Huge Limited Time Deal on Madden NFL 13

Posted September 25th, 2012 at 2:30 am

Amazon today, as the “deal of the day”, is offering Madden NFL 13 for just $40 on the 360 and PS3. Only a month has passed since it released so being able get it at that price so early on is out of the ordinary. The deal exceeds the $15 promo credit that came with pre-orders and typically wouldn’t be found at such a pricing level until Black Friday in November with the exception of occasional rare promotions like this one.

If you decide to pick up Madden NFL 13 doing so through the links (360PS3) is appreciated as it contributes to supporting the site and future giveaways!

  • jz

    Don’t buy Madden its 100% broken. Play now games play good but the franchise or CC mode is buged and glitched and the cpu plays dumb and not the same as play now. Its borken and EA admits it but they don’t know how to fix it.

    • Then it’s not 100% broken.

      • Guest

        shut up…stupid ass Jawana.


      Maybe the franchise Gods are smiling at not being able to sim a realistic season with realistic rosters for all 32 teams that can be controlled offline and every game playable.

  • jz

    Kill 2 birds with one stone. Boycott the NFL and EA.

  • Does anyone else have the constant problem with Madden 13 on PS3 with CCM mode freezing? I have the issue every time I try to play, I seriously can’t play for 1 hour without the issue. Is there any fixes or is it even an acknowledged problem by EA, cause if it doesn’t change I’m going to have to trade it in on NBA 2k13. I would appreciate any info you guys have.

    • Keith.

      Pretty big thread on the freeze topic over at OS. For whatever reason, Pasta has his head in the sand when it comes to doing a story on the widespread freeze problems in Madden and NCAA. But I’ll bet he’s already chomping at the bit to do another “NBA2k online has lag” story.

      • Amen_Ra

        I have to back you on this one. He blew up Online CCM like it was cool as hell, but didn’t mention the fact that the AI plays like ass on All-Madden mode. If you have been playing Madden for 2+ years and still get challenged by the computer on All-PRO level, you need your sports gamer card revoked!

        • Keith.

          The freeze thread for NCAA at OS has reached 20 pages, yet not a peep about the problem from Pasta. If NBA2k or The Show had freeze problems, think Pasta would do a story?

          In any case, good luck getting Pasta to do a story about the brain dead CPU AI.

  • Keith.

    Tells me everything I need to know about how Madden is REALLY selling, if Amazon’s already offering it for $39. Gotta get rid of that inventory somehow.

    • Amen_Ra

      Pasta when is the next Madden patch to fix the CPU AI dropping?

      Yeah the Online Dynasty was trash this year. I knew I shouldn’t have bought this shit Year 1…

    • The360King

      Uh Kieth. I’ve been critical of this year’s Madden but I think you are kind of off-base here. The normal price is not $39, (actually the sale is $39.99). This is a Gold Box Sale and it is the deal of the day. A lot of games that are selling well are made the Gold Box Deal of the Day. So this price is not an indicator of a lack of sales. You can use other facts to indicate a lack of sales and be on solid ground, but not this.

      • Keith.

        You ever seen Madden knocked down to $39 less than one month after release before? Me neither, and Amazon’s not about to sell for $39 what it can sell for $59.

        Like I said, gotta get rid of all that excess inventory somehow.

      • Christopher5

        being the 360king thought you would understand what a price slashing means…smh. Madden bombed like ncaa 13 and they have to slash the price to drive the market again.

        • The360King

          I know very well what price slashing means. I also know how Amazon’s deal of the day and gold box sales work. They often have a day where video games go on sale and usually one of the most poplular/best selling games is the deal of the day. It doesn’t mean they are having problems selling that particular game as they are usually one of the top selling games.

          I see you missed the entire point of my post. i’m not some Madden/EA apologist. I just thought Keith was using a bad example for his argument.

  • Antonio

    This is funny, because EA was pounding there chest about the 11% jump in sales in the first week. Now sales has dropped drastically and if they don’t get a considerable push around the holidays, they might not get over Madden12 global sales. This franchise is terrible and physics can’t help it. They really need too stop catering too the casual gamers and let the casual gamers learn how too play simulation football. Let them adjust the difficulty level too there liking, not the dumbing down of the fundamentals of football too them.

    • smsixx

      My first season of CCM had zero freeze issues unless you checked a player card in the roster section of the game.
      However during season #2 the freeze issues become unplayable…You cant even adjust your depth chart because the screen locks up (you can only back out). You cant view standings , stats, anything without it locking up.
      The AI issues in CCM are atrocious…I 100% agree with amen ra…if you are a long time player of this game and are used to plying on all-madden the CPU will give you zero challnge even with slider sets jacked up in to their favor…the mode is broken with AI and freeze issues…Not even playable in my opinion.

  • MB

    Maybe with the “being able get it at that price so early on is out of the ordinary” part is a subtle jab at Madden by pasta, or maybe I am trying really hard to read into these stories that pasta posts so that I can at least think that he isn’t really ignoring all the negatives about this game without offending anyone at EA.

    If anything, I REALLY hope EA has learned some kind of lesson with this, because I really want to like/enjoy simulation NFL football gaming again.

  • Guest

    Pasta ain’t worth a damn. He is shilling this shit so Amazon can help his sorry ass out. He ain’t got a single sliver of integrity. This is just about money for him? When will you people learn that?

  • CSaintSwag

    Limited??? This shit game will be 40 bucks everywhere in a quick second.

  • Bleak5170

    Still not worth it. EA has been doing this with a lot of their games recently. They are discounted to $40 or so not long after release.

  • wheelman990

    Of course it was on sale for $40. Madden 13 is a terrible game, madden 12 was just ok, and it blew madden 13 away.