Upcoming Madden NFL 13 Patch a Big Step Forward for EA Sports

Posted October 8th, 2012 at 6:45 pm

An expansive mid-October patch has become the norm for the Madden NFL series but EA Sports generated a hugely positive reaction when details rolled out on the latest for Madden NFL 13. Due out on October 16 the patch will deliver numerous new features and address some issues that have been reported since the game released.

For Madden it is an extraordinary update and one that should bode well for the future. Going above and beyond puts pressure on themselves to continue to do so while also showing consumers that more can be done with their other products, as well as other companies with theirs, in the area of support and added value. 

Much of the uproar from a select vocal group of dissenters centered on particular features that had been left out of Connected Careers mode in the transition from standard Franchise mode to something much more intensive and creative. Fantasy Drafts, player editing, custom rosters, Coach mode, and offline co-op will have been added to Madden NFL 13 in the six weeks since release which is unprecedented. Generally features aren’t added through patches, with rare exceptions in the past, as they are more centered on fixing pressing issues rather than expanding on what is already available.

There will of course be some sentiment out there that these features should have been in the game at launch. Ultimately though not everything that is desired will ever make it into a sports title no matter how good it is. That EA decided to provide these features immediately, rather than hold them for next year, is admirable.

Regardless of the wave of positive response regarding the patch the vast majority will never identify such a drastic update as being noteworthy. Most consumers aren’t aware of patch details and even those that are would rarely be influenced to purchase a game because of one. While there will be plenty of people taking advantage of the new features very few would have been waiting for such an announcement just to buy the game.

This patch isn’t going to affect sales of Madden NFL 13 and it isn’t going to change any review scores. Typically those are the short term goals that a sports game publisher considers and here EA is taking a different approach. They’re hoping to improve consumer relations and build good word of mouth that will carry into next year and beyond. The company promised better post-release support and have fulfilled that so far and cementing some trust is a worthwhile goal that could pay dividends later. Whether Madden NFL 13 met, exceeded, or failed to reach expectations there is reason to be encouraged by the way the series is now being handled.

  • Im hoping they keep this up if they can fix all the problems over the cycle year as they come up it will definitely be a good start at an apology for the last 8 years

    • WOW

      Are you serious?? My gosh I hope you’re trolling!!!!

    • RandomGuy

      until they release Madden ’14 with even more problems.

  • I’m excited for better catching on All-Madden. Will make Legend’s challenges better to play. I got 95 overall players dropping at least 15 times a game.

  • Disgruntled Madden Baller

    Fix the Man Press on the left side of the field on PS3.

  • EA intending to release patch the since release? Strange that they would take out features that have been with the game for years. EA chickened out from making it payed DLC? Now use it to restore faith in hardcore followers of the series…

  • Ugo

    so are they fixing the zone defense?

    • Probably the most frustrating thing in the game for me. Thing is, I’m not sure how they designed it because the CPU seems to play it well, but the CPU-controlled players on the USER team seems to only react when a receiver is RIGHT next to them. You can fit passes into holes that shouldn’t be there on a consistent basis, it’s so frustrating right now…

  • or they could release the game working from the start. Instead of needing patches as soon as people put it in. Don’t make them out to be heroes for a patch coming out in October fixing problems that should have been non existent when it came out in August.

  • Redneckchev

    I am still not buying MADDEN 13 or NCAA FOOTBALL 13 this year because they don’t have IMPORT, EXPORT draft classes. I know ALOT of people don’t really care about that but it adds a more REALISTIC feel to the game. This is the first year i will not have bought both or even one of the new football games. If they added that feature in with a patch this year to go along with there upcoming OCT. 16th patch, I would buy both of them NOW. Come on EA.

  • are they only now attempting to fix this wretched game because of the extraordinarily negative feedback they’ve gotten since release form the hardcore crowd? it might be too late to turn those amazon scores around.

