Post-Release Support Should Improve With Madden NFL 13; First Patch Coming Two Weeks After Release

Posted August 22nd, 2012 at 3:45 pm

One of the disappointing aspects of Madden NFL 12 was weaker than anticipated post-release support in the way of patches and “tuners”. New content such as consistent roster updates and new Madden Moments flowed throughout the season. However there was only one major patch and the advertised “tuners” never even materialized. The subject was touched upon in a piece written last December.

Today Joystiq received a statement from EA Sports regarding post-release support plans for Madden NFL 13 while also noting that the first patch will come on September 11.

“The team is absolutely committed to post-launch support, and we will make it a point to keep you updated on title updates, tuner sets, roster updates, new Madden Moments Live and more.”

It’s not exactly a promise of additional patches or any “tuners” at all but at least they are aware that consumers have higher expectations than they delivered upon last year. No details as of yet on what exactly that first patch will bring.

(Update) EA Sports has provided comment that the date for the first patch is actually not locked down to September 11. It sounds as though it may be in the certification period now which would mean it could arrive before, after, or on that date.

  • mcmax3000

    I’ll believe this when I see it.

    Aside from maybe one or two of its studios, EA in general (not just Sports), has never been great about post-release support.

  • SpongeRobert

    Could a patch be released that adds fantasy drafts into the game?

  • Translation: We know the game is flawed and broken just like all the other years.

    • Jr

      Didn’t nba 2k12 and MLB (now cancelled) 2k12 have issues at release as well. If you are gonna criticize, spread it out

    • asmckenna1215

      I disagree. Then never stated nor implied that. All the said was they are committed to post-launch support. If anything, that is a positive as of now

    • Jr

      2k Doesn’t release perfect games either. They have a broken baseball game and nba 2k12 only receieved a couple of patches that didn’t fix every issue the game had.

      • Dafuq?

        Why are you bringing up 2K like this article has anything to do with them?

        • Jr

          Simply because it’s the truth and because I can.

  • Cody

    who cares screw madden

    • asmckenna1215

      you must have slaved for hours over this comment. truly inspiring

  • The running is funny i fall down after i run into my lineman all i can do is laugh

  • Eric

    Just wait until the year when they outright tell us “Yeah, two patches at most and maybe one extra tuner in between”

    • Jr

      How many patches did nba 2k receive last year before they came out and said they werent doing anymore……take your time I’ll wait for the answer.

      • Khadeem

        there were two legit patches

    • asmckenna1215

      honestly, I’d rather know that than just sit around and hope for one

  • MigraineProng
  • asmckenna1215

    Sounds good. Obviously, actions will rule over talk but for now I am cautiously encouraged.

    • Crimson

      Dude just shut up really, lick my vaginal area.

      • asmckenna1215

        oh, i can see you’re the bigger man here.

      • wolf onatshirt

        Wow Crimson you’re really on one here today.

        • Crimson

          Lick my testicles.

          • Crimson

            That wasn’t me. This asshole has been using Keith’s and my name all day today.

          • RandomGuy

            Suuuuuuuure. Hermaphrodite.

  • Basically saying already broken out of box. smh I hope next gen sports games are better. Meaning done on release day.

    • Riposte

      What? I don’t think you remember the PS2 error when a potentially game-breaking bug meant that you were out $50, I’d rather a game to have patches rather than the reverse.

      • But that was very rare. Minor bugs may appear but nothing that would destroy the games whether it was on PS1 or 2, 64, or Gamecube. Felt like they had to release the best game possible because no way it can be fixed. Now it is just release what you got we can fix it eventually if we care to. The devs rely too much on being able to patch and tune.

        • Riposte

          I’ll agree that game-breaking bugs were rare, but I do remember that buying a game with one made me a bit suspect about games again for the system. But yeah, I feel like we’re moving into PC Gaming territory where bugs get fixed in like a year out.

  • dave travis

    Hope the patch includes full control editing and control of more than one team in franchise…. If not I’m still not interested in this half ass game

    • asmckenna1215

      that would be nice, but they totally changed the mode. they made a big mistake not keeping the old franchise mode, but don’t assume this game is half-assed when you haven’t played it yet.

      • Based on removal of that mode it is Half-assed. Played or not.

