can’t even be sure this will be in Association mode (or Online Association).

    As it stands, NBA 09: The Inside (I think) was the only game to have the FULL All-Star Weekend (I know it had the skills challenge, but idk about that Haier Shooting Stars thing).

    2K has really been taking steps back after the release of 2K11, and it seems they’ve gotten TOO comfortable with their fanbase.

    • Keith.

      “All-Star Weekend is an event for the FANS, so it should be in the game BY DEFAULT.” 

      I’ll be looking for that same comment from you whenever details about Live are released.

      • How about instead of trying to undermine my credibility by taking shots, you actually focus on what the damn “article” is about. It doesn’t matter whether you think I hate EA or I have an uncontrollable love jones for them.

        The All-Star Weekend should be in ANY basketball game with actual players/rosters. PERIOD. This is a PRIMETIME event for US, the FANS. Why isn’t it in by default? Don’t we deserve to experience the NBA season as we do in real life?

        You wanna know why 2K is choosing to do this? Because they want to secure game sales by forcing gamers into their corner and away from Live by saying, “Look, you can have the best NBA simulation AND All-Star Weekend TOO, but only if you preorder 2K13!”

        This is pathetic IMO. Talk about EA Sports being scared with after NFL 2K5 dropped? 2K knows just how much the Live name resonates with fans, and this shows they’re trying to “force” Live out the game as much as EA Sports “forced” 2K out of the football genre. Even though Live has no chance of outselling 2K, they know the name alone is gonna garner interest. Not to mention the fact that they’ve been almost dead silent. 2K is as scared of NBA Live returning as EA Sports was scared of the NFL 2K series.

        END. RANT.

        • Keith.


          2k forced Live out of business by delivering a killer representation of the NBA.

          Madden forced 2k out of business by grossly over-paying for the exclusive license.

          From where I’m sitting, that’s a pretty big difference.

          • Not the point. The point is, you fail to see what this “offer” really is, and what it’s attempting to do. But I do. And I’m gonna educate you just like you like to do with your stock posts.

            This is an attempt to force EA Sports out of basketball relevancy. How? By forcing gamers to make a quick, emotional decision RIGHT NOW. And I’ll explain how:

            We all know that 2K has superior gameplay, presentation, etc. Despite ALL the flaws it has, at the end of the day, 2K puts out a great representation of basketball (I won’t say killer because it’s a lot of BS in 2k that needs to go). 2K knows this.

            But 2K also knows that Live is a brand name that resonates with people. They know that All-Star Weekend has been present in the Live series, and it has not (I know EA held it’s rights, but not the point). And above all, they recognize that EA Sports has been dead-silent about the Live series. No screenshots, no trailers, no videos. Heck, not even one feature has been officially announced. And they see that E3 is approaching.

            So they release this offer RIGHT BEFORE it, right before EA could possibly show off whatever the hell they’ve been doing with Live. Just as 2K fans on the fence were gonna analyze Live, now they’ll see a reason not to buy Live. Why buy Live for the All-Star Weekend when you can buy the best sports sim out and have it? AS LONG AS YOU PREORDER IT, that is.

            So by preordering, you’re already turning off towards the Live series. You’re gonna look for reasons to validate your preorder, not necessarily to see if it’s a game you like. You’re gonna find reasons NOT to like it. You’re gonna find reasons to accept the fact that 2K’s ASW could possibly not be available in Offline and/or Online associations.

            It’s actually smart. Cowardly, but smart. Because 2K shouldn’t have to force our hands. We know 2K is superior right now. We also deserve to experience everything the NBA offers to us in real life, BY DEFAULT. But with this move, 2K is doing just that, forcing our hands towards them while trying to mitigate ANY type of hype that Live could get if it appears at E3.

          • LOL probably broke the record for longest post ever.

          • Keith.

            I agree with you in that it’s a smart move by 2k.  One of my posts above said as much.

            But I disagree that it’s “cowardly.”  I’d reserve that term for EA grossly over-paying for the NFL exclusive license, just because they knew Madden couldn’t compete with 2k in the gameplay and presentation departments.

