SSX Patch Adds Two New Modes

Posted August 7th, 2012 at 9:45 am

The teases from EA Sports regarding new content for SSX materialized today in a patch for the game that delivers two new modes for free. As expected head-to-head live online multiplayer races are now in and known as “3-2-1-GO” as is the ability to simply explore a mountain in “Freeride” mode.

Online races now support up to 5 live competitors. “3-2-1-GO” events can be found at the wall or browsing the globe and are available for both “Race It” and “Trick It” runs. The winner in the latter will be determined by who scores the most and crosses the finish line before the clock expires.

In addition to the new modes a few minor fixes have been delivered with the patch. This represents truly impressive support for the title which didn’t take off at retail despite being generally well received. EA deserves some credit for not abandoning the game and in this case for adding value without even walling it off as downloadable content.

  • mcmax3000

    I’ll definitely check this out if it’s part of a free patch. I always thought while playing it that it could make for a really fun head to head multiplayer game.

    • Crimson

      You and the one other person that bought this game, probably think alike. Maybe you can find each other online if you’re ever both on at the same time. Good luck with that.

  • Keith.

    I’m getting a lot of satisfaction from predicting this game would bomb back in February. I just knew it was too much like a $1.99 tablet game to ever be successful.

    Makes no sense whatsoever that EA would continue to waste development dollars and throw even more good money after bad. It wouldn’t surprise me if EA already had this DLC developed and in the can with plans to charge for it, and that those plans changed after the game came out and tanked like it did.

    • I keep hearing news about this game, so much that you’d think it was a new release, wtf. The fact that EA keeps spending money on it is ridiculous. But what does EA do that ISN’T ridiculous and/or poorly thought out?
      It’s like they sit in meetings planning what dumbass thing to do next and promote like it’s the greatest thing since God made Man.

    • mcmax3000

      Only you could take EA releasing free new content for a game, and try to turn it into EA doing something wrong.

      For players, there is nothing negative about this news. At all.

      • Yeah, you’re right. I mean why bother working a new game when you can just keep burning production resources on a dead game that didn’t do well. I mean, mishandling budgets is why EA is doing soooo great right now.

        Hey, maybe next they can start working on a roster update for Madden 97.

      • Crimson

        New content? I would think not. Pay to play DLC content held back for a game with much higher, unrealistic sales expectations? Sounds more like what might have really happened. They probably held on to this content a bit too long. Probably expected the throng of fans of the original game to run out and buy this one, and if that had worked according to plan, they would have then hit them with the extra DLC content. EA doesn’t do free content. Sounds like they underestimated, and overreached.

        Dearest EA, in case you haven’t yet noticed,…..gamers don’t really care to support you like they did in the days of Road Rash. They pretty much hate buying any EA games today. This is where you are today. You own it.

        • Riposte

          Yes, yes. Battlefield 3 was a total flop. Portal 2 did so horribly. Bioware barely gets any sales these days! Man, EA owns so many studios, that when people say things like “I hate buying EA Games.” I assume they don’t know that their copy of Dead Space comes with a small indication that says otherwise in the bottom right corner.

  • kbb

    REal nice gesture by EA. this is a very good game and its nice to get more out of it.

    • kbb&b

      Yeah….right. please don’t bullshit a forum full of bullshitters. Is this you again Mr. Riccitiello?

  • MrT.

    This is all good but they keep missing out on the most important feature of it all: Offline Split-Screen!! It would be nice if they could make it up to 4 players. All my memories of SSX tricky were racing friends 1 on 1 with the loser conceding controller. It was a great party game. Single player was great but no denying the long term value of a racing with offline multiplayer. I will not buy this game until that part has been added. I honestly, care little about racing someone not in the room. Victory just aint as sweet.