Kinect Functionality Will Work for Online Games in Madden NFL 13

Posted July 28th, 2012 at 3:30 pm

The most common question following the latest video from EA Sports regarding Kinect for Xbox 360 features in Madden NFL 13 was whether the functionality would be present for online head-to-head games. The company has since confirmed that it is in fact available to use during online games and the actual implementation is cleverly done.

Those who have a Kinect plugged into the 360 will have an option in the game settings to enable or disable it for use. During online games when enabled the Kinect will pick up any pre-play voice commands during which time that user is muted from their opponent. The mic for chatting with the opponent flips back on after the snap and stays active until the next play is chosen. Consumers without Kinect, or that have disabled it in the settings, will have the typical uninterruped voice chat with opponents in online games.

  • guest

    Oh thank god I don’t know what I would have done if it didn’t!

    • Wow

      So lame

      • Crimson

        And stupid, and unnecessary, and this once again proves that there is still not one single good reason so far, to own a Kinect camera.

  • Crimson

    Clearly, SOMEONE must have wanted to know this. Why else would Pasta have posted this information? As I remember, the last “EA implementation of Kinect in a sports game” article went over soooo well, but then again, just like Fox News Channel was the most positive supporter and information channel for the Bush administration, I have come to realize that Pastapadre is providing the same level of devoted service for EA Sports. Someone out there is looking probably forward to finally having something else to use their Kinect for. No matter how stupid the application of it is.

    • this is a sports gaming blog, dummy. EA is 90% of that market. What else should pasta talk about? Nobody would read it if every article was it sucks, this sucks, that new feature will be useless, that game will be awful. there is a difference between optimism and ridiculous fanboy negativity

      • Crimson

        Are you optimistic about EA’s efforts of implementing Kinect into their sports gaming franchises, dummy? Does this news make you happy that you purchased a Kinect camera, and do you fully expect that it will enhance your gaming sessions? I think you answered your own question of what Pasta should talk about. He should talk about how EA is 90% of the sports gaming market and how this lame ass shit is the best that they can do. There IS a difference between optimism, and ridiculous fanboy negativity. There is also a difference in knowing who is actually representing the turd salesman, and not “just providing information” for the public to make a choice of whether to buy the turd or not. Make no mistakes about it, Pasta is here to help EA sell MORE sports games. If EA is 90% of the market, and their sports games aren’t selling well, then what the fuck will Pasta have left to write about? He would be out of a fucking job. but hey, you’re so goddamn smart, I’m sure you knew that already. Fuck your optimism asshole, this is EA we’re talking about. They don’t give 2 shits about you being optimistic. Where the fuck have you been?

    • A goal of mine has always been to provide information that can help people make a better purchase decision for themselves. Don’t care whether that’s to buy or to pass – have no stake in the matter. Just the hope that people can increase the chance of making a purchase that they get value from and avoid those that they won’t.

      • Crimson

        Yeah right, you and every car salesman that ever approached me when I set foot on the their car lot. You get nothing out of it, you’re just some great, wonderful guy who is out here toiling away everyday, providing positive information for EA, to the less informed public, who may be at a crossroads in their decision to buy an EA Sports game, so that you will continue to have something to write about. What a noble goal, you’ve set for yourself. We thank you Pasta, for your efforts at being so “fair and balanced” when it comes to talking about the small few other games out there, the other 10% being produced by competing game publishers. You’re a great American.

  • VRen

    Good news. looking forward to trying this. i think some of it can really help especially for people who arent fast at making changes on the controller. i think people forget that if you havent been playing madden for your whole life things arent so easy to do.

    • You is dumb

      “i think people forget that if you havent been playing madden for your whole life things arent so easy to do.”

      I don’t know why, but I think people probably just forget that you must be a fucking retard. Using Kinect just to help you make audibles in Madden can’t help you overcome retardation. I hope you seek treatment for that. Hey Todd, say hi to Sarah for me.

      • demm

        Only experts should be allowed to play Madden!!! anyone else doesnt deserve to play it. great point from you.

        • Crimson

          Actually, YOU made that point. I guess you failed at reading comprehension? You don’t need to be an Madden expert to remember how to change defensive assignments, you just need to be a tiny bit less than stupid. But if you think that remembering to say these specific commands for player adjustments is easier, then by all means, go ahead and use this lame application of Kinect in the game, to validate your reason for owning one. One can only play sooo much Dance Central, right? How lame. You would think at this point in the console’s life, that EA would have found a much more fun way to utilize this so-called Kinect technology. Right?

  • Starpowerstaryear

    Who has a kinect seriously,it is such a fail…

    • Over 20 million people.

      • Crimson

        Will you be using yours to play Madden13 like this Pasta? Or will you play it the “traditional” way. I mean how hard can it be to remember what buttons control defensive adjustments. If you can’t handle remembering that, then you probably should keep your rookie incompetent ass offline too.

        • CSaintSwag

          Do you really have nothing better to do? Has it ever occured to you that people with Kinects might actually want to play the game this way? You have anger problems if all you want to do is come in here and talk about how this is a retarded thing to add to the game then you have no clue how many people are probably happy they added this.

          • Crimson

            Oh, I dunno. I’m sure people with a Kinect are desperate to do something, anything, worthwhile with it at this point. Too bad this is the best that EA and Kinect can do, despite what was advertised about YOU being the controller and all. Just seems to me like this could have been done with a simple gaming headset. Would you care to guess how many people want to play the game this way with their Kinect? Because, you’re right. I have no clue. Are you gonna play it this way with your Kinect? I really doubt that you will, but I’m just curious as to your answer. Maybe Pasta can put up one of his bogus polls asking the question, “Are you gonna play Madden 13 with your Kinect, or are you going to play the traditional way?” I’d love to see the bogus results he comes back with. LOL, it will probably be a crazy number like 85% in favor of Madden 13 “better with Kinect”.

          • CSaintSwag

            You are an angry person if you come on here everyday and post how much you hate video games.

          • Crimson

            For one thing, I love videogames, and I am not angry, but if that is what you think after reading the full context of my comments, you are definitely IGNORANT. I would suggest that in the future, you skip over any comments by Crimson, because you simply can’t process what you are reading. You’re in denial.

            You still haven’t answered my question either. Why are you avoiding the answer? ARE YOU GONNA PLAY MADDEN THIS WAY OR WHAT? IF THE ANSWER IS “YES I HAVE A KINECT, BUT I’M NOT GONNA USE IT FOR THIS GAME”, THEN SHUT THE FUCK UP AND GO WAY.

          • Thanks Crimson

            The entire world should be forced to have the same ‘likes’ and ‘dislikes’ as Crimson. In fact, I bet “Crimson” is the most fulfilled human being on this planet and has it all figured out. We’re the “lucky ones” that he spends all his time berating everything posted on this site AND forcing his opinions on minimal things down everyone’s throat.

            Thanks Crimson! Even though you hate EA and the current Maddens – please continue reading and commenting on EA and Madden posts!

      • Crimson

        Over 20 million people fell for the biggest marketing scam EVER. To this day, Kinect still hasn’t shown the potential that was advertised. $150 TO PURCHASE AND USE A KINECT CAMERA FOR SIMPLE AND UNNECESSARY VOICE COMMANDS IN EA SPORTS GAMES. WHAT A SCAM.

  • C pack

    When will the demo for this come out
    im getting mixed answers

  • C pack

    When will the demo for madden come out

  • Great

    Great. Another thing glitchers can try to exploit to get out of losses.