NBA 2K13 Tops October in Sales

Posted November 9th, 2012 at 1:15 pm

In what comes as absolutely no surprise NBA 2K13 carried the month of October by topping the sales charts with no other game even close behind. NBA 2K12 was adversely affected by the lockout as sales fell off significantly until the league returned so the proper comparison to make is with 2K11 which opened by moving just over 1 million copies its first month. 

NBA 2K13 opened with 1.27 million sales for the month and that is up 19% compared to the same period with 2K11. It’s not the 49% that it began its first week with but that pace was unsustainable. 2K11 was a phenomenon with unprecedented legs and once the series became so widely adopted it was inevitable that it would become more front-loaded.

The association with Jay-Z has to be considered as a major factor in the sales increase. His name and credibility alone, and the coverage that came with it, increased awareness and tapped into another segment of consumers that may not have had the game on their radar otherwise. For the first time the NBA 2K series featured an exclusive preorder incentive with the All-Star Weekend content. That helped to propel day one sales and in turn has also contributed to the sharper drop-off in the weeks that followed.

Madden NFL 13 finished in 6th place continuing its strong performance as sales are well ahead of last year and FIFA 13, which has become the fastest selling sports game in history worldwide, finished up in 7th place in North America for the month. Both sold upwards of 400K in their second month on the market. As anticipated NHL 13 fell out of the top 10 with the league lockout affecting turnout from consumers who weren’t motivated to buy it immediately upon release.

  • Bam

    Not surprised when take two only talked about the first week sales in their financial meeting and not the first month. Still pretty huge numbers and well earned.

  • Mike B

    Now that yall got your fucking money. Fix the game and give people what they paid for!!!

    • Amen_Ra

      LOL, Fair Statement

  • Keith.

    NPD noted a 60% increase in both dollars and units — I’m very impressed, regardless of whatever EA spin pasta tries to use. Incidentally, I never heard NPD say anything similar about Madden (probably since Madden’s been available for $40-$45 since release). Too funny, Pasta.

    • They noted 60% increase over the lockout-hampered NBA 2K12. No wonder. The proper comparison is to go back to 2K11 rather than compare to that one off-year. 19% up is still big.

    • Amen_Ra

      Yeah he did a little spin, but at least he wrote the article. Got to give him credit for bowing to pressure. Funny this article is put up after our comments.

      Still the top site for sports video game news

      • Pastapadre’s brother

        The best site for sports video game news*

    • Rob

      Thats our Keith.

    • mcmax3000

      But Amazon’s now offering NBA 2K13 for $50, instead of $60, so that must mean it’s selling like crap, right? That’s how we’re supposed to interpret these things, isn’t it?

  • epheezy

    Agreed. Can you please take rosters to 15 and add the 30+ players that are missing. Its been a month. Forget the player ratings, just add the da@n players. You have to crawl before you walk. Thank you. Sarcasm

    • Amen_Ra

      True Dat

    • Missing players is pretty bad. But I bet the Live developers wish missing players was the only problem they had.

      • Oh I’m sorry, is this supposed to be another comment aimed towards Live to make the consumer feel ‘privileged’ to have a half-assed game from 2k at the moment?

        What a joke that people like this guy try to discredit a (currently dead) franchise in an attempt to solicit a notion of ‘hey, I guess things could be worse, at least 2K13 is only gonna stay broken for 2 months’. If you think rosters are the only issue on 2kSports hands then you are sorely mistaken and in dire need of a wake up call. NBA 2K13 is far from a perfect game and this year’s version is arguably the most bug ridden release in god knows how long.

  • teebone21

    the game is overrated 2k11 still the best ever made

    • 49ersfan1

      agreed. im about done with MyCareer because of all those glitches.

  • Any of you guys feel the 3pt shot is at times un guardable in this game?