Evaluating Current Running Back Ratings in Madden NFL 13

Posted November 5th, 2012 at 9:30 am

Sitting at approximately the mid-season mark has allowed for some more proper examination of current player ratings in Madden NFL 13. Last time it was the quarterbacks, and in a few weeks they’ll get checked up on again, but this time around focus turns to the running backs.

Of course there is no way to account for everything that goes into a RB’s attributes or their circumstances – which can include but are certainly not limited to their blocking abilities, system of splitting carries and the offensive line they run behind – but again stats at least can frame their performance level and whether they are doing better or worse than their Madden rating signifies.

The current “average” back was calculated by excluding the players who haven’t appeared at all or have been very limited this season. That back is rated 83 and has produced 94 carries for 408 yards on 4.3 yards per carry with 2.5 TDs and 14 receptions for 113 yards.

What running backs are overrated or underrated in relative terms around the league compared to their overall rating in Madden NFL 13? Continue on for a look at every back rated 78+ along with others who have had an impact so far this season. 





Adrian Peterson RUSH: 168-957-5.7-6TD REC: 26-150 98  —–
Arian Foster RUSH: 192-770-4.0-10TD REC: 12-77 97  —–
Ray Rice RUSH: 131-622-4.7-6TD REC: 31-251 95  —–
Maurice Jones-Drew RUSH: 86-414-4.8-1TD REC: 14-86 95  Slightly Overrated – INJ
Matt Forte RUSH: 107-539-5.0-3TD REC: 20-179 94  Slightly Overrated
Frank Gore RUSH: 119-656-5.5-4TD REC: 16-121 94  —–
LeSean McCoy RUSH: 127-504-4.0-2TD REC: 28-134 94 Overrated
Marshawn Lynch RUSH: 185-881-4.8-4TD REC: 13-110 93  Slightly Underrated
Jamaal Charles RUSH: 132-634-4.8-2TD REC: 22-158 92  —–
Darren McFadden RUSH: 139-455-3.3-2TD REC: 31-190 90  Overrated
Fred Jackson RUSH: 59-218-3.7-1TD REC: 22-148 89  Vastly Overrated
Ahmad Bradshaw RUSH: 141-618-4.4-4TD REC: 14-108 89  —–
Steven Jackson RUSH: 108-403-3.7-1TD REC: 12-98 89  Vastly Overrated
Chris Johnson RUSH: 147-736-5.0-3TD REC: 23-132 88  —–
Darren Sproles RUSH: 26-117-4.5-0TD REC: 39-323 88  More of a receiver
Michael Turner RUSH: 128-517-4.0-4TD REC: 10-83 88  Slightly Overrated
Willis McGahee RUSH: 146-620-4.2-4TD REC: 21-170 87  —–
Trent Richardson RUSH: 152-575-3.8-5TD REC: 31-240 87  —–
C.J. Spiller RUSH: 78-562-7.2-4TD REC: 24-236 87  —–
Ryan Mathews RUSH: 95-421-4.4-1TD REC: 21-145 86  Overrated
Rashard Mendenhall RUSH: 19-74-3.9-0TD REC: 4-44 85  INJ
Reggie Bush RUSH: 122-534-4.4-4TD REC: 20-171 84  Slightly Underrated
DeMarco Murray RUSH: 75-330-4.4-1TD REC: 17-118 84  —–
Ben Tate RUSH: 43-178-4.1-2TD REC: 9-48 84  Slightly Overrated
Peyton Hillis RUSH: 32-130-4.1-0TD REC: 7-45 83  Vastly Overrated
Jonathan Stewart RUSH: 62-235-3.8-0TD REC: 12-95 83  Overrated
Michael Bush RUSH: 77-263-3.4-3TD REC: 7-66 83  Overrated
Doug Martin RUSH: 154-794-5.2-7TD REC: 20-245 83  Vastly Underrated
Pierre Thomas RUSH: 58-257-4.4-1TD REC: 15-145 82  —–
DeAngelo Williams RUSH: 67-247-3.7-3TD REC: 4-30 82  Overrated
Cedric Benson RUSH: 71-248-3.5-1TD REC: 14-97 82  Slightly Overrated – INJ
Beanie Wells RUSH: 29-76-2.6-0TD REC: 1-24 82  Overrated – INJ
Stevan Ridley RUSH: 150-716-4.8-5TD REC: 6-51 82  Underrated
Alfred Morris RUSH: 164-793-4.8-5TD REC: 5-35 81  Underrated
BenJarvus Green-Ellis RUSH: 142-487-3.4-3TD REC: 10-53 80  —–
Brandon Jacobs —– 80  No appearances
Shonn Greene RUSH: 139-509-3.7-5TD REC: 11-91 80  Slightly Underrated
Jahvid Best —– 80  Not cleared to play
Danny Woodhead RUSH: 48-164-3.4-1TD REC: 19-200 79  —–
Ryan Grant —– 78  V.O. – Not in league
Donald Brown RUSH: 74-319-4.3-1TD REC: 4-54 78  —–
Maurice Morris —– 78  V.O. – Not in league
Jacquizz Rodgers RUSH: 39-137-3.5-0TD REC: 20-137 78  Slightly Overrated
Kendall Hunter RUSH: 60-301-5.0-1TD REC: 7-49 78  Underrated
Felix Jones RUSH: 58-207-3.6-2TD REC: 17-181 77  —–
LeGarrette Blount RUSH: 35-121-3.5-2TD REC: 1-2 76  Slightly Overrated
Mark Ingram RUSH: 47-134-2.9-1TD REC: 1-(-1) 76  Slightly Overrated
Jackie Battle RUSH: 45-202-4.5-3TD REC: 6-49 76  Slightly Underrated
Rashad Jennings RUSH: 63-194-3.1-1TD REC: 18-128 76  —–
LaRod S.Howling RUSH: 51-133-2.6-2TD REC: 9-91 75  Slightly Overrated
Jonathan Dwyer RUSH: 58-299-5.2-0TD REC: 5-32 75  Underrated
Mikel Leshoure RUSH: 92-375-4.1-4TD REC: 20-124 75  Underrated
Andre Brown RUSH: 53-256-4.8-6TD REC: 7-57 73  Underrated
Vick Ballard RUSH: 77-266-3.5-0TD REC: 8-94 72  —–
Daryl Richardson RUSH: 62-335-5.4-0TD REC: 14-99 72  Underrated
Branden Bolden RUSH: 43-234-5.4-2TD REC: 2-11 71  Slightly Underrated
Alex Green RUSH: 87-272-3.1-0TD REC: 11-90 70  —–
Ronnie Hillman RUSH: 32-140-4.4-0TD REC: 6-38 68  Slightly Underrated