        • asmckenna1215

          So, they subtracted one thing (which, don’t get me wrong, I’m disappointed about too) and added a bunch of new stuff, including a true online franchise which people have whined for, for years, and it is “half-assed?” I’m not saying it’s perfect nor am I saying it’s game of the year material by any means, but it’s certainly not NBA Live, which is the definition of half-assed.

          I get why you feel that way, but it’s so closed-minded that it makes no sense to me.

          • Keith.

            One thing?

            Are you referring to the choice of gameplay cameras they removed? Or the custom playbooks? Or the roster editing? I know you can’t mean in game saves, since the geniuses at Tiburon still haven’t figured out how to add them in the first place.

          • asmckenna1215

            The “one thing” I am referring to us the removal of Franchise, which was the topic of discussion. That was Kevin Sutter’s tipping point so that is what I responded to.

            Please, Keith, I know you are capable of having intelligent discussion so don’t change the main point of my argument to better suit a comment that added nothing to the discussion.

          • Crimson

            Everyone in this is a homosexual except for Keith his is my muse my flim, and he needs vagasil to cure his odor.

          • RandomGuy

            The never really removed the Franchise. It’s the same as it was in “Coach mode” now. I’ve brought it up over and over again. But, they’ve yet to mention the possibility of moving teams. I have a feeling that is going to be a surprise when some people start playing. Moving the team and being able to customize the stadium.

          • asmckenna1215

            Yeah, sort of. I liken the mode more to NFL Head Coach 09, but with the ability to play instead of just call plays.

            I would be I unbelievabley exited if we could move teams but since it hasn’t been announced I really don’t want to get my hopes up.

          • RandomGuy

            You’re losing me on what the difference is between Coach Mode with the ability to play and regular franchise mode. What?! You have to chose what coach you are before hand. That’s the only difference I see. Plus, they said off-line you can be more than one team.

          • asmckenna1215

            lol wait, now I’m confused. CCM is basically just the old franchise, but where you control only one team, as I understand it. I don’t think you can be more than one team, though. At least I hadn’t heard that. Where did you hear that?

          • GKage

            You can be only one team, but at any point you can retire and choose someone else and continue the season and it doesnt effect anyone else in your league. Though I’m not sure about what would happen if you already have 32 players.

          • Chico

            Except “coach mode” isn’t really franchise mode is it? Yes you have some of the same things but you can’t sign your own free agents. bring custom rosters into the connected career mode. it’s more focused on you achieving goals as a coach. it’s a joke. It’s Franchise’s mode dumber younger brother.

    • Phil Shannon

      Just wait till next year they will advertise that when they are selling Madden 14

      • RandomGuy

        The “latest innovation”

  • Crimson

    This game is going to be amazing, love how they are going to have a patch so early, it means they are really dedicated, I have changed my mind about EA, I feel sorry for all the NBA 2k people they release half assed games every year, god help NBA 2k13 it will be so laggy and glitchy it will not be able to be fixed.

    • Keith.

      I am breaking up with you!

      • Keith.

        Crimson and I must be doing some real damage to EA if they’re having Game Changers posting this shit now using our names.

        I’d like to think we had something to do with EA’s stock going into the shitter, and with TW, SSX, NHL, Fifa Street, GS2, and NCAA all being sales flops, but EA really has no one but themselves to thank for that.

        • Brian

          Quality isn’t the reason why EA’s stock is falling. Video games are declining across the board. EA needs to come up with a viable solution to keep money coming in with a market that is steering away from physical sales. If it was a quality issue, Madden 05 wouldn’t have sold half as much. The general game buyers don’t put kickers on the OLine and watch how the game sims. They just want a fun game. Not as if they’re participating in the real thing. Look at NBA 2K, some people are just completely turned away from it’s sim nature. They could put out the greatest football sim ever, but it won’t reverse the trend.

          • Keith.

            Can’t agree with you, since The Show this year, and NBA2k the last 2 years, have done banner sales. Quality sells, even in a down economy, and those 2 games are proof.

            And do you think EA’s stock would be out of the shitter, and that the company wouldn’t be up for sale, if all those games I mentioned had been hits instead of flops? I do.

          • Riposte

            I gotta disagree here. Quality doesn’t always sell, as seen by many mediums. I’d love for quality to be the basis of sales, but marketing and publicity rakes in the awareness and without that, sales deeply suffer regardless of quality. Being a hit isn’t insistent on quality, because by that way of thinking Just Dance might be one of the most revered game of this generation and Kinect Adventures (the top selling game on the Xbox 360) would be of the de facto powerhouses. Critical Quality and Commercial Success should be more connected than they are, but that simply isn’t the case.

