Upcoming NBA 2K13 Patch Will Address Auto-Sim Issue in MyCareer and Association

Posted October 17th, 2012 at 3:45 pm

2K Sports has announced that an issue within NBA 2K13’s MyCareer and Association modes will be fixed in an upcoming patch. The problem affects those with the All-Star Weekend content though it’s unclear just how widespread it is.

Following the All-Star break some have found that 2K13 auto-simmed the remainder of the season and reports have it happening with both modes. Considering there is no option to turn off auto-save there is no way to assure it can be avoided. There are also some who have found there to be no games on the schedule to progress through after completion of the All-Star activities.

In past years patches to what was previously known as MyPlayer mode required users to restart their careers. One would imagine that can’t be the case this time around as actual money is on the line. With the implementation of “VC”, the time investment put into building players and potentially the cash spent to do so, that means 2K can’t ask users to just scrap their progress and start over. Otherwise they would be in a position of having to refund any transactions that had been completed up to that point. The problem is though anyone beyond the first year already will have no recourse in getting any of that time in their career or franchise back.

  • $20 says Keith and/or Crimson have no comments on this?

    • Crimson

      What am I supposed to say about it? I haven’t touched association mode or my player mode. Been getting my ass whooped quite frequently, but I always choose to play online every chance I get.

      • Crimson

        My Celtics are severely missing Ray Allen.

      • Keith.

        With the Cardinals still in the playoffs, all my videogame time lately has been with The Show so I hadn’t even noticed this problem (if it’s even a problem on PS3).

    • Butus

      Are you an EA PR guy? Christ…

      • Are you a 2K PR guy, dipshit?

        What, is this not a legit problem? You’re the type of guy that would bring up Live getting canceled just to deflect attention away from this issue, as well as the other apparent issues within the game.

        EA is irrelevant. They don’t have a basketball game on the market. So STFU with that EA B.S. and focus on the matter at hand.

  • Kjjnesb

    Here’s an idea give us the chance to turn off Auto-Save lol

    • Exactly

    • bengalfan18

      i dont even understand how they make it optional from nba 2k11 to 12 and then make it mandatory in 2k13. If it has to do with vc then remove that nobody asked for it anyway. To me it seems vc is causing more problems than its worth for the gamers who dont care about it.

      • i bet the reason they did that is cus people was UP’n they rank by cheesing the cpu and never gettin a loss..when they did lose they could simply reset the game and not save it..just a hunch maybe not..i dont know what the negative is about auto save

        • there’s a big negative for my player/offline gamers. when you make a mistake in simulating when you didn’t mean to (and there’s been plenty of cases, so there’s no need for the ‘you need to be more careful’ speech), you can’t go back and right a wrong.. and now that there’s money involved, people are spending money and when accidents happen they just lost out on 10 or 25 dollars.. so it’s sort of a big deal.

        • somto

          when you quit it dosent save stupid

        • MARZ76

          yea on the 360 like the do all games that are made on the 360,hacking games well as they call it file extract is the new word instead of using the word hacking.

      • MARZ76

        yea an put back crewmode i know its still on the disc 2k.

    • NinoMarley

      my ONLY issue besides those freaking offensive rebounds!

      • how bout the score board disappearing or the basketball itself turning invisible ..fix those..all u have to do to turn auto save off is quit before the game is up in a season game.

        • somto

          2k failed this year too many bugs and glitches like score board gone jersey being scrunched up and season disapearing

  • MARZ76

    i have said this on day1 autosave option gone will hurt 2k13…i just want to say stop 360 ports when its multiplatform games with all its bs issues….360 ports are just horrible sad an f’d up. whats happening to madden13 issues ring a bell, guess what console the game was made on then ported to ps3 XBOX 360

    • Why do games get developed on the 360 then ported to PS3 anyway? Never understood that…

      • lonnie

        not a tech expert but i read once where the 360 is eaiser for the developers to make their game for.

        • Crimson

          This has been known to be true for years now, but now devs are getting much more out of the PS3. They could actually wait another 5 yrs before releasing the PS4. The PS3 is kicking the 360’s ass right now when it comes to game development. I never ever even considered buying a 360. Garbage.

          • Guest

            the only thing ps3 is better is the free online, if 360 online was free then 360 kicks ps3 ass.

          • you’ve got to be the only person on here I dread coming across your comments. it’s a known FACT that 360’s aren’t half the machine the ps3’s are and your dumbass wants to talk about paying for online… jesus christ I feel bad for you.

          • Crimson

            The free online alone would be reason enough for most people. But the simple truth is that the 360 is the equivalent of a cheap ass E-machines windows pc. Devs have been used to designing games for the pc for years.

