NBA 2K13 Week One Upcoming Roster Update Discussion

Posted November 7th, 2012 at 9:45 am

The first week of the season is now complete with teams having turned in two to four games in that span. NBA 2K13 is still missing a large number of players and has other errors to fix in the next roster update but some representation of how individuals are performing in these early stages should be expected as well.

James Harden has certainly earned an upgrade as have rookies Damian Lillard and Dion Waiters. Darren Collison, Jamal Crawford, Brandon Jennings, and Anderson Varejao have also started particularly strong. Downgrades could be justified for Steve Nash, Russell Westbrook, Austin Rivers, and Andre Iguodala. Brandon Rush is out for the season, players like Andrew Bynum still need to be tagged as injured so they can’t be used online, and Eddy Curry (the main player added in the last update) has already been released by the Mavericks.

Leave your thoughts in the comments regarding those who are outplaying or failing to meet their current rating in NBA 2K13 and any other changes you hope to see in the next roster update!

  • U lost 2jay

    Compelte the rosters and fix the offensive rebounding…

    • U lost 2jay


  • Trust me you guys. Damian Lillard DOES NOT need an upgrade. He’s on my team in MyCareer…led the NBA is assists per game. Plus off the pick and roll he’s a beast (I’m a 7’2″ center with Brick Wall).Leave him as he is.

    • So, don’t increase a player’s ratings for everybody with the game because in YOUR career mode (which everybody’s career is unique and differs from person to person) you have Lillard feeding you the ball, thus netting plenty of assists?

      C’mon man, do you see how stupid that reads?

      • Here’s the thing. He’s not really feeding me the ball. When I get the ball and do post moves, it doesn’t give him the assist. Most of his dimes come in simulation when I’m out the game. I’m saying that increasing him anymore would OP him to the level of Marcus Thornton and Ben Gordon in past games. Trying to keep it realistic. He’s just a rookie.

        • Mason Drews

          Have you seen him play? He’s clearly outplayed his 70 pass rating, 79 vertical…. that’s just scratching the surface

          • Khadeem

            his quickness, mid range, passing, shot off the dribble, and offensive awareness need an upgrade

  • xron

    taking their sweet ass time too releasing a patch.

    • Greg

      dude it hasn’t even been a month since the game came out.

      • H-Town

        It has been more than a month….

      • 49ersfan1

        so, this game is filled with damn glitches. i dont have time right now, but if u ask, i will name u a few important glitches.

        • dirty dee

          i can think of a glaring, GLARING glitch on offense that i take advantage of in my creating a legend mode so i wont even post it but ill be shocked if it goes unnoticed much longer

          • 49ersfan1

            the acrobat one.

        • Khadeem

          plz go ahead…lol

          • 49ersfan1

            the one were when u reach the allstar game, it sims to the playoffs, the one were the game freezes on inbounds, and the one were if u put acrobat on, u can shoot eurostep to make all ur 3’s

          • Khadeem

            what are you serious….lol….eurostep to make all ur 3’s

          • 49ersfan1

            yeah check OS. it screws online up cuz now everyone is going 100% on their 3pt shooting.

          • Khadeem

            idk about that one…i tried and all of them dont go in

  • NyCrAzY

    Well I’m a Knicks fan so I’ll share my input.

    1.) Iman Shumpert and Amare Stoudemire is still available to use online (placed in the bottom of the depth chart) but online users are taking advantage of it. Especially with Shumperts defensive ability. So take them both off the online play roster.

    2.) Where are guys like Chris Copeland, James White, and especially Pablo Prigioni?

    3.) Carmelo Anthony deverses to be at least a 90+ (89 at the moment).

    4.) Ronnie Brewer was the streal of free agency. Outstanding defense and he worked on his jump shot in the off season and its working. He’s shooting quite well so far. Deservesa rating boost.

    5.) Same goes for J.R. Smith (6th man of the year?? Since Harden is a starter now)

    This NYK team is DEEP! You can literally make a starting lineup from their bench.

    Just my .02 cents

    • 49ersfan1

      if brandon rush wasnt injured, the warriors would have the best bench.

      • francis1089

        HELL NO!!!!

        • 49ersfan1

          um, yes, why not?

    • francis1089

      FUCK YES!!!!But I run my Offense through iman shumpert,he’s my orchestrator.:(

  • mbrink12

    The Orlando Magic need an upgrade. JJ Redick/Glen Davis are playing extremely well. Lillard, Harden, and OJ Mayo deserve a raise in overall too.


    James Harden and Omer Asik need an upgrade


    roster updates,yes.but ratings need to stay the i would say about every 3weeks for rating upgrades.its only been 1 week of nba,so chill.2k needs patches tho asap…..this is not madden!!!

    • EJTwice

      I bet your team is sucking right now that’s why you want to wait 3 weeks.

      • WHO-DIDDY

        orlando magic is my team…bum

        • 49ersfan1

          its the first few games, give them some time (about 3 weeks… lol) and they will be at the same level as the bobcats and pistons.

