Latest NBA 2K13 Roster Update Includes Unlock of Alternate and Christmas Jerseys

Posted November 17th, 2012 at 11:30 am

Another roster update for NBA 2K13 arrived this morning and brings with it some ratings changes, a handful of new players, and the unlock of extra jerseys. The recent signings of Josh Howard by Minnesota and Shaun Livingston by Washington have been reflected. Many of those out with injuries such as Amare Stoudemire remain active however. 6 players including Kyle Singler have been added bringing the total missing now down to 19. 

Players increased in this update: Brandon Jennings (+2) to 82, Kyrie Irving (+2) to 85, Anderson Varejao (+3) to 76, Deandre Jordan (+2) to 74, J.J. Redick (+2) to 72, O.J. Mayo (+2) to 80, Kenneth Faried (+3) to 80, DeMar DeRozan (+3) to 77, Andrei Kirilenko (+4) to 78

Players decreased in this update: Lamar Odom (-2) to 69, Ronnie Brewer (-1) to 72, Joe Johnson (-2) to 83, Roy Hibbert (-3) to 76, Rodney Stuckey (-1) to 78

The jerseys which leaked soon after release are now unlocked for all to use. Alternates for the Portland Trail Blazers, San Antonio Spurs, Denver Nuggets, Miami Heat, and Oklahoma City Thunder (which are now spelled correctly) are joined by the “Christmas” variations that will be worn by the 10 teams playing that day.

  • IamDJBoB

    Ray Felton (NYK) should’ve gone up !! The Knicks Defense should also get a boost !! 2k definitely half steps on ratinngs

  • H-Town

    Why can they not put all the people in the game?????? It should be the easiest thing they have to do, WTF

  • Xrem

    It’s really sad that getting the number of missing players under 20 and changing the ratings of 14 players is considered the best roster update 2K has done so far.

    • Khadeem

      it is completely pitiful…madden makes hundreds of changes per week…and 2k cant make 40 or 50….its crazy…why is paul millsap’s three still a 54…why is ray allen’s mid range a 72….why does igoudala have a great three point rating…there is so many adjustments needed its pitiful

      • That Guy

        Well Iguodala shot 39.5% from three range last year…..good enough for top 25….so maybe thats why

        • Khadeem

          i understand but that’s one season…that doesnt suffice an 84 rating…look at thabo sefolosha…he shot 43% from the three point line and has a 76 rating….2k’s ratings for it’s players are always unjustified….there isnt a single player in the game that i can say is accurately rated

          • EJTwice

            Khadeem..While I agree with you with the “one season” theory, Sefalosha didn’t shoot enough 3’s to make it on the 3 pt % list. Players can have high percentage 3’s when they only shoot a few. The more telling are the players who has shot it more often and still manage to have a decent 3 pt%

          • Khadeem

            that is true…but his performance from the 3 this season is showing that Igoudala’s performance last year was a statistical aberration

      • why is paul gerorge still 6’8 when they have a sound clip saying hes 6’10 ? 2k is slacking hard this year

  • I have not received any of the new jerseys yet. What about you all?

    • closmurry

      me neither! Are you on ps3.?

      • I’m on PS3 and I’ve received all of them weeks ago, except for the Thunder’s alternate and the Christmas ones. Been using Denver’s sweet yellow for a while. And it popped up saying the first to “update” it said was the Knicks with the new darker shades of blue and orange with the orange waistband… but they look the same, not updated.

      • Yes I am on PS3. I had not received the christmas ones

    • 49ersfan1

      I have

  • Update isn’t even out for PS3

    • Mizzac

      Its out…

  • berniemakaveli

    And once again if you’re in the middle of an association you don’t get these updates. Wtf 2K? It’s irking as f***

    • Khadeem

      i would say dont do ur association till like middle december when everything slows down

  • kjeet

    Good, now fix your shit game 2k.

  • TheSpartanZombie

    Singler’s hair color is incorrect. And when are they going to change Kyle Korver’s hair?? And Greivis Vasquez needs a beard.

  • Skopin

    Kyrie should be 88+ and Varejao should be at least an 80 if not higher.

    • Wematanye

      Way too early for that

    • Khadeem

      slow down there buddy

  • It’s weird. I’m on PS3. I didn’t get the splash screen to tell me I’ve got new jerseys, but I do have the Nuggets, Spurs, and Blazer alternates, but not the Heat, OKC, or XMas alternates. C’mon 2K

  • knickstape


    Sorry for the all caps rage but whoever is doing the updates needs to PAY ATTENTION!

    • Khadeem


    • 2K’s only change to Brewer was lowering his mid-range rating to 70 (-7). He only shot 32% last year so this was justified. However they also lacked the insight to notice Brewer was playing well this year and they should have raised his 3pt and rebound ratings accordingly.


    Question for anyone who wants to answer…

    Why is berie bickerstff the Trail Blazers Assistant Coach in the game when he has been on the lakers staff all season ? And why the hell s john kuester the assistant coach when he is a scout ?

  • Cmon 2k EA does a wonderful job updating madden what the hell

  • Phillyballer625

    Jrue Holliday needs an upgrade to 85 at least. He is playing like an All Star this year. Sure, he has problems turning the ball over(5.2 topg), but he is averaging 19.1 ppg and 8.6 apg to go along with 1.6 spg.

    • Bon

      Does Jrue deserve dimer sig skill?

  • DJ Promy

    No boost for Al-Farouq Aminu? Dude has been putting in work. Joe Johnson going down was a curious move, he hasn’t played 10 games yet with a new team & new offense while shooting LESS & goes down 2 points? C’mon.

  • mike b

    Im satisfied with this good job 2k

  • Joshua Hoch

    I downloaded the November 17th update on my Xbox 360, which told me on the What’s New page that I had unlocked the use of the alternate and Christmas Day variations of certain teams’ jerseys. I don’t seem to be able to select them on the uniforms page. Is anyone else having this problem?

  • Bon

    How the hell does Mayo not get at least 1 sig skill?

  • PhiL

    Where the hell are the alternate 76ers Jerseys?????

  • That Guy

    So they give O.J. Mayo and Redick a boost and not Jrue Holiday?? I’m declaring bullshit on that one, even tho he’s having a turnover problem he’s been one of the best point guards in the league this year

  • EJTwice

    Where’s Joakim Noah’s increase? His offense has improved temendously.

  • tom

    in nba 2k12, i downloaded a custom roster that included rookies in it. The guy who made the roster did a really good job on kyle singlers face. NBA 2k just threw on an average generic face and called it a day

  • Mason Drews

    Why was Freeland added to Portland without his cyberface? It’s on the damn disc?

  • chris

    why can’t we use the Christmas uniforms in Association Mode?

    • Joshua Hoch

      They can only be used if you create a new Association Mode. Found out the hard way bud.

  • thizz27

    no nicolas batum ratings change? he’s been playing great this season, 2K is horrible when it comes to player ratings

  • Kings

    Why Isn’t oj mayo at least an 85 by now 22.3 PPG on 51% shooting


    If you don’t have xbox live is there a code you can enter to get the Christmas jerseys