Led By Madden NFL 13 EA Sports Takes Four of Top Ten Sales Spots in September

Posted October 12th, 2012 at 9:00 am

It’s was a huge month for EA Sports with official NPD sales numbers arriving and four of the top ten titles for September coming from the company. Madden NFL 13 finished in 1st, FIFA 13 in 3rd, NHL 13 in 6th, and NCAA Football 13 in 8th. Only NCAA 13 has seen a drop in sales year-over-year while the others have produced noteworthy gains. 

Madden NFL 13 has always carried August, but with a release shift to the end of the month that began with Madden NFL 12 all four weeks of sales tracking moved to September instead. That has only made it even easier for the series to take the pole position when sales results are reported. Last year with approximately 2.4 million copies moved Madden NFL 12 was able to beat out Gears of War 3. This year Madden NFL 13 cruised to the top with even higher sales and a second place finisher in Borderlands 2 that couldn’t match the number produced by Gears.

With approximately 2.68 million copies sold Madden NFL 13 is 11% ahead of the pace set last year. Strong marketing, generally positive word of mouth, advancements that resonated with consumers, and preorder incentives all factored in to varying degrees. Some of the sales that were lost with NCAA 13 probably ended up shifting to Madden as well. The initial 7% rise for first day sales was followed by an 8% higher first week and now has reached 11% for the first month. Any concerns of it being ultra front-loaded have been squashed.

FIFA 13’s finish in 3rd is especially impressive. Only a few years ago the series wasn’t even cracking the top 10. FIFA has become the fastest selling sports game in history worldwide, now for two straight years, and North America has really started to support the product rising 42% for its first day compared to FIFA 12. Considering the September tracking only included the first five days of FIFA 13’s sales yet it was able to reach 3rd it’s really startling the rate at which the series is growing in NA while it also continues to expand internationally and break records.

Despite the league lockout NHL 13 finished in 6th place. Early reports touted a 9% increase in first week sales but the lockout may be affecting turnout now resulting in a steeper decline than usual as fans turn to other interests. NCAA 13 slips into the top 10 due to a weaker array of gaming options available compared to last September. Sales for that series continues to be troublesome as it is down about 13% compared to the same period last year.

Early numbers for NBA 2K13 have come in and an article discussing that title’s success will be posted later today. In nearing the end of this console generation sports games are really starting to hit their stride and consumers appear to be recognizing that in droves.

  • mcmax3000

    Glad to see so many sports games doing well this year, including NBA 2K, which sounds like it’s up significantly as well from what I’ve read (which I expected year over year no matter what, since it didn’t have the greatest start last year with the lockout).

    • Guest

      We’re at the end of these console’s cycles. 2K is still making great basketball games, and the EA games are still the same old rehashed horseshit they always were. Glad to see you’re so happy.

      • mcmax3000

        I wasn’t overly thrilled with the demos of the football games this year (hated NCAA, Madden was decent), but NHL is excellent this year, and by all accounts so is FIFA (I’ve only played the demo of that one, not the full game, but I’ve heard good things, and the demo played pretty well).

        And yes, I’m happy when games in the genre, from any company, do well. Sports games selling like shit doesn’t help anyone who is a fan of the genre.

        • Guest

          Sports games selling like shit helps EVERYBODY, especially fans of the genre. If people stopped buying crappy Madden and sales went down to the point where they had to just give up, so be it. So we have to go a few years without an NFL game, would it kill us? No. It wouldn’t. But for publishers to keep putting out the same old crappy sports games every year and making tons of money, how in the fuck does that help ANYBODY?

          I’m happy when the GOOD sports games do well. Maybe that was what you meant to say?

          • mcmax3000

            Whether you liked Madden this year, or not (and like I said, I wasn’t super impressed, at least with the demo), considering all they added (new physics engine, new commentary, new career mode, etc), I don’t think its fair to say it’s the same old game they release every year. You can argue whether the stuff they added ended up being any good, but you can’t argue they didn’t add anything.

            As for games selling poorly, yes, if Madden went away due to poor sales, it might be good for football games, but I’m looking beyond just football (since I’m personally not big on the sport).

            Is another company going to be lining up to make an NHL game for example? Just look at MLB for example… 2K’s license on that is up, and nobody is jumping on picking that up. Hell, as far as I know, outside of football, and maybe soccer, none of the other licenses are exclusive, yet there’s only once choice for each sport (maybe two for basketball if EA ever gets their shit together on that one), so that should tell you how much interest there is from other publishers in getting into the sports genre.

            So, while EA’s games might not always be as good as they could, or should be, as a fan of the games of some of the less popular sports (hockey, baseball, & golf as a few examples), I’d rather have EA’s games than no games at all.

          • Gary T.

