Ultimate Team Mode in Madden NFL 13 Will Offer New Way to Play

Posted November 28th, 2012 at 4:45 pm

Earlier today the news hit that another patch for Madden NFL 13 is imminent and that it will primarily focus on adding new features to Ultimate Team mode. Now Game Informer has information on an additional feature that will be added to the game on Friday presumably through a server-side update.

Known as “Draft Duels” the feature involves essentially drafting a team from card packs against an opponent and then facing off with those teams on the field. Coins and Ultimate Team packs will be allocated based on performance in the mode and the cards are kept after. The Draft Duel packs have to be purchased (with coins or real money) to participate.

Each player starts out with a pre-determined number of unopened, Draft Duels specific card packs that contain nine players apiece. Both players pick one card from their pack during a timed round that varies based on whether you play the short or standard version of the mode, which also determines whether you start out with one or three Draft Duel packs, respectively (five-pack Duels may be available after launch). The next round you get to see all the cards in your opponent’s pack and you pick from their pack and vice versa. In subsequent rounds you alternate between picking from your pack and his/hers until all the packs are opened and players picked. At launch Draft Duel players will come in bronze, silver, and gold flavors.

While those who enjoy Ultimate Team may like this new spin on the mode, which adds a new element of strategy to playing games rather than constantly building up and facing stronger well-established units, again those who don’t care about it will feel as though resources are being allocated to the wrong areas of the game as many expressed earlier today. Given the huge revenue generated by Ultimate Team mode though it should be no surprise that EA Sports will try to keep momentum going there by adding content as the season starts to wind down.

  • Venn

    Interesting but dont think it would make me want to play ultimate team. Cool though that they keep adding new things.

    • Ernest

      Yeah Venn, its so “cool” that they’re adding these new worthless fucking things.

      • Keith.

        Wonder which of the EA Game Changers will admit to being satisfied by this patch? Then again it’s not like any of those clowns have the balls to ID themselves around here anyways.

  • another ea money grab just in time for christmas shopping

    • Keith.

      Fewer and fewer people are buying Madden and NCAA each year, and those who are still buying are doing so at fire sale prices. EA is desperate to make up those losses. This is their answer. Let’s call it like it is.

    • Fuck a patch for MUT. How about a patch to fix the poor pass protection and run pulling AI? I mean, that’s only been a problem for like 8 years.

      • Panamajack13

        I agree with you on the pass protection but if you aren’t getting good blocks from pulling linemen then you’re not using offensive line shifts correctly.

        • That has nothing to do with an upfield blocking problem. During an upfield run a lineman has a responsibility to guard against any defender that’s in his lane or close enough to his lane. But in Madden, blockers routinely IGNORE the defender either running right by him (the most prevalent issue) or taking a defender who poses no threat to the runner (a secondary but frequent problem). That’s not football.

          It’s the equivalent of a man standing right in front of you and you’re about to fight, but instead of you throwing a punch at HIM you throw a punch at the air or throw a punch and hit another guy who is several feet beside you.

          Broken AI. Plain and simple.

  • David

    All I want is a transactions log.

  • Tony

    Who gives an F about ultimate team? No amount of features is going to make it interesting. Why don’t they try to fix one or 2 of the thousands of things wrong with the relevant part of the game.

    • Keith.

      It’s easier for them to try and create new digital revenue streams each year than it is for them to grow revenues from old revenue streams. One year it’s introducing the Online Pass, the next it’s something like Season Pass or NCAA uniforms for sale, now it’s a new form of MUT. It’s all a big joke in my opinion but that’s how Riccotello the CEO is running the ship.

      • Truth in reporting

        And guess who always offers free advertisement, under the guise of shared information, for all of EA’s greedy little money grab attempts?

        Guess who never has a negative opinion, or ANY opinion for that matter, on EA’s newest money grab scams?

        Guess who’s trying to sell you on all this garbage, while he gets his money for you visiting his site? I’m sure you can figure it out.

  • Truth in reporting

    I find it funny how Pasta does these write ups, and shares no personal opinion about this type of crap, other than recommending that his site visitors, “click the Amazon link to buy the game, as it helps the site out a lot”.

    The overriding opinion of Madden NFL13 buyers on Amazon is “This game SUCKS. Thanks a lot Pastapadre. Hope you made YOUR money!!!”

    • Keith.

