Another Week Nine NBA 2K13 Roster Update

Posted January 5th, 2013 at 12:15 pm


2K Sports has released a new roster update for NBA 2K13 following the one on Thursday which only dealt with adjusting the injury status for many players. This latest update boosts ratings for some names that were long overdue for credit after overperforming compared to expectations so far this season. Only three players received a drop to their ratings and Avery Johnson remains on the sideline as the coach of the Nets.

Ratings UP: Larry Sanders (+8 to 73), Greivis Vasquez (+3 to 73), J.R. Smith (+3 to 82), Nikola (+7 to 68), Danilo Gallinari (+4 to 76), Lance Stephenson (+5 to 69), Paul George (+2 to 81), James Harden (+3 to 86), Marcus Morris (+3 to 68), J.J. Hickson (+3 to 76), David Lee (+3 to 84), Stephen Curry (+1 to 83)

Ratings DOWN: Deron Williams (-3 to 86), Brook Lopez (-1 to 79), Andre Iguodala (-2 to 85)

Injury Status: Anderson Varejao (-9 to 67), Sam Young (-8 to 60), Trevor Ariza (returns – 76)

  • netsfan

    I agree with Dwill but why are they lowering Lopez…guy is playing like an allstar

  • Bnasty187

    How does Brook Lopez get a -1. Avg 18.9, 7.5, 2.3 blks shooting 52 percent SMH. Take a minute and compare to other centers!

    • Wematanye

      His rebounding is terrible, if he could average more than 7.5 rebounds a game he would be a 83-85

      • Phillyballer625

        Yea, the guy is 7′ tall and he can only bring down 7.5 rebounds a game? Smh…

    • CJ

      Mediocre rebounder, very mediocre defender, and has not gotten better.

  • 2kfann

    Ryan Anderson been deserving too go up a few ratings

  • Skopin

    So they move Varejao down when he’s injured, but when he’s playing as arguably one of the best centers in the NBA, he gets nothing. What a joke. And he’s not even the only cavs player to be ignored while playing well above their rating.

  • BigMackAttack

    That looks so little like Larry Sanders its hilarious.

  • Alldayerrday

    Really lowering Brook Lopez when he’s Ben averaging 25 and 10 since Avery has been fired? Wow

  • Keith.

    Anybody else playing My Career? I’m into February of my first season and have been blown away by the some of the things I’ve seen (a TV commercial featuring MyPlayer, Easy Breezey, playing in the Rising Stars Challenge, all the unique commentary, the pick’em at every half, etc.). What a great, great game (and I’m no basketball fan).

    • Phil Shannon

      Yea myplayer is great. You are too a basketball fan, you always talk how good nba 2k13 is.

    • H-Town

      My name is Keith and when pasta posts something about NBA 2k13 Roster updates that are clearly bad i decide to post something about mycareer

  • All of you guys are right plus will bynum of my sorry ass pistons has been playing waaayaabove his rating.

  • Bon

    Pasta, you need to start putting who gained sig skill.

  • Mason Drews

    [B][SIZE=”4″]Needed Portland Changes as of 1/5/2013[/SIZE][/B]

    Put Victor Claver/Joel Freeland in active lineup (swap out for Nolan Smith/Jared Jeffries)

    [B][SIZE=”4″]Add sig skills: [/SIZE][/B]

    Lillard “Closer”

    J.J Hickson “Hustle Points/Scrapper”

    [SIZE=”4″][B]Attribute changes:[/B][/SIZE]

    Nicolas Batum (79-80 OVR):

    Play style “All around”

    Shot 3pt from 85 to 83

    Pass from 44 to 74

    On-ball defense from 82 to 85

    “Play pass lane” tendency from 69 to 81

    Meyers Leonard(59-60 OVR):

    Free throw from 73 to 88

    Offensive rebound from 68 to 73

    Defensive rebound from 64 to 68

    Commit foul tendency from 58 to 70

    Contest shot tendency from 62 to 71

    Wesley Matthews (77 OVR):

    Shot inside from 77 to 79

    Shot medium from 67 to 70

    Shot 3pt from 84 to 86

    Free throw from 86 to 74

    Shoot in traffic from 63 to 65

    [SIZE=”4″][B]Shot Release changes:[/B][/SIZE]

