Madden NFL 13 Wild Card Weekend Upcoming Roster Update Discussion

Posted January 7th, 2013 at 2:00 pm


With Wild Card Weekend in the books not just the eight teams involved but all others are expected to get sweeping ratings changes with the next Madden NFL 13 roster update and/or over the course of the month. Last week’s update was significant but primarily intended to return injured players and readjust depth charts for the teams headed into the offseason.

Based on performances in the Wild Card games players like Duane Brown, Erik Walden, Johnathan Joseph, Leon Hall, Reed Doughty, Paul Kruger, Alan Branch, Zach Miller, Anquan Boldin, and Owen Daniels will likely receive upgrades. Those who can expect to drop include Andy Dalton, Matt Schaub, Joe Webb, Jermaine Gresham, and Rey Maualuga.

As always leave your thoughts in the comments on what players should be adjusted with the next Madden NFL 13 roster update!

  • helm0

    Russell Wilson, Lynch, and Bruuuuce too

    • TheAlphaTurtle

      Wilson can have is impact blocking go up i guess but what did he do that would make him deserve an increase?

  • Even though the cowboys didnt make it they should get a bump in ratings ~Donny Moore

    • Kyle M

      Are you kidding? He always rips the Cowboys off.

      • CJ

        Only Cowboys fans believe this.

        • vic

          lmao!!! so true

        • vic

          lmao!! so true

  • Mason Drews

    Cowboys are missing the following players

    Vince Agnew CB Central Michigan
    Ikponmwosa Igbinosun DE Southern Connecticut State
    Micah Pellerin CB Hampton
    Brian Price DT UCLA
    Brashton Satele LB Hawaii
    Andre Smith TE Virginia Tech
    Nick Stephens QB Tarleton State
    Monte Taylor LB Cincinnati

    • JJ

      They’re also missing from the playoffs.

  • Mike Jones

    Lets deduct Matt Ryan another two points, shall we?

    ~ Donny Moore

  • who

    1 comment – non playoff related
    the Eagles in the last 2 years are 12-20
    I dare EA to make them play like that

  • JC

    How pathetic am I? I see this screen shot of Ray Lewis and all I can think is: “gee, look at that facemask…amazing Madden has this and NCAA can’t even get the generic revo speed 2 bar that most skill players and QBs wear!”.

    • Christian Jacobs

      Right facemask. Wrong helmet. Don’t give ’em TOO much credit. Lol!


    If youre team is not in the playoffs…..dont ask for a ratings boost youre scrub ass team is irrelevant

    • RandomGuy

      Well if Donny Moore didn’t have a habit of dropping, non-playoff teams during the playoffs, then we wouldn’t ask.

  • Justin

    Joe Webb shouldnt drop, what can you expect out of a guy that hasnt thrown a pass all season.

  • DRT

    Denver Broncos

    WR Andre Caldwell – Helmet change to Air XP / Robot
    WR Trindon Holliday – Helmet change to Air XP / Robot
    CB Omar Bolden – Facemask change to Robot
    RG Chris Kuper – Facemask change to REVO Speed Full Cage (Straight)
    LOLB Von Miller – Visor change to None


    TE Virgil Green as been an absolute stud in run blocking since last year.
    TE Jacob Tamme is not known for run blocking.

    TE Jacob Tamme / 6’3 / 230lbs / 60s run block ratings
    TE Virgil Green / 6’5 / 250lbs / 40s run block ratings (if I recall correctly)


    • RandomGuy

      Normally I would agree…BUT THEY HAVEN’T PLAYED YET

      • DRT

        I just checked Tamme’s stats and his run block stats are in the 50s, but Virgil has gotten NO JUSTICE FOR NEARLY TWO SEASONS.

        p.s. Brandon Weedon needs a freaking visor.

    • FrstRdDrftPk

      Denver’s Defense has been WAY more disrespected. Vickerson, Bannan, and Wolfe have a combined total of 112 tackles on the leagues 2nd best run D. They’ve held the opposition to 3.5 yds per carry yet their D Line’s avg rating is 80!!! I agree about VG but TE is the least of my worries in this game. CB is also a travesty but at this point I’ve accepted that Donny Moore just isn’t very good at keeping on top of player’s correct attributes.

  • Huejac2

    Why is Andrew Luck rated higher than Josh Freeman? Is QBR? No because Josh has a 81.6 QBR while Luck has a 76.5. Is it TD to INT ratio? No Josh has 27 TD’s & 17 INT’s a plus 10 ratio. Luck has 23 TD’s & 18 INT’s a plus 5 ratio. Is it completion percentage? No because Josh’s completion percentage is 54.8 compared to Luck’s 54.1. The numbers supposed be basd on individual profrmance right? Other wise Seahawks Lynch would be rated higher than AP right? Based on the stats all Luck has over Josh is hype.

    • FryBread

      Is Josh Freeman in the playoffs? lol nope and Luck’s rookie season is way beyond Freeman’s rookie season

      • Huejac2

        The Colts are in the play offs not Luck. Based on your criterion Beast Mode should higher rated than AP. After all Beast Mode is still in the play offs. But again are we talking about football a team sport or singles tennis a individual sport?

        • Derpt34

          But he did say Luck had a greater impact, the biggest impact player on the buccaneers is Doug Martin and he is a candidate for ROTY. Freeman had an above average season for his standards, but nowhere near as spectacular as Luck’s amazing comebacks with the small talent pool on the colts offense (minus Reggie Wayne).

    • JJ

      Stats don’t tell the whole story, Luck had a bigger impact because he took the NFL’s worst team and got them to the playoffs.

  • boo this game

    Anyone else get misty eyed when they heard about ray lewis?
    Damn Im ganna miss that dude. what a special human being

    • RandomGuy

      nope. He’s still alive.





  • adam hill

    Terrell Pryor should go up

  • Derpt34

    Everyone needs to stop being so butthurt about their team not getting boosts and how Donny Moore gives Cowboys “uneeded” boosts. BTW, I’m not one of those “cowboys fans” as so many of you regard to them now (Let’s Go PACK)!

  • kingcrab

    Michael crabtree should be a 90OVR!!!