      I can imagine the beating he’d give 2k if they ever came out with a “patch” like this. Don’t be surprised to see M13 ahead of The Show (don’t think he even has a PS3 or Vita) and NBA2k13 in his year end Top 10 list either. That’s the way things go here (and with the rest of the tit-sucking video game media).

      • Truth in reporting

        Oh, no doubt in my mind that Pasta is a totally biased Xbox 360 supporter. He was a part of “MaddenNation”, so no matter how bad any Madden game released this gen, turned out to be, I’m sure he would never tell anybody that he couldn’t recommend them buying the game. This is all about money for him. It’s his “hustle”. He could care less how bad Madden was, he would still recommend that people click his Amazon link to buy the crappy ass game. He has no fucking integrity at all. I love how he always says EA never answers his emails, and that he’s been blacklisted. Truth is, EA is his pimp. Without EA, he can’t make his money off of these fools wasting their money on crappy Madden games every year.

        • Keith.

          Exactly. Look back at the articles that trumpeted the “improved post-launch” support that would supposedly be coming this year for Madden, even before the game was released:


          Or the article from 2 weeks ago, when he said “there is much that people are looking for out of a fourth patch for Madden NFL 13 – which has not been confirmed but almost certainly will be coming in the next few weeks.”


          Seems to me like all of this was said just to keep stringing people along, hoping they wouldn’t trade in their game until sometime after Black Friday, when the fire sale hit. Sad.

          • Truth in reporting

            Exactly!!! He needs his regular site visitors to keep coming back! If people were to trade in MaddenNFL13, which most people already have, Pasta’s Madden articles would start to look like his NHL articles, the comment totals would be little to none. Madden is his little money maker, that’s why he can’t be honest in his write ups about how awful Madden really is. Who else out there is running a so called sports gaming site where all of EA’s crappy wares are constantly on display? And no matter how bad the games are, Pasta would still find some way to support the idea that these idiots should continue clicking the link and buying them every year, as “it helps the site out a lot”. That line is fucking classic. Good job Pasta. Good job. Keep the clicks clicking.

  • Bill

    Man U all bitch a lot. This is the best madden ever and it’s even better than 2k5. Keith get a life. 2k13 is good too but online is cheesed the fuck out. The earlier madden patch was the most significant patch of any sports game all year.

    • Truth in reporting

      You saying this is the best Madden ever, is the same thing as saying Mitt Romney was the best of all the republican candidates that ran for president. Let me tell you something. Shit is still shit, even if it slid out of Taylor Swift’s ass. It’s still smells like shit to us, and a lot of us obviously have much higher expectations than you do. Enjoy that shit you’re playing. It should have been a whole lot better by now. Madden 13 should have been the starting point for this gen, not the ending point. It’s pure garbage, and if the Playstation Store had an HD version of NFL2K5 up for download, I would jump all over it.

      • Bill

        Do u even have this game? I’ve still been playing this much more than 2k online. What’s missing? Franchise mode? Connected career coach mode is the same fucking thing. Everyone bitches because they can’t make a fucking super team of all 99 rated players and play on the se team with four friends. Give me a break. What other sport game has has better post launch support? 2k? Shit Kevin love still isn’t even back in the game. Pure bull shit.

        • Keith.

          “What’s missing?”

          How about:

          — in game saves

          — more than 1 gameplay camera angle

          — realistic OL/DL interaction

          — realistic ball physics

          — realistic CPU playcalling

          — a fix for the salary cap glitch

          — Assisted Tackle stats

          And that’s just off the top of my head.

          • Keith sucks nut sack

            Whats missing with 2k,

            -Being able to block dunks

            -19 players

            -realistic reactions to certain parts of play(by this I mean, players doing double clutch lay ups in wide open situations and end up missing the lay up)

            -realistic foul calls

            -real life player faces(on some people)

            -you can’t go back to VC once you go to SP(not my problem but a lot of people got it)

            -realistic ratings for players

            and thats just off the top of my head.

        • Truth in reporting

          Fool, I HAD the game. I traded that Connected Careers garbage in a long time ago while I could still fetch a decent price for it. The graphics, animations, and gameplay still SUCK. I repeat. GARBAGE.

          • Bill

            Ok I get it. You’re pissed you traded it in and the patch released later. The graphics are far better than nba 2k and its not even close

          • Jon Jon

            Ok Bill. You just said something really stupid. Can I ask you a question completely off the record?

            Are you that stupid?

  • russ

    MUT is FUBAR now. If it ain’t broken don’t mess with it.