    • Amazon scores mostly centered around not having player editing, offline multiple user CCM, no fantasy draft, removal of “franchise” lol – lets not act like every review harped on a legitimate issue that affected the entire consumer base.

      • then let’s not, instead let us discuss the removal of ‘super’ db’s and lb’s and instead talk about superman db’s and lb’s instead. the broken man to man, the unbelievable amount of dropped catches. the disparity between pro and all-pro difficulties (all-pro being the root of all these issues I’m listing). the horribly broken ccm (coach)… and DO NOT, get me started on the interception/ball hawk phenomena that found its way into madden this year.

        • and just to add, legacy scores and what you have to do to surpass the top score is just plain asinine. moronic and inane, cut and dry.

        • I don’t know what you mean about the superman dbs/lbs, but I do know a LOT of routes are unthrowable to an extent in Madden (in fairness, it was the case with NFL 2k5 too – or maybe it was just me).

          Not sure about dropped passes – I DO know that drops will happen if you switch to the guy and immediately try to sprint upfield versus letting the WR catch it. IT’s frustrating but waiting literally a split-second can be the difference between a first down and 4th and long. Seems realistic but it can happen on sort of a “run”.

          Funny, All-Pro has always been more realistic…I’ve heard of drop issues on All-Madden (which I’ve given up on), not All-Pro…

          What’s horribly broken about CCM? I know guys say the CPU A.I. isn’t up to snuff and honestly I wouldn’t know because I literally have not played one CPU game yet.

          I do know one thing that’s kinda messed up – the season/weekly goals. I don’t know an exact number, but all I know is that I earned 150 XP for allowing LESS than 250 total yards, and I earned at least 200 (possibly 300) MORE for ALLOWING more than 250 yards. I was like, “huh?”

        • 2kfan

          I think many people are expecting too much…there are guys getting beat in man to man coverage every Sunday all day…just because you call man to man coverage doesn’t mean guys won’t get beat…if they didn’t we’d have no way to complete passes and that would be unrealistic…I understand some guys are getting beat when they shouldn’t but the game is not that bad…and you can manually cover a guy which is what people should be doing…obviously we play the game to do just that PLAY the game…I don’t want to sit on a DT or just watch…i want to make the plays and thats what I’m doing…EA is slowly getting closer and closer to what 2k had…USER everything…thats what was so nice about 2k. Anyway…too many people complain about stuff thats not really broken…I’m not speaking to the CCM stuff…I don’t play any of that stuff…just online vs mode. but the game is good…as a die hard 2k fan who still loves the basketball and misses the football…I don’t care what anyone says…Madden is still a good game…and the only one we have now anyway…so what good do all these cry babies do complaining about it….either don’t play it…don’t buy it…and get off the pasta forums and reading about it…because obviously you just aren’t good enough and thats why you complaining its broken.

          • Keith.

            Madden’s sales have dropped from 8 million to under 5 million, they doubled the size of the Madden dev budget and it isn’t having the desired effect on sales, and the pressure associated with the heavy cost of the exclusive NFL license is really mounting on EA. I’d argue that the 8 years of crying from us cry-babies is starting to pay off.

          • jpdavis1982

            LOL Keith, take your 2k agenda somewhere else. You are the biggest hypocrite on here, talking about Pasta and his EA vs 2k agenda. You are doing the same thing for 2k. Give me a break

          • JP,

            You’re the last person on EARTH who should be trying to check people on fanboyism. You are the #1 Madden fanboy on earth, above the deluded “Game Changers” who go on Operation Sports and suck EA’s ass for a free trip to Orlando.

          • Keith.

            Ready to take the sales numbers bet, jp?

            EA made you a Game Changer yet? Keep trying, champ.

          • A stale game contributes, but also don’t forget the raised price of games.

            I remember a time when you actually had to preorder Madden to ensure you got it – back when Madden midnight releases and “Madden-oliday” was popular. I also remember having to wait a week for Madden because a local store (maybe EB Games back then?) sold out of it.