          • Oh no doubt, EA was scared. Lol I think they admitted as much.

            IMO, it’s cowardly because you aren’t being confident in your ability to put out a superior title and let fans decide where they put their money. You’re just trying to influence where we spend our money.

            As I’ve said, I think there a deeper reason as to why they announced this early. If 2K announces this at E3, but Live appears and has a good showing, then it’s possible that could’ve drowned out 2K’s announcement to a degree.

            But by releasing info now, some guys are gonna go into E3 already knowing what game they’re buying, and probably choosing not to give Live the time of day.

          • Keith.

            I’m not sure Live is even going to be playable at E3.  The press release I saw said that “select community members” were going to have the first look at the game, and that they’d have their thoughts available in a blog on June 5th.

            In other words, the Game Changer douche bags will get the first look and hype the game in a blog that EA’s marketing department writes for them.

          • Skopin

            When did they make this “killer representation of the NBA?” I have played the last 4 iterations and have yet to see something that plays realistically. Or, at the very least, more realistic than Madden represents to the NFL. 

          • Keith.

            Lol…okay, dude.

          • Skopin

            That doesn’t answer my question. I am being 100% serious. Because I really would like to play a basketball video game that actually feels somewhat realistic.

          • You don’t love spin-dunking with LeBron all game?

            You don’t love it when your defense parts like the Red Sea every time you call a half or full-court press?

            You don’t love it when big men summon their inner Wade and abuse euro-steps?

            You don’t love it when Chris Paul signs with the Bobcats and teams like Chicago trade players like Noah and Rose for Russell Westbrook and Serge Ibaka?

            You don’t love having to control 30 teams to have the best chance at a realistic association?

            You don’t LOVE those shitty Rookie and Sophomore jerseys?

            You don’t love how teams can’t wear the correct accessory colors for home and away unis?

            You don’t love how momentum is controlled and dictated by calling timeouts?

            You don’t love all the broken plays in every team’s playbook?

            You don’t love how in My Player you get sent to the bench after the All-Star Game, regardless if you played in it or not? Heck, you’d be lucky to play in it even if you led the league in votes, according to 2k.

            You don’t love the cheesy post moves, like the “hop shot”?

            You don’t love that shit? Cause I fucking LOVE that shit. Totally worth my 60 bucks. $64.99 to be exact.

          • Bdog

            That dude that ate the dude’s face off in Miami, was that you? Because you sound just as CRAZY! You actually think that hunk a shit Madden represents real football better than NBA 2K represents real basketball?

            Dude, what time are you due back to the mental institution? Seriously, what time?

          • Skopin

            Not at all. I simply said they are equal in representing their respective sports. Why? Do you feel that NBA 2k12 actually plays like a real basketball game?

            If you’d like, I can post a video showing the many, many flaws with NBA 2k12, and why it is far from a realistic sports simulation. But if you actually believe it is an accurate representation of NBA basketball, perhaps you should check yourself into an asylum.

          • Bdog

            Show me a video game that doesn’t have FLAWS? I can sit and nitpick for any flaw in any video game, That doesn’t mean that the game isn’t good though, and NBA 2K11 and 12 represents real  sim basketball better than any other basketball game ever. Madden isn’t even close to real football.


          • Skopin

            Madden is as close to real football as NBA 2k is to basketball. Do you understand what that means? Neither is an accurate representation of their sport. If you really think NBA 2k plays like real basketball, then you clearly have never played or watched real basketball.

          • Bdog

            Exactly! 2K beat Live by going head to head with them and kicked their ass to the point where they cancelled Elite right before it was due to come out! LOL!

            Madden got SCARED after 2K5 Football came out and instead of going head to head with them the following year they spent a fortune getting the exclusive NFL license to keep 2K from making an NFL game!. Talk about a bitch move! LOL!

          • When you hop off of 2k’s sack, you’ll realize that EA Sports’ basketball went into a hiatus because they inexplicably changed their entire product, handing the reins to a guy who never worked on a basketball game, but hockey, and tried to bring those “hockey-type” controls to the game when it wasn’t necessary OR logical.

