NBA 2K13 Week Three Upcoming Roster Update Discussion

Posted November 21st, 2012 at 9:45 am

There may not be much hope of 2K Sports producing a completely satisfactory roster update for NBA 2K13 but still the tracking of players outperforming or underperforming compared to their ratings should continue to be scrutinized. In the last update 6 players were added bringing the number of missing down to 19. The additions were joined by 9 players adjusted up in ratings and 5 going down as well as the unlock for the alternate and Christmas jerseys.

Players who have stood out in the last two weeks or more that should get some consideration for ratings increases include Jose Calderon, Andre Drummond, Anderson Varejao, Carmelo Anthony, DeMar DeRozan, Kyle Lowry, Darren Collison, Damian Lillard, Jrue Holiday, O.J. Mayo, Kemba Walker, and Jamal Crawford. Injuries should in theory affect the status of Kyrie Irving and Stephen Jackson. As always leave your thoughts in the comments on what you want to see out of the next roster update for NBA 2K13!

  • I finally sprung the $$$ I was keeping away from this inept company’s pockets on this game last week. I regret it. It was everything I’d imagined it’d be: a money grubbing corporation’s work, accompanied by a lack of respect from its developer for its consumer base. A less than desirable product. I feel just about as bad as I did earlier this year when I bought MW3 for $39.99 when it was on sale.

    Maybe this upcoming ‘patch’ will fix things, maybe it won’t.. I personally wouldn’t bet on it. In the meantime it’ll stay listed on the site I’m selling it for. Thanks for nothing, 2k Sports.

    • smsixx

      Jesus Christ man…don’t hold back ok. lol

      • Keith.

        Lol…this dude’s a tool.

        • A tool? You can do better, Keith. That is if you’re referring to me, probably are.

        • Riposte

          He actually sounds a bit like you.

  • HV

    I understand that 2K doesn’t know players outside the NBA, but these weeks showed that Shved is way better than they made him.

  • jondawali

    i think if any of you can speak directly to a 2k employee, please have them stop removing injured players from the lineup….because their hurt in real life i can play with them that’s stupid reality has nothing to do with simulated games

    • HV

      In FIFA you just have to press one button to toggle that on or off…

    • indycolts

      just go edit the rotation of the team… i don’t think this works online but it will locally.

  • TheSpartanZombie

    Morrow has not started a single game for the Hawks. Anthony Davis needs to move to PF, Lance Stephenson should be starting 2. Stoudemire and Shumpert need to move to IR

  • Just becuz Madden updates every week doesn’t mean this game has to also. So we should see players going up and down based off a couple games?? Durant should go down a point or two becuz he isnt leading the league in scoring? lol. The ratings are just fine on most of these players. Jamal Crawford is playing just like he always has. You just never noticed it.

  • Missing Jerseys Still
  • AmazinsCowboys

    Brook Lopez has been playing very well

  • quaheem

    jr smith & ramon felton and rasheed wallace need there ratings upgraded felton is a 74 should be at lease higher than jason kid who is a 80. felton have better stats then kid…wallace should be better rated than camby who is rated at 73..smith is at 75. should be a 80 at best. his defense got alot better plus he avg 15 a game off the bench..

  • I agree Andre Drummond should be better than a 59 rating and the Pistons are missing Kyle Singler. Singler has been starting for the Pistons.

    It can’t be that hard. What’s the hold up?

  • Cowboys5

    nicolas batum maybe? He’s playing great for the blazers

  • Chico Man

    When Live announced dynamic dna 2K all of a sudden started doing perfect roster updates after every game. They have no competition now so no need to do well.

  • Kicks

    Brain mullens should have an 70 3pointer he makes 3 pointers