MLB 13: The Show Introduces Universal Profile and New Throwback Uniforms

Posted December 19th, 2012 at 11:00 am


SCEA has released some additional details on MLB 13: The Show relating to a new “Universal Profile” and throwback uniforms that will be available. Given that it is mid-December, when typically only cover athlete and basic features have been discussed in the past, the news makes for interesting information to digest before the bigger features are to be revealed beginning in January. An initial features list has already made its way out. 

The Universal Profile will track progress in MLB 13 while also displaying any information from recent years of playing the series. It shows off the “XP” earned in each mode providing a sense of where time has been spent along with recent results, overall win-loss record, and other statistics. This is probably a first step towards the day when Franchise and Road to the Show progress will be able to roll over to the next release instead of being forced to start from scratch every year. Sports game developers have working towards being able to offer such as option but as of yet none have been able to produce such a breakthrough.

The company also noted that each team in MLB 13 will have two throwback options to wear and over 30 of them will be new to the series. Throwbacks that have been singled out include the 1908 Red Sox and 1934 Reds. In the FB album check out screenshots of a few of them along with a look at the Universal profile.

  • mcmax3000

    “This is probably a first step towards the day when Franchise and Road to
    the Show progress will be able to roll over to the next release instead
    of being forced to start from scratch every year.”

    That would be awesome, though it would be strange to introduce that right before what is likely the launch of new consoles. Either way, a definite must have feature.

    Throwback uniforms are cool, but my team has already had a couple every year, so won’t be a huge addition to me.

  • Keith.

    Pasta I am extremely sorry for telling you that you do not post bout the show, clearly from this post you do, I am extremely sorry for being a douchebag faggot, please forgive me. 🙁

  • Keith.

    Pasta, this new Universal Profile feature is going to bust you for always criticizing the game without ever actually playing it.

    Then again, you’ve already been busted for that:

    • LOL. Keith stays on Pasta’s ass like a tough Police Detective on a drug dealer.

    • Amen_Ra

      Yeah Pasta probably frauding on these games, but neither of these announcements is ground breaking

    • mcmax3000

      All that means is that he hasn’t played the game in any online matches. My profile looks exactly the same:

      and I’ve played more of The Show than any other sports game this year. Hell, if you went by my profile, you’d think I didn’t get the game until May, because that’s when I finally redeemed the online pass.

      His PSN profile shows four trophies earned, so someone has definitely played the game on his profile.

      • Keith.

        Look back at his complaints about the Show the last 3-4 years — his biggest (and really only) beef has been with online. Pretty hard to fairly criticize something you haven’t played.

        • mcmax3000

          I could be wrong, as I haven’t touched the stat section of the site since MLB 11 when I was trying to do an online league with some friends from work (which got destroyed by the big PSN outage), but I think the site only reflects ranked matches, so I don’t think those zeros necessarily mean he hasn’t played any online matches at all.

          I played a few online matches with a friend in MLB 11, and I THINK they didn’t show up on the site either, but I’m going completely from memory on that one (and they wipe the website stats from the previous year as soon as the new game goes online).

          Either way, you’ve been portraying him as having never played the game at all, which is flat out false according to his PSN profile that I easily looked up online in 20 seconds.

          • Keith.

            My online profile shows my record as 2-2, which is correct as I’ve only played a grand total of 4 games online, none of which were ranked matches.

            The guy’s been sh$%#ing all over The Show’s online for a few years now, and the link I gave shows he has 0 wins, 0 losses, and 0 disconnects in MLB12. With this new Universal Profile feature, we’ll see in a few months if anything changes when it comes to him playing online with MLB13.

          • mcmax3000

            Like I said, I could be completely off on the ranked thing. It’s been a year & a half since I did anything with The Show online, so I fully admit if I was wrong on that.

            (It’s also possible that they changed that since 11, as I’m still pretty sure that’s how it was in last year’s game)

    • LOL

  • Stinkbait

    Well it’s good to see that the ump is paying close attention to the play lol

  • Molested by Mr. Met

    oh you all haven’t heard? Baseball is boring.

    • lonnie

      love your name name lol..thats

  • Really hope they add some immersive aspects to the game. The thing I loved about 2K ,and what Madden did this year, is news stories from around the league. Gets one into their franchise. Yes, even the tweets were pretty cool. W/O that type of stuff, kinda just another roster update for me. Reason I skipped mlb12.

  • Jesus

    I honestly can’t wait for the new playoff mode. I love doing it in NBA 2K, and I really wish Madden had a playoff mode. As long as it has playoff baseball atmosphere it should be a pretty cool mode.