            It’s easy to look in retrospect because of how great 2k11 was rated and say, 2k kicked their ass into submission. What really happened was that Elite 11 was so bad and unfinished that it made 2k11 look THAT much better.

          • Bdog

            Yeah, keep believing that bullshit if you want. EA knew Elite had ZERO chance of competing with NBA 2K11 and the whole Jordan idea and they pulled the plug. Maybe if you get your lips off EA’s dick you’d see what REALLY happened. 

  • Larryperry697

    2k is trying 2 be like ea sports now…this shit should be in game already 

    • Badboy3ai

      Ummm didnt you read where it said they couldnt have it in the game because of exclusive rights that EA had on it,smh. Fuck EA

      • And that justifies it being a preorder exclusive?

        2K is forcing consumer’s hands by offering this. This isn’t like offering Pro-Combat jerseys. Jersey’s only affect those schools’ fans. It doesn’t affect the dynasty experience.

        Basically, if you don’t preorder this game, as of right now, the ASW you’ll have is the All-Star Game and the Rookies v. Sophomores, featuring shitty generic jerseys and logos. 

        Nope, if you’re a Brooklyn Nets fan, you ain’t getting Gerald Green in the dunk contest. 

        If you’re a Spurs fan, you ain’t getting Matt Bonner in the 3PT contest. 

        We don’t even know if the Skills Challenge will be in the package period, but if it will, and you don’t preorder, then you ain’t gonna see Derrick Rose, Rondo, Deron Williams, etc. compete against each other.

  • RambleOn84

    If it were part of Association Mode (especially online), this would be super tight butthole.  By itself, meh…kinda cool.



  • CLEfan4LIFE

    If it’s not in association mode then I could care less. If it is, good for me, since I will be pre ordering.

    Depending on how LIVE goes about its game this year, and if it is somewhat playable, I might just buy both. Gotta wait and see tho. I know what I’ll be getting from 2k, curious as to what LIVE has to offer. Ahhhh gotta love COMPETITION. Brings out the best in ppl.

  • StevieLeeWilliams

    The hell with All-Star weekend if I cant play with Kevin Hart.

  • Bdog

    EA actually had the exclusive rights to All-Star Weekend? You gotta be fuckin’ kidding me? Man I fuckin hate EA more and more every day! I hope the rumor about the NFL 2K13 game is true so they can put Madden out of business!

  • Bdog

    This ain’t a problem for me because I pre-order NBA 2K every year anyway. 

  • Yeah, because Elite was a broken game from top to bottom. Live 11 would’ve sold copies. It doesn’t have to outsell 2k. It HASN’T been outselling 2k (apparently, I think I took a break from basketball games until 2k11). So Live 11 would’ve probably been more of the same. But no, EA Sports decided to go for the “home run” – what they thought would put them over the top. Instead, it completely backfired on them, and it started with hiring someone who worked on hockey games to bring hockey controls to a basketball game. they turned the damn shooting mechanic into a kicking meter!

    Like I said, it’s easy to lok at 2k11 in retrospect and say it would’ve blown it out of the water. In reality, Elite would’ve been a flop PERIOD because it was bad. NOT because 2k11 was that much better.

    You think Elite would’ve sold well if it was the only basketball game out? NO.

    • Skopin

      Sadly, I liked the ideas EA had with Elite 11. I have been hoping for a basketball game that offers a real level of control. The 1:1 dribbling is a great idea. And skill-based shooting? I have wanted that since the PSX days of NBA Shootout. It’s a shame that it just wasn’t implemented well. They had good ideas; the execution just wasn’t there.

      • Yeah, but it was pretty much the example of what can happen when you try to do too much in a yearly cycle.

        Also, I hope Live 13 gets J Cole on the soundtrack. I thought it was cool that he would be featured on the entire soundtrack so I hope he at least gets a song.

  • No one knows anything about the Wii U version of this game yet.  E3 should reveal the version.

  • lebron

    Why does it have to be pre ordered, it should already be on the disk like 2k12