          • Keith.

            Im sorry Riposte i just like penis to much to stop disagreeing with you.

          • CJ RAMS

            Thats a lie,let 2K come back out with ESPN NFL2K and watch how many of us thats playing Madden now only because this the only choice go back to 2K. You forget 2K RULED MADDEN before they bought the License. Thats the only way EA could keep up

        • Crimson

          No shit. Whoever this dude is, and I think I know who it is, is a very sad and very disturbed individual.

          • Christopher5

            haha this shit is rediculous. Keep it up guys, haters gonna hate!

      • Christopher5

        so does that imply you will be leaving?

    • wolf onatshirt

      I’m not sure about “amazing” since it’s the same exact game as last year pretty much except for the fact they tweak the physics of the players a little bit.

      • Crimson

        it is not the same game you ass hole it feels a lot different than madden 12, i know from experience with penises. Now NBA 2k13 is the same exact game as 2k12 because that shit didnt have anything interesting added.

        • JBL


        • wolf onatshirt

          I’m sorry, but an asshole feels different from a vagina. I think you got that twisted.

          It is the same game. If you don’t believe that, you’re oblivious and you’re a developer’s target audience.

          • Crimson

            Shut up before my ass buddy keith sucks your penis.

  • Jordan Ray

    I’d really like to see at least partial editing implemented into an early patch. That’d make this game a must-buy for me.

    • Keith.

      They’re not going to be able to patch in editing. Think about it — how could 2 (or 32) people in a league have different roster sets? They can’t. If I think Big Ben should be 100 rated over all, and wearing uniform number 66, how can I possibly be in a league with every one else, who want his ratings/uniform number to be normal? I can’t.

      I think Tiburon realizes it could be a big hit on sales though, so look for guys like Looman, Dewiel, the Game Changers and Pasta to make vague references to “they’re looking into it” for as long as possible in order to try to minimize the damage. The longer they stall, the longer some people might hold onto their game as opposed to trading it in and feeding the used game market.

      • asmckenna1215

        Online rosters, man. Revert them to the that once someone goes online just like they always have. Very simple IMO

        • Keith.

          Not that easy. They want everyone to be always “connected” so that its easier to get into people’s wallets (Peter Moore is on record last month talking about this). There is no more offline franchise per se. You can already use edited rosters, custom playbooks, etc. in Play Now games, so a patch won’t do any good there.

          Editing won’t ever work in CC…simple as that.

          • asmckenna1215

            I never really said anything about “getting into people’s wallets,” though. That has nothing to do with it (at least what we are talking about, which is not the business practices of EA).

            It’s very simply to add an editor back into the game. Not in a patch, you are correct, but having a basic editing feature where you can change numbers, padding, etc. without affecting the ratings /should/ be a relatively easy thing for them. Then they could go from there. And if you think about it, you truly could just edit ratings of players to get your ideal overall numbers and still have them designated as a certain type of player, like a 34 Linebacker or a Field General QB, etc. I do not believe that would adversely affect the CC formula. Actually, I think EA should take a look at that concept…

            I don’t understand why you say it would “never” work. I would think you’d be all for something like this given how a really vocal part of the community reacted to editing’s subtraction.
            Oh, and obviously just be able to revert to a saved online roster for online play and CCM online.

          • Keith.

            Not sure why we’re having this disconnect.

            There is no more offline franchise. They’re going to an always online and connected career mode. If me and you and 30 other people are in a connected league (which EA wants), our rosters, uniforms, etc necessarily need to be the same. Not sure how else to explain it to you.

          • asmckenna1215

            We are not having a disconnect. I know the rosters, etc. need to be the same for online play to work, which is why I’ve suggested in every post that online rosters take care of this issue by providing a base roster to start a CCM mode with.

            My point was regarding an offline game mode editing feature.

          • Keith.

            Offline franchise is gone and never coming back. It’s CCM or Play Now — one allows editing, and the other never will. I know you don’t believe me, so let’s just agree to wait and see.

          • Riposte

            CCM has an Offline mode where you can play as a coach. Madden 13 isn’t an online-exclusive game. The way you’re describing makes CCM seem like it only caters to the online audience.