            But that was when games were $49.99. It may not seem like a big difference, but combine that with the face that up until this year Madden wasn’t innovating enough, and the other fact that people may not be in a position to drop 50-60 dollars on multiple games anymore, and yeah sales are gonna drop.

          • 2kfan

            nah…I don’t think so…I used to hope it would change things also…but here we are…5+ years later…and EA is still the only console NFL game maker. 2k won’t get the license…I really don’t see it happening…5 million is nothing to sneeze at in sales…I haven’t looked at those numbers and don’t know if that includes full year or in a month to month comparison…but in any case…EA will renew the license…and the NFL will go that route…because they’re getting the money they want for the license. To be honest…its not worth the argument…I’d love to see 2k back in the NFL games…but in the mean time…for your benefit…try to play the game and like it…its very good. This year has some good things going for it…the physics engine is decent…has its bugs…but being the first year with the physics…I expect it will have its kinks to work out…the strategy is good…you should check out maddentips.com…lots of good info…the game has depth…and can be enjoyed…just saying enjoy it for what it is…a video game…I can easily blow $50-60 at the bar any night of the week…I think the game is pretty good.

          • not good enough, yup.. I guess that’s what it is!

            fucking idiot. throw your stats up peyton manning jr.

          • 2kfan

            you have anything to say other than that you can say f’ing idiot? my stats don’t mean anything…I could say I’m 200-0…big f’ing whoop…i’ve spanked people with good stats and lost to others with bad…im currently 21-11 online in quick h2h matchups…i don’t see you throwing any numbers up…i play a lot of games unranked with friends…so numbers aren’t all what they seem. My point was you f’rs do nothing but complain…its a f’ing game…quit yer f’ing crying.

      • Keith.

        Keep telling yourself that Jwaan. You probably haven’t noticed but the 1 star reviews have continued to pour in and the game has been $40 since September. On PS3, the 1 star reviews are STILL outnumbering the 5 star ratings at a 5 to 1 clip (and 3 to 1 on 360). Compare that with The Show or NBA2k13.

        • No, I haven’t. Because I don’t sit in front of a computer all day buddy.

          • RandomGuy

            Maybe that’s your problem. You can’t criticize something you know nothing about. I’m not saying you should sit there all day but you can at least look at the complaints a little more thoroughly before jumping to conclusions.

          • I’m sorry, I don’t have time to hunt down reviews and try to continually shit on a game all year.

          • RandomGuy

            All you have to do is click on the game and count the 1 star reviews. They even tell you how many there are. It helps to know what you’re talking about before you badmouth it.

          • Dude, move on. It should be clear to you I don’t respect those reviews.

            It’s also funny that you say those issues in the reviews don’t matter to me, but rather mine are more important. Those people bitching for Fantasy drafts and player editing and, what, custom playbooks (?) could give a damn whether the game in it’s current state changed, as long as they get what makes THEM happy.

            You don’t look at those reviews and think, “This guy gave the game a 1-star because of no fantasy draft…” Think about that dude.

      • RandomGuy

        So if most of the reviews centered around all of that…Since when is that a “legitimate issue that affected the entire consumer base.” Just because it’s not you doesn’t mean a considerable amount were affected by it.

        • I didn’t say it was. I was saying that those “issues” were the majority of the 1-star reviews. I haven’t seen a review (since I looked) about the questionable zone defense, the CPU A.I. (which I heard was bad – haven’t played the CPU yet), the weird playcalling by CPU, broken/messed up stuff in CCM, or much of anything along those lines.

          You know, things that will generally affect everyone. A lot of people couldn’t give a damn about Fantasy Drafts. Most people probably could live without player editing.

