Tiger Woods 14 Pre-Order Incentives

Posted November 19th, 2012 at 2:30 pm

Last week EA Sports announced the cover for Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14 along with the first insight into the features and Historic Edition. In addition the retailer exclusive pre-order incentives have now been revealed. 

•Amazon: Bethpage Black DLC Course
•Best Buy: 1986 Jack Nicklaus Exclusive Character
•Gamestop: Pinehurst No. 2 DLC Course
•Origin: Set of Exclusive Historic Golf Clubs
•Target: Whistling Straits DLC Course
•Walmart: Kevin Love and Andy Roddick Exclusive Characters

The inclusion of a classic Jack Nicklaus and set of golf clubs is another indication that there could be some sort of historic mode in the game whether more legendary golfers from the past besides Nicklaus and Arnold Palmer are involved. Walmart clearly got the shaft out of this group with an embarrassing offering. The courses will probably be available to purchase as DLC at release or soon after making the most appealing options when it comes solely to the bonuses to go though Best Buy or Origin.

  • I’m not a diehard Tiger Fan, so honestly, the Walmart offer is kinda of appealing, mainly because it’s funny. Although Charles Barkley would’ve been a better offer.

    • James

      dunno, when you look back at tiger woods pga tour 13, the exclusive characters of jeremy roenick, wayne rooney, etc. is now free for download but course dlc still isn’t. In terms of value after the fact, it might be best to get one of the others and then pick up the roddick, love character in a couple months for free. however, its still not guarenteed it will turn out the same way.

      • mcmax3000

        The courses are up for download, just not for free, though you can unlock them free with in game coins like the other DLC courses.

  • mcmax3000

    I was busy last week, and missed the feature list post before now. Seriously, WTF are they doing with this game?

    I like the Tiger Woods series, albeit nowhere near to the degree I liked Links on the original Xbox, and I defended (and still will defend) last year’s game, but I haven’t seen a feature list so generic, and bare of anything new since MLB 2K12 had so little to highlight that it mentioned the soundtrack.

    I’d like to think there are at least some new features that they’re going to talk about as they get close to launch, but holy crap, they didn’t even hint at any with what they’ve released so far.

    • Keith.

      Given how badly TW13 sold (160,000 on 360 here in the US, and 120,000 on PS3), I’m not surprised to see EA putting next to no resources into this year’s game. EA knows that die-hard golf fans will still buy the game (as well as the same DLC courses they bought last year), and that nobody else cares, so they’ll continue to milk the die-hards for everything they can.

      • mcmax3000

        I’m sure there will be at least a couple of new things that we’ll hear about closer to launch (Given the cover, and the various historic things sprinkled into the info that has come out, I expect some sort of historical career/moments mode), but at the moment, I can’t see any way that I’d be buying this one, and Tiger is one of the few series I usually pick up every year (it’s really been down to Tiger & MLB: The Show, neither of which I’m expecting to get next year at the moment).