            Dude, the NHL isn’t popular at all. Nobody cares how many different NHL games are on the market. MLB may be popular, but it doesn’t translate as popularly to videogames. 9 innings of baseball is too long (and boring) even in a video game. Hard to make the game more exciting than it is outside of presentation and graphics. But football and basketball? Both very popular among average males, and simple to pick up and play. That is where the money is. A dev can make so many fun variations of those 2 sports and still compete for gaming dollars. Not EA devs, but competent devs. No exclusive licensing needed.(unless of course, your EA Sports).

          • mcmax3000

            I know the NHL & MLB aren’t that popular… That was my point, so I like to see the current games in less popular sports doing well, because while not perfect, as a fan of games in those sports, I’d rather have EA’s games (obviously that doesn’t apply to MLB) than no games at all, which is what would likely happen if the current games sell so poorly that EA cancels them.

          • Gary T.

            They could cancel all of them, and we could be a few years without sports games, and believe it or not, some publisher would come along and start development on a sports division that would a breath of fresh air, compared to this yearly EA crap. So…fuck your happiness with the current status quo, dude. You’re part of the problem.

          • mcmax3000

            I would love to go back to having competition in sports games… I would love for a new publisher to come in, and give a different take on many of these sports…

            Most of my favourite sports games of all time are from series that no longer exist, and from publishers that are no longer in the sports genre.

            But low sales aren’t how you accomplish that. No company says “man, look at the tanking sales in that genre… Time for us to jump in head first!”… At least no remotely intelligent company.

            If that were the case, we’d be seeing a bunch of music games right now.

            I’m not so much happy with the status quo, as much as I don’t have the confidence that you apparently do that another company is going to come along, and start making tons of sports games if EA were to get out of the sports genre.

  • glad a great sports title in FIFA is finally getting its due in NA. glad I picked it up again this year, instead of the rest of the cookie cutter sports title’s we’re starting to get shoveled each year.

    buyer’s remorse for coughing up $60 for madden doesn’t sum up how shitty a purchase that was.

    • sorry, scratch the word ‘starting’ out, we’ve been in the midst of the same old bullshit.

      • Guest

        I hear you brother. I’m not into soccer, but I’m glad that at least that EA Sports game was considered worthy of purchase. I too bought Madden, and I promptly unloaded that Connected Careers infested garbage as soon as I could.

  • FIFA is legal crack…all I can say

    • huh

      it’s really that good ?

      • huh

        who the fuck thumbs-down a question

  • CardLover

    I hate Madden series, but I would love to hear what delusional Keith has to say about decreased Madden sale. You gotta face the fact and admit that Madden has always been selling well, esp. this year.

    I find it quite funny despite your lone, desperate attempt to make it look like EA Sports is in trouble, it’s really not (reason for pumping out recycled games every year)

    • Guest

      You hate the Madden series, but you would love to hear what Keith has to say, and you’re calling HIM delusional. Keith speaks the truth, and he is not alone in his views. You’re just looking at the month of September’s sales and equating that with the overall sales for Madden 13. If you don’t think that EA Sports is in trouble, then it sounds like you’re the one who is delusional. Its nice to come here and read Pasta’s Madden articles with all their EA bias, its no secret that he has a vested interest in EA Sports. Its his lively hood at stake here. This is what he does. Its advertising dollars being pulled in by constantly keeping the biggest publisher of sports games in the news. If there was no EA Sports to write about, there would be no Pastapadre. That’s his gig.

      But people like you, you come here and read this kinda headline and equate it with EA Sports doing well, with increased sales year over year. Well, its simply not true. Keith knows it, I know it, and many others who read this site, know it. You’re the one reading Pasta’s EA spin everyday, and not being able to realize what HIS stake is in EA Sports continuing to publish these recycled crappy Madden games every year. He even posted his own site review to Amazon to try and counter the overwhelmingly negative Madden reviews this year. It didn’t help one bit. Keith’s not delusional. You’re the delusional one.

      • greg

        If there was no ea sports to write about thered be pretty much no sports gaming. so obviously lol

        and keith can pull out all the fake numbers and spin he wants just like you can but facts are facts.

        • Guest

          Wait. I talked about spin. Who said anything about fake numbers? Try some reading comprehension next time.

        • Christopher5

          The numbers dont lie..he puts a link with everything he posts? How can he fake amzon reviews, and stock prices? SMH, come on man..

      • Keith.


        Amazon’s had the price cut on M13 since week 1. Why? Take a look at all the 1 star reviews, which are still outnumbering the 5 star reviews by a 5 to 1 clip (on PS3) and a 3 to 1 clip (on 360).

        Meanwhile, NBA2k13 hasn’t dropped a penny below $58 — and the 5 star reviews are outnumbering the 1 star reviews by a 5 to 1 clip (on 360) and a 3 to 1 clip (on PS3).

        People can be delusional all they want, but them’s the facts.