          • RandomGuy

            Unbelievable. You said it yourself that those reviews are full of those issues. Yet, you’re still convinced that they don’t matter as much compared to a few little technical issues. Again just because it’s not you doesn’t mean more people are affected. You can look on this forum. There are still more people complaining about those issues that were laid out on Amazon. You’re downplaying a LOT of people’s complaints. “Most people probably could live without player editing.” THEN WHY ARE THERE MORE COMPLAINTS ABOUT IT THAN ANYTHING ELSE. You’re reasoning is flawed buddy.

          • How is my reasoning flawed? Those aren’t even legit “issues” but rather requests from the fanbase. How does a lack of fantasy draft affect the CCM experience? Player editing would have been nice, but honestly it’s not a MAJOR necessity, at least over fixing the CPU AI/playcalling, or the zone defense, or other flaws. The Infinity engire could even use more tuning/more of a “heavy” feel.

            There are still problems with Madden. I don’t think a lack of Fantasy draft and player editing are the biggest ones. So am I gonna read into Amazon reviews that make it appear as if they are? No, especially when it’s minuscule in relation to the Madden fanbase.

          • RandomGuy

            You should get a job in the customer service. If there’s a long line of people complaining about “player editing” and “fantasy draft.” It’s “minuscule” to you, so it doesn’t matter. Compared to YOUR ISSUES.

          • So you’d say the lack of a fantasy draft and player editing equates to a bad game?

            You’d say those things are more important than fixing CPU A.I and CPU playcalling?

            I never said they were irrelevant, but they aren’t as important. That’s my opinion, but it’s a legitimate one because the things primarily listed in the Amazon reviews don’t make the game better across the board, it only satisfies those that want it. Improving how the CPU plays makes the game better for everyone, whether they like the game or not.

    • I_speak_real

      Dude shut the hell up EA tryin and thats all that matter.if u dnt like the game dnt play it

      • if I don’t like it don’t play it? I played it, didn’t like it.. sold it… so you can shut the fuck up tough guy 😉

        • I_speak_real

          Ok ea doesnt care about your ignorant opinion. So if u dnt like,who cares ..i know plenty of people who love the game .. bitch play 2k or call of duty.. madden just aint 4 u

          • keep it movin kid, grown ups are discussing things now.

      • and they’ve been ‘trying’ for 6 fuckin years now on the next gen consoles, and have failed 6 straight years… take the fuckin goggles off and wake up, dickhead.

        • I_speak_real

          Ure the dumb ass who keeps buying it.. if u dnt like the previous games, why do u buy the new one.. obviously u like madden so stop bitchin and let ea be ea.. if u dnt like it make up your own football game

        • 8 years.

      • RandomGuy

        EA is tryin’. BS. The last few years they’ve said they’ve been focusing on gameplay and leaving Francise alone. Now they shred it apart and take stuff out in order to CONTINUE TO make improvements to gameplay. WTF?!

    • Keith.

      Hit the nail on the head. All those “1” star reviews should be costing jobs at Tiburon. The game’s been available for $40 (or less) since September. This patch sounds like desperation to me.

  • GKage

    ” They’re hoping to improve consumer relations and build good word of mouth that will carry into next year and beyond.” EA?…..you bullsh*ttin lol

  • thomguy

    no custom playbooks? SMH

  • Why we cant talk to our competitors on Madden13?

  • Wake Up

    Until they get running annimations right, mouthpieces, tattoos, better gameplay in general, this game will always be a failure. They need to start all over. Scrap everything and start over. Play Maddens from last gen systems and see how much fun you have with those compared to the new gen.

    • Running animations – yeah, they need player specific running animations. I think a good idea would be to have actual athletes record them.

      Mouthpieces – they were nice last gen, but a lot of players don’t even wear the visible ones. Is it really THAT big of a deal? (I know it would add to authenticity to see classic guys like Marshall Faulk with one though, even current players still wear that style.

      Tattoos – I think those aren’t in because the NFL won’t let them be in for some reason. I could be wrong though, but the game had them at a point in time.