          • Supra98
          • Supra98
          • MARZ76

            it still wouldnt fix the real problem 360 is using old tech. XBL isnt for better servers xbl is 4 apps, dashboard an shareholders to get that money ya’ll being pimped. regular xbl you cant use no apps right u have to pay for the year to get all the goodies that are free everywhere else

          • MARZ76

            thx u finally sum1 gets what i been taliking about,but why are devs acting like ps3 is at fault when its 360 all by it self. from bad ports, holding devs full potential back etc etc. the question is why are games that are multiplatform still being made on the 360.

          • Skopin

            The problem is that few games have pushed the ps3 because devs don’t make as much of a profit for exclusives. And as said above, multiplatform games are developed on one console and ported to the other, rather than being developed on both.

        • MARZ76

          not eaiser but lazier dev kit,if your a dev you would want the tools 4 now an future games. 360 wants devs to follow them as there tech gets better. wait until we bring are new console out thats there model

      • Donny

        If your game starts on Xbox 360 you will have to re-engineer aspects of the game to run properly on PS3. This means additional effort. Some developers have been complaining about this but I don’t believe we can solve that. Xbox 360 is a different machine with good, but lower powered hardware in a different architecture. Developers have to view them as two different machines not as a common platform.

        • MARZ76

          yep stop porting period if 1 console has problems let that console deal with it.

      • MARZ76

        microsft got them scared thats why lol

    • auto-save is one of the reasons I passed on 2k13 (unfortunately). that mixed with too much jay-z, vc, same old association for about the the 3rd or 4th year now and little change to things that were issues in my player last year.

      it’s sad because the sentiments I get from around the web are that to the tone of ‘this could be the greatest basketball game ever… but’. allot of mixed feelings I’ve been seeing, as if 2k took about 3 steps forward then 2 steps back.

    • Supra98

      WTF R YOU SERIOUS? NO WONDER EXCLUSIVE GAME TITLES FOR PS3 LOOK AND PLAY SO DAMN AMAZING!! i never knew that how they did it, wow thats f**in BULL!

      • MARZ76

        name sum ps3 exclusive games that has in game issues every day like 360 an 360 ports

        • Supra98

          im agreeing with you MARZ76

          • MARZ76


  • MARZ76

    i guess these devs like there games all f’d up..isnt both madde13 n an 2k13 both using a new engine ill let ya’ll think on that. also xbox 360 been out 8years using ol’tech in todays new tech it dont work, issues will keep happening in all multiplatform games.

  • 49ersfan1

    i dont wanna restart mycareer!

    • kjjnesb

      Me either sucks if you bought VC


    Will be able to export a team or not? I´ve recreated the sixers 2000-2001 and kings 2001-2002 squads with cyberfaces (c-webb cyberface, kevin ollie cyberface etc) and I can´t give that to people

  • I wonder if 2K will address the issue with aesthetics. Some jerseys don’t render correctly. When I mean incorrectly, I mean jersey numbers aligned wrong (Heat jump out), classic teams having parts of their jerseys disappear, sometimes they go completely haywire when they render and have different line shooting all over the place.

    Then we still have disappearing scoreboards in all modes, including the MyCAREER teammate grade board, the fact that you can let the game go on Coach Mode and get more VC than playing a MyCAREER game, etc. This better be a comprehensive patch.

    • Probably won’t. I remember one of the years where the Mavs’ alternate jerseys were messed up where the numbers sort of connected/overlapped with the Mavs lettering.

  • cabrillo24

    I’ll play until the last game right before the All-Star break and then wait for this patch. I’m averaging around 40mpg and I’m playing every single game with MyPlayer, so I’d hate to have to start all over. PG, 23ppg, 13.5apg, set record for 3’s (15) and assist (36) in a game. Leading candidate for ROY and MVP. Drafted 14th by the Bucks. Took Brandon Jennings out of the starting lineup.

    • RedCerealBox

      put your shit on HoF like real ballers

  • Yaky Ibia

    If i have to start my myplayer over I’m going to sell my game or break my disk. I play my player 90% of the time and have worked hard leveling my guy up and I bought a 10K coin pack with some extra MS points I had. I better get a refund or something for my MS points if I have to start over. I’m going to just stop playing so that I don’t get close to allstar break.

  • MARZ76

    yep i said if we don’t have the option to turn auto-save off the game will do the same thing 09-11 did freeze b4 the 2nd season or 2nd season. can 2k tell us why they took this option away from us we paid we should be able to do whatever we want with are game beside hacking 2k..

    • MARZ76

      on another note 2k can u tell us why since 09 the same freeze issues are still in the game. 2k had 3years to fix online lag,MP freeze issues,2years to fix hacking MP nothing same bs. could it be the system u making it on just a thought

  • MARZ76

    fifa 13,nhl13, madden13 nba 2k…all are using new engines all made on the 360 all games have similar issues. look it up 360 is the problem ill say it again 360 is the problem. stop making games on the 360 then porting over to other systems do it another way

  • 49ersfan1

    is this a mycareer glitch? its pissing me off:
    so when i got drafted by the bucks (PG), i was the 7th man. after 5 games i got promoted to 6th man. i became the no. 1 scoring rookie after 15 games so i got the starting job over jennings. i had 31 minutes and jennings had 19. after 2 games, i got down graded to 6th man with 26 minutes. i had a double-double in both games (points and assists). did i do anything wrong? btw in the second starting game i had 4 turnovers and 5 fouls but a double double.
    r they gonna patch this?