        • Kidsage

          But whats your point? At the end of the day, isn’t the only thing that matters is you enjoy the game? I like Madden 13, its not a perfect game, it definitely has problems, and its not as top notch as the nba 2k series….but i still like it and have fun. I feel this year more than any of the other years on next gen, the Madden team actually put in some effort, it took for ever but at least they’re trying. I mean, i really don’t care what sales EA gets, because that really has no effect on my life, i don’t hold any stock with them. I mean with all the energy you put into being negative and looking up research for comments on this site, i mean you seem like a smart dude, why are you wasting this energy on EA. Do you even have Madden? Are you persuading people from not getting madden this year (if they haven’t got it, chances are they won’t). I just don’t get the purpose of what your doing and i’m not trying to bash you

          • Keith.

            If Madden’s sales continue to drop, EA’s less likely to overpay for the exclusive license again, which means you and I will likely have a choice again when it comes to football videogames, which is really all I’m after.

          • Guest

            Wow Keith, he sounded like he’s read quite a few of your previous comments, he kinda condescendingly thinks you sound like a smart guy, and you STILL had to go through the trouble of trying to explain that SIMPLE concept to him. Its about choice people. Not exclusivity, but having a choice. You also have the choice to not buy the game every year, until its the kind of quality game you want, and expect it to be.

            Its just like when Chris Rock said, you guys are “a bunch of low expectation having mutherfuckers”, that’s why Madden is still on the market today, even without the competition to prove much better it should have been this gen.

  • Cowboys

    “generally positive word of mouth”

    Really? The majority of what I saw was negative feedback by customers. That is despite all the excessive love from certain media outlets.

    And initial sales may be up but I do not see that lasting. Unique users on Xbox are down from last year. So more people may have bought it but less are playing it. My guess is the truth is word of mouth has been negative and will begin to effect sales as more big games come out.

    • Guest

      You are not Pastapadre, for you speak the TRUTH, with nothing to lose from speaking it.

    • Ten Down

      A few people whining about the game not having Fantasy Drafts does not account for all 2.7 million people who bought the game.

      • Guest

        Greg, you keeping making these bland statements and focusing one particular aspect of an argument. So all those Amazon reviews were a few people those few people were only whining about fantasy drafts? Cmon Greg, surely you can put your thoughts together and form a better argument than that.

      • Keith.

        Where’d you see this 2.7 million number, other than from Pasta?

        If you’ve got a link, then get back to me. Otherwise, it’s just nonsense.

    • Keith.

      Well said. Guess Pasta missed all the 1 star reviews on Amazon (which continue to pour in to this day) when he referenced the “generally positive word of mouth.”

      • Guest

        LOL….Keith, I still can’t believe Pasta had the fucking nerve to even print that fabricated shit.

  • Fletcher

    This is bogus information. The Madden series have declined in global sales for the past three years. So where is this information coming from. Check VGCHARTZ for sales results.

    • mcmax3000

      Check a site that has admitted to flat out making up sales data for accurate sales data?

      I’ll pass.

      Nobody with any credibility ever cites VGChartz for sales data.

    • greg

      lol VGchartz! the site of fake numbers that is banned from even being mentioned in places like Neogaf. good source.

    • Guest

      I agree. But….be careful spreading the truth around here. People aren’t used to reading it. They’ll take Pasta’s spin articles as fact. Pasta takes the sports gaming news releases then spins them to suit his agenda.

    • Keith.

      Exactly. Glad to see other people see this for what it is…more EA spin from the original EA Game Changer himself, Pasta Padre.

  • Keith.

    What a joke. EA said Madden was up 11%. That includes PSVita (which didn’t release any Madden last year) and there’s also the fact that Madden’s been available at Amazon for $39-$45 since the week after release.

    Meanwhile, NHL 13 has sold a grand total of 94,772 on the 360 after 4 weeks (and just a whopping 7,365 last week) and even less than that on PS3 (NHL 13 on PS3 came in 55th place on the top 100 sales chart last week).

    NCAA has also been a sales disaster (38th and 42nd on this week’s top 100 sales chart, despite being available for $35-$39 on Amazon).

    Pasta and EA can try to spin this year’s sales any way they want, but the truth will come out on October 25th when EA releases their quarterly financials. Don’t expect to see EA trumpeting any sales records then.


    • Keith.

      And speaking of EA’s deceptive tactics, when are we going to see a story about EA selling old games as new? I see even IGN has finally gotten around to it, and they’re in EA’s hip pocket as much as anybody:


      • Keith.

        LoL — just saw on vgchartz that Fifa 13 for Wii has sold more copies than NHL 13 on 360, even though Fifa 13 for Wii is the same game as Fifa 12. Wonder how the idiots who bought Fifa 13 for Wii or Vita feel.