    • No chance of them scrapping the engine as far as I can see. The Wii U version looks just like the 360/PS3. It looks like we’re about to get another generation of horseshit.

  • F**K EM’

    How is this a “Big Step Forward”..?..? They released a game that solely catered to the online community… First Dibs on Roster Updates, No need for the CPU to have any type of logic being that its User vs. User… This patch is not a step forward, they are backtracking to mend the fuck ups… They are bringing back Editing, umm yeah that was in previous titles… They are fixing the horrid CPU AI, umm yeah I believe that is supposed to be the main purpose of a video game… Enough with the ass kissing, Im tired of seeing Madden get praised on this site year after year after year… It has yet to get a unbiased review, the game could play like total shit but it would be praised because of the Cover Art… Im just against the greed, EA reeks of gluttony when it comes to money… They could give 2 shits about the community, only how fat their bank accounts get because of them… The license is up next year, that is the ONLY reason why they are pulling this crap… They kept out Editing and Fantasy Draft so the people would bitch and moan, which gave them an opportunity to gain immunity from the bashing when they would incorporate these features “Back” into the game… Come on people, its plain as day…

    • Amen_Ra


    • The360King

      Actually, fixing busted AI and missing features IS a step forward. Unfortunately, they started 3 steps behind, which is why that step forward isn’t that impressive. I’ve purchased every version of Madden since about Madden ’92. I was 1 day away from trading in Madden 13 and buying a used copy of 12 because it was at least playable. I found out how to avoid the right stick glitch and that saved the experience log enough for me to wait for this patch. I NEVER trade in Madden except for credit for the new one, (with one exception), but I was going to trade in this one because it was my most disappointing and frustrating experience with Madden in 20 years.

      I’ll give them credit though for fixing busted/missing features instead of pocketing what money they could and telling everyone F.U., wait until next year and we’ll claim it as a new cool feature. Hopefully this makes the game playable and challenging.

  • im telling you all ea -sports is scared of 2ksports back in the nfl game. i was told by a insider that the looked at the sales and of that 3 so-called million games lie that was told. that amazon, toys r us , and other compaines sold the game for $45.00 dollars on pre-orders back in july and june. and they lost money after it was released in late august.because of the returns.and they messed up by think the stuff that was tooken out wouldnt be a big deal. the gambled and lost. and they could not afford to wait untill madden 14 to bring these features back. i was told they will start giving tidbits of madden 14 . after the hollidays.

  • epheezy

    Sounds good. But unfortunately it’s too late. I would love to have had those features when the game released way back in August but by mid September my copy was sold. Plus the fact that they still really haven’t improved the super easy A.I. I was playing on all Madden with my sliders down to 0 and was still beating the computer by 30. EA needs to scrap what they have and start over. Because if they lose the license and 2k gets a shot it’s going to be curtains.

  • EAeXtorts

    “Ultimately though not everything that is desired will ever make it into a sports title no matter how good it is.”

    That is the stupidest thing I have ever heard. Especially since the absent features have been staples for years.

    All this “unprecedented”, “extraordinary”, and “above and beyond” talk should cease. They have done nothing special. EA Sports is only breaking even, at best, with regards to customer relations.

    • kre

      which explains why even the best sports games like the show and nba 2k always have issues or are missing features people want to right?

  • A bigger step would be to have most of this in the game at launch, and to stop removing features that had no reason being touched.

  • Keith.

    Pasta’s jizzin’ and the patch ain’t even out yet. That’s a lot of blind trust in Tiburon right there.

    • Amen_Ra

      Pasta has been all over EA nuts in regards to Madden. normally I avoid the “Pasta is EA biased” topic because it’s pretty obvious but at least he is subtle with it. This current go around though, it’s been so bad it’s sickening. If you can’t read the 2k Basketball articles vs the EA Madden articles and see the bias then you need help.