  • first off steven ridley and alfred morris need more upgrades
    1-they start
    2-they are very consistent
    3- dont do enough in madden during franchise sims

  • Frank

    That pic reminds me. Please fix the collars on the Vikings away jerseys EA! They’re Purple not yellow!!

    • CJ

      Probably not the type of fix they are going to make at this point – too specific and small. Those are the mistakes they generally take note of, and fix in the next game (hopefully).

      • PaleVermilion

        Not to mention the Vikings don’t wear purple pants as their default.
        They wear them maybe 1-2 times a year at most. For the only game in
        town, its pretty unreal how they mess up the simplest things that even
        the casual fan knows is wrong (like the Bears with orange pants. WTH?!).

  • Stopsky

    Pasta, I usually agree with most of the things you post but this no good. Player ratings in madden need to reflect the athletic abilities of the player not their stats. Just because a team or a coach doesn’t use them correctly doesn’t mean they are over/underrated. The best example for this year is LeSean McCoy. Personally, I am a Giants fan and I have the unfortunate pleasure of watching this kid play twice a year. Ability wise, he is a top five running back. His top-end speed, cutback ability, vision, and elusiveness make him a top 5 runningback. But can we say he is overrated because his coaches don’t use him correctly or sometimes at all?

    • JJ

      There is also the question of how much the oline comes into play, the Texans can make any back look good. When Foster is down they don’t skip a beat.

    • 100% agree with you. Also I would say Trent Richardson is slightly underrated (he should at least be a 90 OVR) he is putting up great numbers on an average Browns offense.

    • reeeezy

      couldnt have said it any better

  • Nola504king504


  • Pway

    Doug martin 83 needs to be near or better than Trent Richardson 87…best back in the draft

    • 49ersfan1

      of course, if u look at the stats.

      • No he is if you watch the games. We lost Joesph and Nicks could have been the best guard tandem. Having to move guys around and he can still run with them.

        • 49ersfan1

          i know, thats why i said of course. hes better than t-rich in every category up there^^

          • JJ

            Except physical categories, if they stay healthy the league will average them out.

          • Bucyocouch

            Physical??? He’s 5’9″ 215. He squats 550lbs and benches 410. Why do you think his nickname is MUSCLE hamster? lol

    • Bucyocouch

      He’s 2nd in the league in rushing td’s, the two above him are Arian Foster and Adrian Peterson…3rd in the league in receptions behind Ray Rice and Darren Sproles, but has more rushing yards than both. Doug martin is the most complete back in the league right now statistically. Do the math

  • superfan2

    Really Jaquizz Rodgers Overrated I’m Pretty Sure The Cowboys Didn’t Think That Last Night When He Got Those 2 First Downs That Pretty Much Iced The Game For The Falcons.