    • Khadeem

      that may be true…but their are some obvious ratings that need to be changed…Paul Millsap 3 pointer, Ray Allen’s Mid Range, and some other things

  • epheezy

    I don’t like the whole changing of ratings thing. Just because a player has a bad week doesn’t mean you need to change his rating. Leave guys like westbrook alone. Rookies and up coming players can be changed but do it and leave it alone. Don’t try to change it every damn update

  • smsixx

    After the 0-4 Pistons start…
    – Greg Monroe is beyond underated…Needs to be at least an 82 (current 79)
    – Rodney Stuckey is garbage and missing everything (current 79 needs to be 74)
    – Brandon Knight is good where hes at
    – Maxiell needs a boost in his post offense…Guy dosen’t miss when he gets it down low.
    – The fact that most top 10 picks have ratings in the 70’s and Andre Drummond is still a 59 is laughable…Make Drummond a 65 at minimum…He has been killing it on the boards and has shown some quick feet for a 7 footer.
    – Villanueva is way overated…Lawrence Frank hates him (rightfully so) and this guy is lucky to get a minute off the bench.
    – Kyle Singler needs to be added…Hes been a big suprise.
    – Tayshaun Prince is overated…Shows zero vetran leadership and cant get open anymore.

    • H-Town

      Ok im sorry but Stuckey is shooting 3% from the field, he should be a fucking 2 overall.

      • Khadeem

        he was playing with an inner ear infection

        • indycolts18rca

          this may sound like it’s not bad but that crap messes with your balance and everything

    • Khadeem

      little known fact…drummond was considered to be the fastest player on the UCONN roster last year…that includes Jeremy Lamb, Ryan Boatright, and Shabazz Napier who are all pretty good to explosvie athletes

    • smsixx

      UPDATE: Greg Monroe puts up a triple double in a loss against Sacremento (Pistons now 0-5 lol).

      I know my team is garbage…but for crying out loud…Monroe deserves some love.

  • EJTwice

    Bulls 3-1…….Increase Deng, Boozer, Noah, Gibson, Belinelli, Hamilton, Hinrich, Robinson, Butler

  • EJTwice

    How about this for an upgrade: Don’t take out the injured guys online….it makes the online experience LAME when you exclude the players that are hurt. WHAT IF EVERY SUPERSTAR IN THE NBA GETS HURT…THAT MEANS AN ONLINE GAME THAT”S NOT FUN.

    • H-Town

      you a perfect example of a shitty person at 2k, if you need a superstar to win you shouldn’t play the game

  • CJ Spears

    Screw changing ratings. Add the missing players!!!

  • Rashard lewis!!!! neeeds a big increase ! 69 OVR IS A JOKE. At lest should be a 73.

  • Wondering

    Have they even said they are doing another roster update soon or is this just bullshit discussion and wishful thinking?

  • 49ersfan1

    lol at the eddy curry part. cracks me up everytime.

  • Mason Drews

    Requested Portland Trailblazers changes through four games


    Victor Claver
    Joel Freeland
    Sasha Pavlovic


    Shawne Williams


    Elliot Williams (Achilles)

    Needed Player Edits:

    Damian Lillard:

    Shooting Form: J. Johnson

    Shot Base: M. Ginobili


    Left Arm (Padded Sleeve)

    Sock Length (Medium Long Socks)

    Shoe Style (Rose 773)

    Add Tattoos

    LaMarcus Aldridge:


    Right Arm (Padded Sleeve)

    Sock Length (Medium Long Socks)

    Add Beard (if Possible)

    Shoe Style (Nike Hyperposite) add them to game

    Dunk Package 4: Basic Two-Handers off Two

    Nicolas Batum:


    Left Wrist (Rubberband) (1st/2nd Color White)

    Right Wrist (Rubberband) (1st/2nd Color White)

    Shorts (Pressure Shorts)

    Shorts Color (Black)

    Wesley Matthews:

    Shooting Form: Release 71

    Shot Base: T. Duncan

    Left Leg (Hex Pad Half Calf Sleeve)

    Right Leg (Hex Pad Half Calf Sleeve)

    Left Knee (Sleeve) Fix glitch that doesn’t allow for combo of Calf Sleeve and knee pads

    Right Knee (Sleeve)

    Luke Babbitt:

    Shooting Form: Release 35

    Shot Base: Set Shot 2

    Right Arm (Padded Sleeve Black)

    Left Leg (Hex Pad Half Calf Sleeve) (Team Color 2)

    Right Leg (Hex Pad Half Cald Sleeve) (Team Color 2)

    Fix Rose Garden

    Remove Red Stripes on sides of keys

  • Mason Drews
  • clow

    I agree. Some ratings are too low and some are too high. I really can’t see how Damian Lillard was only a 71 in the first place. 2K really needs to do a better job of updating these rosters in a more timely, accurate, and efficient manner. People pay for this to take place. I think they are slacking because they don’t have any competition this year.

    • Khadeem

      theyve been slacking since 2k10

  • Cool_Vee23

    Ummm Kyrie Irving??

  • Bryan

    Oj Mayo needs one leads the league in 3’s while shooting 66 percent

  • MARZ76

    fix the game from autosave option,players missing an everything people are seeing in the game thats muffed up.

  • dirty dee

    hey just so everyone knows the new roster will be out saturday morning, lets hope that they fixed all the bullshit

    youre welcome

  • dirty dee

    what the fuck pasta stop deleting my posts. guys the update is coming saturday just so people know. no real detail as to what it will entail. youre welcome.