EA Sports Details Kinect Integration in Madden NFL 13

Posted July 26th, 2012 at 1:15 pm

EA Sports today released a new video for Madden NFL 13 that focuses on the Kinect for Xbox 360 integration. Back at E3 the Kinect features were put on display for both Madden and FIFA 13. It appeared to be far less useful – and even showed problematic lag in responsiveness – for Madden compared to the benefits that will come from utilizing it within FIFA.

Some of the delay appears to have been cleaned up since that demonstration but whether voice commands do anything to improve the experience for Madden remains arguable. Continue on to check out the video and leave any thoughts in the comments! 

  • yawn


  • Ah, the old “If I can do it, anyone can do it.”
    I don’t have Kinect, but these seem easy enough and at least somewhat useful.

  • Keith.

    If I didn’t know any better, I would’ve thought this video was of Madden 12 (or M11, or M10, etc.).

    So much for a “revolutionary” new physics engine — lol.

    • The Infloppity Engine.

    • Ewhen3

      compare to ncaa 13 and its light years ahead. looking good to me.

      • Um…..

        You go ahead and compare it, because I can’t. I personally didn’t buy that shit game. Anything would look a lot better to those that bought NCAA 13. Lesson learned.

  • HOV

    NFL Gameday 2004

    The most talked about addition to NFL GameDay 2004, however, is the Headset Voice Recognition. A cool little bonus that rewards people for buying SOCOM, the USB VR support allows players to actually “call” the game instead of doing so manually. Or at least, call some of its more basic aspects. Recognizing almost 40 different vocal commands between the offensive and defensive set, the device enables users to do everything from hike the ball to send players in motion (make sure to hold down R2 to activate it).Other commands, like referee time outs, onside kicks, defensive changes, and no-huddle plays can all be instructed through the headset as well, and when used in conjunction with some of the features we highlighted earlier, brings an all-new element to the video football experience.

    • paul

      haha that is awesome. thanks for posting. the crazy thing is the voice commands in this seem to actually be more useful than what you can do in this version of madden. stuff like no huddle plays, time outs, onside kicks, etc. it seems like with this madden you can’t really do anything until the players get to the line.

  • MG

    I dont know about this and with online play wouldnt the other person be able to hear you through the kinects mic???

  • guest

    Does anyone really give a shit about Kinect?

    • Project Natal

      Only the people that believed Microsoft’s bullshit marketing, and subsequently ran out and bought one. About 10,000 or so, hand waving idiots, probably still won’t admit buyers remorse. They want soo badly to believe that they are Tom Cruise in the movie, “Minority Report”.


  • Guest

    I’m kinda tired of seeing these Madden 13 vids. Seems like I’ve been waiting for the game to drop for over a year already. I need to play it to see if this physics engine is all it’s hyped up to be. These vids definitely don’t do it justice. Wnen is the demo dropping?

  • Not something I would ever use (because I don’t have Kinect), but I’m impressed with all the stuff they’ve put in the game this year. Most years, one of these, Infinity engine, Connected Careers, Kinect integration, would be the one big feature they put in the game. Overall, I’m extremely impressed with the work they put in, even if I’m not going to use all of the stuff.

  • Keith.

    “EA attempts to calm nervous investors during its annual stockholder¬†meeting”




  • welcome to the 21st century

    the graphics suck. its 2012! god why cant the graphics be like nba 2k12.

  • Crimson

    This is silly. Are you gonna be doing this crap while also chatting up your opponent in an online game? Are you gonna be doing this while playing next to a friend on your couch? Or…are you so lame, that you will be calling out these stupid commands when playing Madden alone, while your wife is in the next room probably wishing she had married someone else. This is a dumb gimmick in every scenario possible, but then again, if you went out and bought a Kinect, you were already pretty dumb anyway. Have fun with this.

    • Christopher5

      haha yea i wouldn’t feel right calling out commands to my T.V. Some will eat this up tho.

      • Crimson

        Yeah I imagine they need to find something worth owning that damn overhyped and under utilized Kinect camera for.

  • Geeznutz

    Ah gimmicks gimmicks!!! just give me my 32 team user control back!

  • Brett

    So…every year I buy Madden so my roommate and I can play as the same team in a Franchise…we usually go through NCAA and import our guys but when I saw that wouldnt happen this year it wasn’t a big deal. Then learned we can’t even create ourselves in an offline franchise? I haven’t been able to find clear answers anywhere, has CCM just encompassed all of the other game mades and there is no actual offline franchise mode anymore? Does madden seriously think that nobody has friends that they want to play with offline? This is dumb and I wont buy this game.

  • yonnathan

    So glad they waisted there time with this and didnt add a fantasy draft. No wonder EA is dying.