  • Nick

    Great Post! Evaluate Receivers! That would be helpful and awesome

    • 49ersfan1

      and TE’s

  • Montel

    Steven Jackson is not overrated Pasta. He has worked to gain every bit of what he has gotten, with a piss poor Rams team. Running behind the Rams offensive line is like trying to stop a ocean with a bath tub.

    • The360King

      Unfortunately stats are the only thing evaluated in this. O-Line ability and scheme don’t come into play.

      • Bucyocouch

        Doug Martin is doing it with one original O-lineman. Donald Penn. Both guards are gone, center moved to left guard, and we have a new right tackle…go figure

  • Doug Martin needs to be higher!

  • cover2blitz0

    Doug Martin should at least be an 85/86 after the next update with major boost in speed and breaking tackles

  • kk

    spiller is one of the best in the league. He has the nighest YPC since the 60’s. He is vastly underrated, and it is not his fault his head coach is horrible and doesnt include him in the game plan. If the bills actually had an NFL head coach he would be a top 3 back this year.

  • bucsfan since 2000

    first off i really appreciate all these people noticing doug martin hopefully if enough people say somethiing my dam bucs will get noticed by ea

    • 49ersfan1

      them beating oakland wont be noticed, but martin will.

  • The360King

    McFadden isn’t necessarily overrated. McFadden led the league in rushing last year until he got hurt, and was among the best in the league the year before that. McFadden’s problem this year is that the offensive line is horrible, the OC is horrible and unimaginative and most importantly, they switched to the ZBS, which works counter to his skillset. He’s in the wrong system, as is half the O-Line, and there are often defenders in the backfield as soon as he gets the ball. I’d say his rating is at least accurate and definitely not overrated. Put him in a Power-Man Scheme and he is dominant again.

  • Stephen

    Chris Johnson needs to get boosted back over 90. He’s been a monster over the last month and is 6th in rushing yards.

  • 49ersfan1

    i agree with kendall hunter being underrated. that guy is an 81-82.

  • 49ersfan1

    wow peterson has less attempts but more yards than foster.

  • 49ersfan1

    how much u wanna bet that frank gore makes the 49ers hall of fame. this nigga is crazy if u watch every down he carries the ball.

  • Wes McDonell

    Adrian Peterson vastly underrated, Doug Martin overrated

    • 49ersfan1

      vastly? 98 isnt vastly underrated. and how the hell is martin overrated? he has better stats than a lot people over 83 overall.

      • Wes McDonell

        Peterson is over 99, he has everything and is good at everything, Doug Martin gets a lot of carries.

        • He IS good at everything. His only flaw was his ball security, and it looks like he fixed that.

          But the guy is on pace to rush for 1700 yards and 10+ TDs, and 2000+ total yards from scrimmage. The dude is legit. Speed, elusiveness, power – he deserves his rating.

          And this is from a Bears fan, trust me, we know.

          • carlisle2033

            He’s not a great receiver.

          • JJ

            Yep, add receptions to every HB total and see how badass AD’s stats look.

          • Wes McDonell

            the position is called half back, not wide receiver

        • DC

          And when you are averaging over 5 yards a carry, you should get a lot of carries.

        • 49ersfan1

          yeah 98 to 99 increase isnt vastly. and theres nothing above 99 ovr. and doug martin has 2 more carries than trent richardson but 200+ more yards than richardson. and richardson was 3rd pick. overrated my ass.

        • Bucyocouch

          Wes, he has less carries than Peterson, but Martin has more TD’s and more receiving yards on LESS carries and receptions…lol Math was not your subject, eh? According to your logic, if Peterson is supposed to be a 99, then Martin is a what? 96, 97? High 80’s or 90 and I’m more than satisfied.

  • Will

    I know this isnt relevant to this article at all but I wasnt sure where else to comment – I was playing madden earlier today and lost both Frank Gore & Chris Culliver to season-ending injuries in a game (offline CC). I went back to play later, clicked ‘resume last CC’, and neither of them are injured anymore. I know it saved, because I’m still onto my next week. Not only that, but the players I signed from FA to replace them are still on my team! Now I’m not complaining, cuz losing Gore in Week 10 was about to be brutal…but has anyone else had this happen to them? As happy as I am it kinda ruins the authenticity of the season. Thanks 🙂

  • Brandon

    Matt Forte is not overrated.

  • SkinFaninATL

    Alfred Morris is 4th in the NFL in rushing. Not to mention, I have seen him every carry of his. He definitely underrated.

  • Scott

    Yeah, too bad the ratings aren’t based on half a seasons worth of stats. This post is ridiculous