NBA 2K13 Footage Coming Next Week

Posted June 1st, 2012 at 12:15 pm

2K Sports has announced that the first gameplay footage from NBA 2K13 will debut Monday night during the GameTrailers E3 Special on Spike at 10pm. It will feature a segment from a game between the Western Conference Finalists – Thunder and Spurs – along with a look at some of the recently announced All-Star Weekend content in action. 

It isn’t a complete surprise that at look at the upcoming NBA 2K would be unveiled at E3. Last year NBA 2K12 was played live onstage at the Sony Press Conference – but that was more of a promotion around the PlayStation Move functionality than it was the gameplay which wasn’t represented especially well in that setting. That 2K is pushing the NBA game a little more heavily at the event this year could be related to returning competition as NBA Live 13 will have a presence there as well.

It’s important still, as was the case with the “big announcement” that turned out to be All-Star Weekend content as a pre-order incentive, to temper expectations. The show will feature a number of huge titles – and there isn’t the need to show off a significant amount of footage at this stage – so there may only be a brief few minutes dedicated to NBA 2K13.

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  • Dymez

    Whatever they show will most likely be cosmetic. I’ll be much more tuned-in in August and September when they address the gameplay and Association mode issues that they need to improve upon.

  • Gameplay drastically changed from 2k11 to 2k12. I don’t know how much they can improve on maybe have better sliders and tuning already in. Association needs major work player personality like shooting tendency and that stuff needs some work. No lockout so they can fix players up and have association better.

  • 2k is gonna have to have a good showing. One thing that is undeniable (and proven) is that EA – whether it’s Electronic Arts or EA Sports – has the resources to come hard in the face of competition, IF they’re motivated to do so. The most recent example is how they approached the BF3/MW3 competition. 

    Live could possibly try to come out guns blazing, so 2k better be on top of their game from here on out. Otherwise, Live could cut into a good part of their sales.

    • Keith.

      Don’t forget, EA also has the gaming media in their pocket, which can only help Live’s sales.  I mean, NBA Elite was named Sports Game of the Show by some in the gaming media (even though it was only one-on-one) at E3 a couple years ago, and we all know how that turned out.  lol.

    • Barimanlhs

      Competition always makes things better, even for the devs thats end up “losing” that year, it should (key word) motivate them to go hard the next year!  Regardless of how good or bad Live will be this year, it is good for both the devs and consumers because in the end we all get the best product possible.

      Im surprised 2K is showing stuff this early, Im interested to see what it looks like and how much it has improved (even a subtle refining could do wonders imo). Personally im expecting a newerish player models (lankyness, long arms etc), refined passing and offense, and probably a little polish to the graphics.

      Im curious to see what Live has to show, it could be a major surprise or another let down. For the sake of everyone lets hope it is a surprise! 

      • Keith.

        “Regardless of how good or bad Live will be this year, it is good for both the devs and consumers because in the end we all get the best product possible.”

        Amen, brother!

      • Of course. Competition is never a bad thing. I’m just saying 2k has squandered the chance to make Live irrelevant as of now. At least IMO.

        I’m hoping we can have two good games, where it’s just a matter of preference. I grew up on EA Sports, because I had a PS2 back when the 2k series was on Dreamcast. So, I’ll always be somewhat partial to them. Just as someone who grew up on the 2k series would be.

        • Mike

          EA didnt need 2K’s help making Live irrelevant.

          • And I didn’t need your opinion on my thoughts. Good day, sir.

          • Mike

            You’re welcome.

  • bring on 2k13

  • clubsteve

    2k has set the bar pretty high with their last two releases….if nba all-star weekend is downloadable content, then what will be the focus this year? if ea is smart, they will provide an alternative and provide some features 2k doesn’t have in it, and improve on some features 2k doesn’t do very well. if ea capitalizes on the olympics this summer, and provides an olympic mode including the usa team and other teams in the olympics, that would be a good idea. with the dream team’s 25th anniversary this year, a dream team edition would be a great idea.

    •  Dream Team idea sounds great. I think it fits 2k since they have been about legends and great past players for the past 2 releases.

  • hamburger

    2k12 is amazing, if you edit the fast breaks slider

  • Bdog

    I saw the picture of Live 13 and it looks like players are still hunched over like gorillas.

  • Boston34

    everything is all good but to be honest 2k is just too obsessed with the heat and lebron james i mean lebron is just unstoppable for some reason no matter how much you contest he just somehow makes a bucket. Another thing defending is terrible whenever im defending and the opponent is driving in they just seem to go right by you, but when playing offense and driving in there is always the bumping into them all the time its very irritatinng.MAKE RONDOS ATTRIBUTES HIRE lol. But seriously another thing in my player mode why are all the defenders including centers so fast for???????????? And just  as a request most likely wont happen but it would be cool to have offseason activities like playing on team USA and stuff or those events like the one during the lock out when Durant Melo Wade CP3 Lebron and idk who else it was had a game or something over here in FL idkk but something like that would be cool.