    • somto

      no that just happens when you suck you go back to the bench

      • 49ersfan1

        when i suck? once i got my starting job, i didnt get anything less than 29 pts and 12 assists. so 4 turnovers and 5 fouls make you lose a freakin starting job? thats too sensitive. btw im averaging 29 pts. will i get the starting job back?

    • cabrillo24

      What is your team grade? I was drafted by the Bucks as a PG. I started after 13 games, and haven’t looked back. I’m 55 games into my season, playing about 40 minutes a game. I’m averaging over 24 ppg and nearly 15 assists. The Bucks have the top record in the league, after starting 5-8 before I was inserted into the starting lineup. Leading candidate for MVP and Rookie of the Year. Made the All-Star team (only got 4 minutes of playing time though….pissed me off…but did score 7 points and got 2 assists). I was the Rising Stars MVP. I made the 3 point contest but got 4th place. Basically, what I’m trying to say is, it’s more than just putting up a double double, it’s also requires you to get a good team grade as well, and also team chemistry.

      • 49ersfan1

        my team grade ranges from B to A+. we have the top record in league and carmelo (yes, i know lol) is the top candidate for MVP. im no. 2. im leading the allstar votes, and im leading 6th man of the year.

  • somto

    i spent 1600 microsoft points on my my career my rating overall is a 95 and now the season is ruined i want a refund for my microsoft points or a patch

  • cabrillo24

    I experienced the glitch, but I made a backup of my MyPlayer file on the cloud prior to. Once I the glitch happened, I exited out, deleted that save, copied the save from the cloud over and tried again. Glitch didn’t happen second time around and I’ve been able to continue on past ASW.

  • S2Hastie3

    I payed for VC and I’m trying to start right where I left off, I stopped playing when it simmed just in case so I hope my rookie season won’t be RUINED! Play-calling NEEDS to be fixed that’s a no f’n brainer I mean come on. Nike replays don’t work with your MyPlayer, The attribute boost to the shoes you make doesn’t stick, so instead you have to equip them before each game so the boost is applied even if you never change them up, that’s some stupid shit. I’m a SF who averages about 9 assists a game, why the fuck can’t I become a play initiator already. Step your game up this is whack. Paid for 200,000 VC, to wait for a patch that will probably need to be patched as well.

    • You probably have to buy the ON Court General Sig Skill to become a play initiator.

  • DwillBronxBred

    when is the patch coming out?

  • gallant86

    has there been anyword on when this patch will be available??? i thought it was just a 1 time glitch, but it happened in my second season aswell, not happy as i have spend over $50 making my player good!

  • sonotorious46

    Does anybody know how to advance to the next season in association mode? I just finished up the playoffs and there is no where to advance to next season

    • MARZ76

      they havent fixed the 360 problem yet an if u have a ps3 u wait longer

  • MARZ76

    off the subject did u see what happened to medal of honor?….a big patch on day1 same thing i been reposting an said the games that would be all f’d up. stop 360 ports when its multiplatform games with all its bs issues….360 ports are just horrible sad an f’d up…..re

  • casey

    i have a my career player and spend 15 dollars on him then the all star break came and it simmed to the end of the season. when i saw this i turned off my xbox hoping it wouldnt save but it corrupted my player and now i cant use him. can i get him back or can i get my money back?

  • TMD

    First let me say i play on Pro cause i like to feel like a bad ass, I just upgraded my 3’s to 95, my shot off dribble to 99 and shot in traffic to 99, In one game i shot every time down the floor and i got to 109 points, when it went to my home screen it said i only scored 97 points, after a few more games i got to 105 it again said i had 10 less points…. very frustrating…

    • CheeseThaCPU

      Lmaoo!!!…. The first line was epic! Haha… 🙂

  • Archie

    After ur first year does it happen again at tha all star break

  • cheekymushrooman

    mm its a real shame i was playing a game also on my career and the connection lost on my ps3 i finished the game which followed the autosave and now i cant earn vc , only Sp which is poo

  • j

    What’s up with no in game injuries

  • VoidWhereProhibited

    To me the whole VC and MyPlayer thing seem like it should’ve been the DLC so that way people would’ve had the option to decide if they wanted it or not. Personally I find it a little fishy that you can’t delete your MyPlayer account yet it’s the first thing you forced to create. The VC is tied to real money or at least the concept of accuring Virtual credit to be able to be able to make purchases and of course all of this is enforced by not even having the option to turn off auto save.

  • VoidWhereProhibited

    I’m sorry but there’s no way NBA 2k13 should be graded as high as NBA 2k12. Just way too many iffy things about it.