      I’m glad EA is dropping this patch, but they don’t deserve any credit for dropping a game with a broken hyped new feature (unless you play online play-now) and then patching it a month or 2 later. That’s the type of shit we as consumers need to quit giving passes on, not commending these gumps.

      Before everyone starts coming and saying I”m a 2k fanboy, I haven’t bought nor do I plan on buying NBA2K. Truth be told, the only sports game I’ve played in the last 2 years was NCAA football and The Show, and The Show is dropping fast. I picked up MAdden this year and was thoroughly disappointed in its incompleteness. Now I wake up to see my favorite video game blogger, giving these chumps the thumbs up….but hey Sun don’t shine if Son don’t shine eh Pasta…get yo money mayne

      “WE ALL WE GOT!!!”

      • anyoneandeveryone

        ramen you fucking faggot

      • Cant Edit Still

        Its his site so eh

      • The360King

        I feel fixing what is broke is progress, but at the same time, I feel you…they sold us a broken product, so delivering it to a state it should have been in the first place isn’t exactly progress. It’s like Malcolm X said, “You don’t stick a knife in a man’s back nine inches and then pull it out six inches and say you’re making progress … ” EA…I’ve still got a damn knife in my back!!

  • Jarod

    Hopefully they fix the problems I’ve had w/ MUT. Currently playing MUT12 to finish up some collections as the navigation for MUT13 is horrible and I like they way collections (my favorite thing about MUT) were displayed on MUT12. Plus, I’d like to see the collections give out a bigger coin payout. I got used to getting 50K for collections last year and now it’s like 5K which makes it less encouraging to complete collections as the rewards aren’t big enough for me to put cards in the collections until the contracts reach 0. Just wondering, does anyone know of a forum specifically for MUT12?

  • Bill.

    blah blah blah, I give Madden 5 out of 5 stars. I have a blast every year with the game. I enjoy the small (this year big) improvements they make each year. It works out to $5 per month of some serious fun.

  • MB

    We don’t even know if this patch will fix anything or cause more issues and its being hailed as an extraordinary effort already, which if EA would have put the extraordinary effort in before the game was released, we wouldn’t have to hear about it now. Why can’t we just call this what it is here, which would be a nearly complete failure. I would call it a complete failure, but a complete failure would be failing to launch at all, that is reserved for NBA Live.

  • Dr tickles

    As far as i know it does nothing for gameplay … just features they took out because THEY know what we really want / sarcasm/
    They will get no props from me , should have been in from the start

  • RandomGuy

    One big step forward after taking three steps back. I don’t get why people are applauding EA for fixing mistakes they shouldn’t have made in the first place.

  • RandomGuy

    I was wondering when they were going to stop pissing on us and calling it rain.

  • Joe

    I am so excited for Madden NFL 14, can’t wait for this game’s release on October 16th. Finally a complete football game on the next gen consoles. The wait has been worth it…I think.

  • KwTravis

    own Madden but honestly I have had a hard time playing without custom rosters or plate editing. I have waited to start my franchise until the 16th. If I didn’t buy the game at launch I would have been persuaded to buy it now.

    • RandomGuy

      Yep. I’m pretty persuaded.

  • Malik

    When the Fuck will the roster update #6 be released ?

    • RandomGuy

      It’s Tuesday. Chill. It usually doesn’t come out until Friday/Saturday.

  • Scott

    hey, think we can wait to see if the patch fixes anything before we go sucking EA’s dick? Thanks

  • GeauxDee

    “offline co-op will have been added to Madden NFL 13”

    HELLO! No one plays offline co-op anymore besides in single player. This would have been a slam dunk had they added this online in connected careers.

  • Walker

    What exactly is coach mode? Will coordinators actually be in the game to hire/fire like they have had for years? I have not bought ncaa 13 because there is not the option to export draft classes. Why can’t EA just let the community make draft classes like 2K does?

