NBA 2K13 All-Star Weekend Description

Posted June 12th, 2012 at 8:30 am

2K Sports has released a full description of what to expect with the All-Star Weekend content for NBA 2K13 which will be provided with pre-orders. The info confirms (as expected) that Michael Jordan will be back and presumably so will other legends and classic teams. It remains unclear whether the Rising Stars Challenge will simply be rookies vs sophomores or involve choosing teams from the pool of players like was done this last year with Shaq and Charles Barkley. It’s also important to note that ASW will in fact be integrated in Association and My Player modes – prior to E3 the company would not respond to inquiries on the subject. That makes the value of the add-on much greater than it would have been if completely isolated.

Continue on for the features involved with the All-Star Weekend content for NBA 2K13 and leave any thoughts in the comments! 

Four Additional Game Modes
Bundled together for the first time ever, players can participate in an all-new Sprite Slam Dunk Contest, Three-Point Contest, the Rising Stars Challenge game and the NBA All-Star Game.

Sprite Slam Dunk Contest
New, immersive, pick-up-and-play mechanics give gamers more control than ever before. Take to the air and unleash a series of button combinations to complete devastating slam dunks.

Past vs. Present
Who is the better dunker – Michael Jordan or Blake Griffin? Who is the more cold-blooded shooter from outside – Derrick Rose or Kevin Durant? These questions will be answered in the NBA 2K13 All-Star downloadable content. Match the stars of today against the game’s greatest legends in both the Sprite Slam Dunk Contest and Three-Point Contest modes.

Rising Stars Challenge
Compete with the future stars of the NBA in this mode featuring NBA rookies and sophomores.

All-Star Game
It’s East vs. West in this midseason battle for conference bragging rights.

Dynamic Updates
Rosters for the Rising Stars Challenge and All-Star Game will dynamically update to the 2013 rosters once the participants are announced.

  • Hungryandrew


  • Dymez

    “Who is the more cold-blooded shooter from outside – Derrick Rose or Kevin Durant?”

    That’s a dumb ass statement in a press release.

    Anyway, I’m surprised they didn’t put in the Skills Competition. I would think that should be easy, since they sort of have a pretty close build of it in their practice mode for 2K12. That would’ve been a sexy addition.

  • Skopin

    They already had the rookie/sophomore game, and the All-Star game. Dunk-Hero is a pass for me. And if the 3 point shooting is the same as it is in-game in 2k12, that will be a pass as well. I would like to have some control over the shot.

  • No shooting stars challenge?  No skills challenge?  I would prefer either of those to the rising stars game.

    • that would have to include WNBA players. I don’t think the NBA wants that hanging over their heads. 

      • 49ersfan1

        dont matter. bring the skills, 3 point, and shooting.. use regular nba players and legends gee.

  • Modman

    Is Charles Barkley in tha game?

    • I didn’t even know about that. This is new to me.

  • Billy W.

    Not playable online? Useless

  • I don’t plan to preorder but since it is in association how does that work? If you don’t pre order are they going to make you pay when you put the game in? I can see glitches happening.

    • Skopin

      From what I understand, everything will still be there, but it will all be last year’s weekend. The venue, rosters, etc. will all be from 2011, whereas the pre-order grants updates when this year’s rosters are announced, and this years venue will be updated as well.

      •  Okay, so it probably not that big of a loss in association mode.

  • this is great i love it!

  • TheLibrarian-

    The Guitar Hero-style controls for the dunk contest really disappointed me. I feel as if it should be something like the classic Tony Hawk real-time button combinations to execute a move. 

    • Bdog

      I could not agree more. If I wanted Guitar Hero I’d go but it. Plus I don’t like that slo-motion shit they showed. Is 2K gonna be like EA and get away from the realism? I hope that was just a slow-mo replay but it looked like it was in the course of the game. 

  • and i like that the slam dunk contest will be much easier then before which was to confusing for me… now all we need is deeper my player mode with smarter cpu teammates and to bring crews back 

    •  CPU needs to be smarter in association they make stupid moves when it comes to being a GM.  Coaches don’t matter either seems like more than half the teams change coaches every year in the game.

      • Skopin

        The AI in general needs to be overhauled. Trade logic, on-court AI, GM AI: they all need to be completely redone. A few tweaks here and there are not going to make it better.

        • u need to be working for 2k sports bcuz then i’d have my dream b-ball game

          • Gay

            Yea. 2K is a highly overrated bball game.  The AI blows,  Association/My Player logic sux.  Teams make terrible trades, teams that are good blow and vice versa, like OKC winning 19 games…  By the by… Thunder sweep Gayron and the Skeet in the Finals… PASS IT ON.   GAY!!!

  • Yeahhhh 

  • Adam S

    No info about any of the online modes/Crew yet?

  • Remmy

    C’mon 2K, this is your cash cow. Don’t start slipping into lazy EA territory.

  • AmazinsCowboys

    No Skills Challenge? That’s the best competition! It’s been done before in past NBA games and the practice mode was pretty similar. ASW still looks pretty cool, though.

  • clubsteve

    is this the only “extra” in the game this year?…..i mean, what’s extra in the game that you don’t have to pre-order for?

  • I swear to God NBA 2k.  Reggie Miller just got in the Hall of Fame and you (expletives) better put a 90’s Pacers team in the game this year.  Preferred lineup is as follows.  PG Mark Jackson  SG Reggie Miller (of course)  SF Chris Mullin  PF Dale Davis  C Rik Smits

  • I guess I’m pre-order.

  • doob

    Fuck that just bring tha my player online team up back best feature ever minus tha hackers!

  • I still think that 2K should incorporate the option to create or move your franchise like they allow you to in Madden. More control (details) when customizing team uniform, arena, and logo. They should also allow you to have more control as “management” setting up the price for food, merchandise, parking lot.. Just like Madden. I really love playing association mode and think this will be a fun upgrade. I also thing that there should be more option when it comes to tattoos on the players. It’s been like 3 years with the same options.

  • is shaq, sir charles Barkley, reggie miller, thunder dan, and kevin johnson in as legends?

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  • uptownsoul

    Why don’t they work on getting “my player” or “RTTS” transferable to next year’s game

  • Leslie

    And asscotion mode u should allow players to o do the summer games and the USA games

  • Rock

    They already got the cone drill so why no skills challenge?

  • tim

    They need to add the ability for your team to bid for all star games in franchise mode