Huge Deal on FIFA 13 Today

Posted October 30th, 2012 at 10:15 am

Amazon is holding a day chock full of video game deals and are featuring FIFA 13 as the featured “Deal of the Day”. FIFA 13 for the Xbox 360 or PS3 is only $40 through midnight.

This is definitely a deal worth considering for those interested in FIFA 13 who haven’t picked it up as it’s unquestionably one of the best sports games of the year. At $40 it represents the lowest the game has been available for and it probably won’t be found for much cheaper (if at all) by waiting around longer for Black Friday deals. If you do decide to purchase the game doing so through the links (360PS3) helps to support the site and future giveaways!

  • Ven

    Thanks for the heads up glad I didnt miss this deal. I nabbed one for myself and one as a christmas gift.

  • Keith.

    The game must be disappointing in terms of sales numbers this year, like Sleeping Dogs, i.e., another one of the games that Amazon’s trying to unload today.

    Anyways, Walmart had FIFA for $28 on Black Friday last year (and Best Buy had it for $35), so this doesn’t seem like that great of a deal to me.

    • I always love this theory of yours. I knew it would be coming. Especially enjoyable when we already know FIFA 13 has shattered its own sales records.

      • Keith.

        Shattered sales records? LoL

        Must be why EA announced today a $381 million loss this quarter (compared to a $340 million loss in the same quarter last year).

        • Lewis

          That has nothing to do with what we are talking about. Don’t try and change the subject because you just got clowned. By your idiotic logic every game in 2012 is a disappoint since it has outsold everything

          • Keith.

            You can find the same garbage press releases for M13 and NHL13. Tell me, if FIFA, M13 and NHL13 are all breaking records, how did EA’s quarterly loss increase from $340 million last year to $381 million this year, when digital revenue is also supposed to be up for EA?

            You EA homers can believe whatever you want to believe…don’t let the buried facts get in your way.

          • Chris

            You seem to have an almost unhealthy hatred of EA. I’m not a huge fan of EA but come on, seriously, get a life.

        • EA reported financials and an incredible 7.4 million copies of FIFA 13 sold in its first month. Astonishing number.

          • Keith.

            “The net loss for the second quarter widened to $381 million, or $1.21 a share, from $340 million, or $1.03 a share, a year earlier. Revenue fell 0.6 percent to $711 million, the company said.”


          • Keith.

            “For the first half of the fiscal year, EA has also lost more than a year ago. In the six months ended September, the company lost $180 million, compared with a loss of $119 million in the first half of the previous year. For the year ending March 2013, EA guesses it will lose between 6 cents and 27 cents per share.”


          • Keith.

            EA lost $380 million in 3 months, and you want to praise them for selling more copies of FIFA? LoL

          • mcmax3000

            I love how you’re trying to change the subject because Pasta proved you wrong.

            You came in saying FIFA sold like shit. He came back with no, it actually sold millions. Now you’re just going on about EA did as an overall company (which wasn’t great, but that has ZERO to do with the original point that YOU brought up), because there’s nothing more you can say about FIFA.

          • Keith.

            In the US, Fifa has barely outsold MLB2k12. You won’t see COD in Amazon’s Gold Box a month after release, I assure you that.

          • mcmax3000

            That’s because it’s a soccer game. Soccer isn’t a big sport in the US. Just like Hockey isn’t a big sport in the US, but it’s huge elsewhere (and the NHL games do pretty well here in Canada at least).

            There are other markets than just the US. If a game sells over seven million units, it doesn’t matter where it sold those units.

          • Keith.

            Not if you’re looking at it like this: who cares whether Blockbuster Video rented more copies of Titanic than any other film in history. Didn’t keep Blockbuster in business.

            Similarly, individual game sales don’t matter a whole lot when your company loses $381 million in 3 months (and $340 million in the comparable period the year before).

    • Nova

      Another bullshit theory from Keith. What a shocker. It’s the best selling soccer game of all time already and the best rated sports game out there. Might want to try trolling a bit harder. Your getting exposed.

      • Keith.

        With less than 400,000 copies sold on either the 360 and the PS3 here in the US, I’d hardly call it something to brag about.

        • It’s probably even sold less than that in Antarctica! It’s a total bomb!

        • Matthew

          Just curious, where do your numbers come from? FIFA 13 sold 353,000 copies in a few hours in North America alone. Are you telling me less than 47,000 more copies have been sold in NA in October?

          • Keith.
          • Matthew

            The site you provided shows 770,000 PS3 / Xbox copies sold in NA alone. Do realize when the chart says 0.40 its not 40% of 1 million right? Its 400,000. So, your source shows that FIFA 13 has sold more than 750,000 units in NA (PS3/XBOX) in only a month….well over the 400,000 copies you claimed.

          • Keith.

            I meant less than 400,000 sold on 360 and less than 400,000 on PS3 — to go with my point that FIFA just isn’t selling all that great in the US. Sorry for any confusion.

  • Alex

    Amazon is amazing!!! last year they had a lightening deal for 25$, I always wait one month after release and find myself paying almost 30 to 50% off


    hey can you play ranked games of fifa 13 with 2 friends on the same xbox? Like me and 2 friends signed in as guests?