    • RandomGuy

      It’s the same thing as the regular Franchise Mode. Except you get to play as a coach.

    • RandomGuy

      It’s the same thing as the regular Franchise Mode. Except you get to play as a coach.

    • RandomGuy

      It’s the same thing as the regular Franchise Mode. Except you get to play as a coach.

  • Redmond IV

    I have dogged Madden since 06. I can always find things quickly that piss me off about this series and how it is run. I have spoken to pasta a few times personally about the franchise and he has always been open and honest. He makes a solid point here. EA gains nothing directly from this patch. The patch is to appease those how feel shafted by their purchase. I agree these things should have been in the game, but this is the first time EA hasn’t taken the “Oh well” approach. I can still pick this franchise apart in many ways, but give a small amount of credit when it is due. It keeps you from being a hater, fan boy, or troll. EA Tiburon has gotten the shit back to shoe level. There is still shit, but I appreciate the “Our bad” approach.

  • Eric Fishkin

    Will someone please explain to me why a player can quit vs. the computer
    in Connected Careers. This sould not be an option. I play in an
    online career with 3 buddies, i trust them, however there is no way to
    know for sure if players are not quitting until they win. Shouldn’t
    quitting ultimately lead to a loss just like it is in online head to
    head mode?

  • DangerousD

    Fantastic. I was about to sell Madden early this year because CCM felt unplayable with the inability to change offensive/defensive schemes from week to week and didn’t hear about the upcoming patch. Without off/def scheme changing, there’s almost 0 game planning each week (save for one or two players you might move around on the d-line or o-line). Having weekly game planning back will be a big boost to playability. While it’s not exactly deep, it’s still important to be able to control how much you defend the run/pass or run/pass yourself.

    I also wasn’t expecting to see them implement Coach Mode in CCM. It’s a ridiculously easy feature to implement considering it’s already in the game in every other mode, but they had already said they had no interest in putting it in CCM, and would rather wait until they have something more robust in the future. Just adding it in is fantastic, because it means I can now watch the games and get a more realistic result than just Supersim. That means I can actually see how players perform, evaluate them, and make better decisions with player progression and scheme fitting. Not to mention that also means I can call plays without influencing the game with my own player skills (which makes CCM too easy for me personally).

    If I want to pass non-stop with my team, I can now call the plays in real-time to do that while still having the sim experience. If I think my front-four is good enough to get pressure without ever sending a blitz, I can do that. If I drafted for man coverage DBs, I can now put them in man coverage more often. That means if I want to take the time to watch the game, I won’t even need sliders! This kind of absolute control has been in CCM, but it hasn’t existed for Sim players since you always had to control the QB. Now I don’t have to. Would like to see spectator mode come back for CCM for those who don’t want to call plays either, but coach mode is good enough for me.

    Those two changes they made are MASSIVE improvements to playability for Sim players. Thanks.

    Now they just need to randomize the names in draft classes so the game doesn’t break every time you come across a draft class you’ve seen before.

  • voiceofthevoiceless

    Does Donavan McNabb know he signed with the Browns?

  • mike

    how they fix the fucking camera in ccm? why is that getting no attention from ANYONE including the boards? how the fuck do you play defense from an offensive perspective? this is just unforgivable. how can they sleep at night?

  • I hope the patch fixes the PS3 headsets we cant converse in lobbies and discuss moves being made or organize theCCM mode like we want to…We been playin with the same friends since 2010 in franchise mode/CCM and always have 32 players full lg and go 10 yrs we would appriciate if we can use our headsets and bluetooth sets…Xbox has live party chat and no problems I dont understand why PS# has this problem and in Madden 12 we had no problems with this they are going backwards ….add me on PS# SLIME_DAWG_2013

  • blahut11

    And you can play coach mode in all madden its so easy with the ai set to 50/50 and I know you can’t change it but it doesn’t change in the game play

  • blahut11

    I mean you can’t play in all madden diff in cc coach mode