          • asmckenna1215

            Now you’re the one having the disconnect. I’m not referring to Franchise. I’m referring to OFFLINE CCM, which IS still in the game, as is single-user CCM.

            Keith, you have done nothing but ignore the points I made in my comments when replying to me. And when you have appeared to actually have read my reply to you, you take my point and twist it. Either you really understand how to argue and you’re doing that crap on purpose, or you’re just an asshole. I hope it’s the former but I’m not optimistic.

  • YoungShadow216

    Im glad about this because madden 12 didnt have a single tuner update the whole time it was out even though they finally added it

  • Keith.

    With EA doubling the size of the dev team this year, I’m guessing the layoffs will be coming fast if they don’t see a doubling of early sales numbers, as evidenced by what EA did with Star Wars and PopCap. Must be why they made this announcement today — gonna be a make or break year for the Madden team, and they’re already worried about the break.

    Nice seeing EA acting desperate like this.

    • Keith.

      I also suck a lot of penis, just saying if you take offense to what i just said just think i was taking a big cock up my ass when i type my last comment

      • IcopiedTHISname

        EA shills are getting nasty this year. Lol.

  • Keith.

    Wonder if this first patch will address the inevitable EA freeze problems, or if that fake patch will come later.

    For those keeping score at home, the NCAA post patch freeze thread at OS is now up to 15 pages…lol. Suckers.

  • Keith.

    My name is Keith and I think that everyone who disagrees with me is a EA dev because I am cool and always right, even though I still live with my mom.

  • Chris

    Is there a release day roster update at least?

    • Yee

      yeah clevelands desperately gonna need josh gordon in the game.. massaquoi isnt gonna do it

  • smsixx

    Jesus Christ…Is that supposed to be Barry Sanders??? lol

  • KCmizzou852

    For anyone saying CCM cant have editing. Your wrong. It can be done the exact same was NCAA does it. The commish has all control over editing.

  • Legendoflegends

    is it me or did the graphics take a step bacK? The replay closearl-ups looks good, but the in-game play clearly looks like it took a step back. My Pastapadre can answer this since he actually played the game. Or is it degraded due to it being a demo? and will look better on disc? Help me out here Pasta.,

  • FuckDonnyMoore

    If the patch has editing i’ll buy they game, thats the only thing I’m hanging out fot at this pointy. I refuse to let that Cowboy loving retard Donny Moore call all the shots with his awful ratings.

  • Yee

    I hope they patch catching. I played with every team in the demo and averaged 10 dropped passes with every team.. and for the most part they were wide open passes while my receivers were making spectacular catches in the middle of traffic, that was nice.. but i want to be able to throw a bomb and have them catch it in the basket for a touchdown

  • RandomGuy

    I’m still mad we have to suffer with EA’s horrible roster. It took Calvin Johnson until close to the end of the year to get a 99 rating but everybody knew he was up there in the beginning of the season. I’m tired of the gradual increase after a spectacular game

  • I watched the ign live thing yesterday when they played for an hour, and the dev made it sound like they were working on the edit player thing but “couldn’t confirm or deny it”

  • RandomGuy

    It’s sad that they are already preparing a Patch. They already know they messed something up or left out.

    • turkey86

      You don’t understand the process of making games, do you? The game is less than a week from release. It has already gone gold. EVERY game has patches after release. It’s the same thing.

  • Dan

    Ugh… once again. If its already in certification and its a big patch fixing big things then expect it to be out way sooner.

  • hawkeye4077

    I don’t get it, the game hasn’t even been released and they’re already dropping a patch? What’s up with that? You mean they’re telling you that the game has bugs and is incomplete, and yet they still want to charge you full price for it, and not only are you going to be ok with that, but you’re going to buy it. Wow.

  • Dusty

    Worse Madden Product ever. Cant get better WR’s for my quarterback cant even get my overall rated 77 hb with no catching ability off the field so my 79 HB with much better catch rating on the field they destroyed this games franchise mode until fixed seriously think twice about buying. I could not possibly imagine how they could of destroyed the offline franchise mode more……..

  • Dusty

    Im sorry to be so harsh…EA please come out with a update to take full control of the team. Amazing Ideas with the new engine great ideas with the Franchise leveling peps up but for the love of god man fix the SERIOUS lack of control in Franchise for online or whatever maybe it works but….just OMG I cant even believe how messed up this game is.