    Damian Lillard:

    Shot Form: K. Malone

    Shot Base: T. Parker

    Fadeaway: W. Johnson

    Runner: Bigman Textbook

    Dribble Pull up: Elite 9

    Free throw: D. Howard

    Wesley Matthews:

    Shot Form: Release 71

    Shot Base: T. Duncan

    Luke Babbitt:

    Shot Form: Release 35

    Shot Base: Set Shot 2

    Joel Freeland:

    Shot Form: Release 47

    Shot Base: M. Yao

    Ronnie Price:

    Shot Form: Release 25

    Shot Base: Jump Shot 1


    [B][SIZE=”3″]Damian Lillard:[/SIZE][/B]


    Left arm ADD padded sleeve

    Left/Right Knees add “Hex Pad”

    Sock Length (Medium Long Socks)

    Add Tattoos

    [B][SIZE=”3″]LaMarcus Aldridge:[/SIZE][/B]


    Right Arm ([B]Padded[/B] Sleeve)

    Add Beard (if Possible)

    Shoe Style (Nike Hyperposite) add them to game

    Dunk Package 4: Basic Two-Handers off Two

    [B][SIZE=”3″]Nicolas Batum:[/SIZE][/B]


    Left Wrist (Rubberband) (1st/2nd Color White)

    Right Wrist (Rubberband) (1st/2nd Color White)

    Shorts (Pressure Shorts)

    Shorts Color (Black)

    [B][SIZE=”3″]Wesley Matthews:[/SIZE][/B]

    Left Leg (Hex Pad Half Calf Sleeve)

    Right Leg (Hex Pad Half Calf Sleeve)

    Left Knee (Sleeve) Fix glitch that doesn’t allow for combo of Calf Sleeve and knee pads

    Right Knee (Sleeve)

    [B][SIZE=”3″]Luke Babbitt:[/SIZE][/B]

    Shooting Form: Release 35

    Shot Base: Set Shot 2

    Right Arm ([B]Padded[/B] Sleeve Black)

    Left Leg (Hex Pad Half Calf Sleeve) (Team Color 2)

    Right Leg (Hex Pad Half Cald Sleeve) (Team Color 2)

    [B][SIZE=”3″]Will Barton:[/SIZE][/B]

    Add Headband

    [B][SIZE=”3″]Nolan Smith:[/SIZE][/B]

    Add Headband

    Medium socks

    Add Black rubberband to left wrist

    Crazy light II’s

    • Riley

      Dude, Portland is not that good. I see enough of you on OS. Don’t come here too.

  • arrn

    what the hell made 2k want to lower brook lopez?

  • Still think some rockets players need a boost

    Osik needs to be mid 70’s with his rebounding and defence up
    Greg smith playing well off the bench up into the 60’s
    and lin just up a little bit after finding some form

  • JacksonHart

    How in the world is James Harden only an 86?

    Should EASILY be in the 90’s

  • does anyone know what larry sanders blocking is after this update?? he’s leading the league in blocks per game, so it should be in the high 90’s…

  • anyone know larry sanders blocking after this update?? hes leading the league in blocks pergame, so it should be in the high 90’s….

  • Christian Jacobs

    Brook Lopez DOWN?! These guys are on crack. Thank God for Bedwardsroy and his LEGIT rosters!

  • disgruntledjammer

    why can’t EA provide roster updates for NBA Jam On Fire Edition?

  • AmazinsCowboys

    Haha the fact that Brook Lopez was only an 80 to begin with and actually went down a point is a joke. The man is the best offensive Center in the league and his points per 48 minutes are 6th in the league in front of D-Wade and behind LeBron and Harden. 2K what a joke. You guys will point to his rebounding yet he’s playing on the court most of the time with Kris Humphries and Reggie Evans who are basically designated rebounders. The Nets are one of the better rebounding teams in the league so him not averaging Varejao numbers don’t hurt. His RPG are right behind Marc Gasol, who everybody loves, and he’s actually a more efficient rebounder than he is. Also a more efficient rebounder than Chris Bosh and right behind Al Horford. Turned himself into one of the better shot-blockers in the league and has been improving on defense. SMH 2K I can understand dropping Deron a bit but dropping Brook Lopez is a disgrace.