More Under Armour Alternates Uniforms Added to NCAA Football 13

Posted December 18th, 2012 at 5:15 pm


A new pack of alternate uniforms for NCAA Football 13 is available now for $2 on the Xbox 360 and will go out on the PS3 on January 15. Under Armour is again featured with black alternates for Temple and Northwestern along with the “Pride” look for Maryland. Check out an image of each in the FB album.

Until two weeks ago no additional alternate uniforms by manufacturers besides Reebok had been made available. Three packs for Under Armour have since gone out with the previous two detailed earlier. EA Sports has still offered no response to inquires regarding why companies such as Nike and Russell have yet to have their new uniforms appear (and likely won’t at all) and why the PS3 is getting these latest packs several weeks after the 360.

  • No offense, but for all the times I’ve had to head PS3 fans constantly harp on getting free online service and a Blu-ray player, I kind of find it funny that they continually get shafted when it comes to post-release DLC, support, etc. (Especially Skyrim lol)

    • Keith.

      No offense, but I kind’ve find it funny that there are some idiots out there who don’t mind paying for alternate uniforms (especially more than once with NCAA lol).

      • Eh, to each his own. Only ones I’d consider buying are the ones with Northwestern featured (I’m from Chicago, bit of a fan) as well as the Notre Dame ones.

        The way I look at it, I could drop, what, $4 on those two packs or $4+ on a meal from Wendy’s. At least I’ll have the packs longer than 30 minutes.

        But I don’t have the game so oh well.

  • Keith.

    LoL — I don’t think I can recall customers ever getting nickel and dimed worse than having to pay extra for each crappy set of alternate uniforms.

    I saw a story at OS today that The Show has added a bunch of new throwbacks for next year’s game — guess that didn’t deserve a thread here, since they’ll be free (and since it’s SCEA rather than EA).

  • JohnQuinceyAdams

    EA. suck my cock and go fuck yourselves if you think I’m gonna buy this shit. I don’t even your your piece of shit game, you assholes!

    • All of this DLC just seems to indicate that they’re losing money on units and are trying to gain ground another way. It’s like EA’s strategy is to ignore the core reason for them losing unit integrity (reason being the quality of the actual product) and instead focus on stopping the bleeding through selling extra content (DLC). It’s like when a movie bombs at the Box Office and they then put whatever they have left towards pushing fad merchandise and a cheap DVD.

      • Keith.


  • sruiz59

    Did they update the primary uniforms for maryland. Initially they had last years unis.

    They should look like this:

  • ibnj

    Which school had Reebok jerseys???

  • JHart24

    I sent EA NCAA Football a tweet the other day asking about the Ohio State uniforms from Nike that OSU wore against the team from up North and the response was, “Thanks for the suggestion. We appreciate the feedback.” There has to be some contractual things going on here.

    And as for the Reebok stuff, I believe Reebok is a subsidiary of adidas so they are essentially one in the same minus the logos.

  • lonnie

    these should all be free,if the teams are wearing these uniforms this year,than they should be in this years game,,gee we pay 60 bucks for the game than have to buy the uniforms for the teams…no thanks…

  • JG

    It truly sucks to wait on what was verbally promised by EA, but $2 doesn’t ruffle my feathers. Any progression is better than none.

  • Just a guy

    $2? That’d be a good deal if I cared about any of these teams or even played NCAA still. I don’t on both.

  • Chris

    This is off topic but I can’t get my school’s Program Tradition past D+ even after winning 5 conference championships in a row plus multiple National Championships. I’m all patched up. Anyone else still having this issue?