    • greg

      lol vgchartz!!!

      cry moor keith.

      • Keith.

        I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I’ll take vgchartz numbers over EA’s bogus “internal estimates” any day of the week for purposes of accuracy.

  • Guest

    Pasta~”Strong marketing, generally positive word of mouth, advancements that
    resonated with consumers, and preorder incentives all factored in to
    varying degrees.”


    Pasta, after reading that one line, I thought to myself, “wow, he actually said that. He oughta go and help the rest of the bold faced liars on the Republican ticket.”

    • Rit22

      just because you dont like that most people are actually enjoying madden doesnt make it wrong. deal with it and move on.

      • Guest

        Most people? Do you know “most people”? Where are these “most people” at? They definitely aren’t here. As a matter of fact, I can’t seem to find them anywhere. Can you post a link to where I can find these people. I would like to go there and ruin their fun too.

        • Most People

          What up doe? You asked about me, here I am. M13 fun by the way.

  • Bill

    I have madden and 2k. Gotta say 2k online is clunky as hell. Best madden ever though. Keep crying u fucking pussies.

    • Guest

      2k online is clucky as hell? You’ve just exposed yourself as a liar. First of all, what the fuck is clunky? That’s not a word used for lag issues, which there are none. Its a word used to describe menus and movement within a game, and 2k13 doesn’t have any of those issues either. Greg, you and Mitt Romney, have nothing else credible to say going forward. Good luck buddy.

      • Bill

        I mean the players feel like they weigh 400 pounds. Every team shoots 85 percent. It’s like playing nba jam.

        • Guest

          The players feel “weighted”. That’s a good thing when you’re banging under the boards or driving to the hole. That was intentional. How in the fuck could that be anything like NBA Jam when the players weight 400 lbs?

          Every team shoots 85 percent? Really? Wow. Maybe you just….suck at playing defense? Maybe you should put all your focus into learning better defensive strategies and the tendencies of your opponents and stop blaming the game for not making it so easy for you. OR, maybe you SHOULD be playing NBA Jam, instead of 2K’s excellent basketball game.

          Try and take a little extra time to respond next time. It may be helpful. Think about what you really mean to say.

          And then, still don’t say it. You will be much better off.

          • Bill

            Shit it’s a damn fact I’m the coolest and toughest guy on here. Been in over 5000 fights. Knife fights, chain fights u name it. I will bend u like beckham and flip u like French toast.

          • Guest

            And then you will…I dunno…toss my salad?

  • proffessor

    missleading on Madden,
    Gamers dehydrating in the desert were given a bottle of dirty water, that they fought over it just shows how thirsty they were…

    • Guest

      Yeah!!!! Love the analogy bro! Stick around.

  • Patrick

    Let’s actually look at the Madden numbers a little closer.

    Yes first week sales were up about 15% or 250k copies. 1st week sales have nothing to do with post launch feedback. This can be solely contributed to the EA PR machine, and websites telling us how great Madden is. But let’s look deeper into the first month numbers with 2 minutes of research.

    Last year Madden sold 1.4 million copies in the first week and 2.4 million in the first month. This year they sold 1.65 million in the first week and 2.68 in the first month.

    With some quick Math that’s a 30k increase post launch(minus the 1st week which is mostly pre orders) for a grand total of 3% over Madden 12 numbers for sales following the 1st week.

    One thing you won’t see reported is that Madden 12 was down 20% in final sales to Madden 11. Maybe Madden 13 will have numbers closer to 11.

    And the statement “Last year with approximately 2.4 million copies moved Madden NFL 12 was able to beat out Gears of War 3.” is NOT true.

    Madden 12 did not beat out Gears of War 3 in September. Gears of War was released September 20th on ONLY the Xbox 360. In the first WEEK of it’s release it sold 3 Million copies. On the other hand Madden was released on August 30th on PS3, WII, and Xbox 360 and in one MONTH sold 2.4 million copies. Look it up. It takes 2 minutes.

    • Guest

      Thanks man, I hope you stick around. We need more people like you and Keith around here challenging the daily spin of Pasta Romney.

    • Keith.

      Also don’t forget that anyone who’s wanted to buy Madden this year could have gotten it for $40-$45 from Amazon, which wasn’t the case with the first month M12 went on sale.

      So what’s the point? Last year’s sales numbers included more copies being sold at $59, meaning a small sales increase this year is actually resulting in the same (or even less) profits for EA.

  • RandomGuy

    They just issued a lawsuit against EA Sports. Claiming anti-trust violations. It’s about time.

  • smsixx

    Wow! Madden 12 was able to beat out Gears of War 3???
    Well thats pretty unimpressive seeing how Gears of War 3 is released on 1 platform and Madden 12 was released on 5.
    Good reporting Pasts 🙂

  • EA Sports just fixed the Roster Share feature about three minutes ago!