NCAA Football 14 Cover Vote Moves to Second Round

Posted January 8th, 2013 at 1:30 pm

EA Sports has announced the 32 schools that are moving on in the competition to have their representative on the cover of NCAA Football 14. The group is unchanged from when the update was released last week with the exception of USC somehow bumping out Army despite getting virtually no support in either of the polls they were involved in. 

1- Notre Dame
2- Stanford
3- Oregon
4- LSU
5- Texas A&M
6- Ohio State
7- Nebraska
8- Michigan
9- Kansas State
10- Penn State
11- West Virginia
12- Florida State
13- Clemson
14- Florida
15- Kentucky
16- Wisconsin
17- Alabama
18- TCU
19- Miami
20- Georgia
21- Utah
22- Oklahoma
23- Tennessee
24- Arkansas
25- Missouri
26- Oregon State
27- Georgia Tech
28- Iowa
29- Texas
30- Navy
31- USC
32- BYU

The handling of this cover vote has been a complete mess from the start. The initial announcement from EA laid out how to support the schools and that it would go beyond just the main poll on Facebook by counting in likes, comments, shares, tweets, Instagram photos, and Youtube videos. That was confusing enough considering it would be practically impossible to effectively track all those things or for anyone to have faith in their methodology. Apparently in mid-stream the company changed course and made it all about secondary FB polls and didn’t make this clear until the initiative was three weeks deep. Even the end date for the round, which was stated to be 12/31, was arbitrarily extended a week.

At least now EA is making it clear how the voting will be conducted by clearly stating it will be FB polls alone allowing fans the ability to show their support in this manner. It’s unlikely any of the schools slighted in the process of the first round would have pulled out the win at the end anyway so hopefully things are conducted more appropriately going forward. They have also revealed that it will be a cover athlete that comes from the winner and not just a school-centric cover. Once the field is narrowed to eight programs potential cover athletes will be announced. The round of 32, which will lead to the top 16 moving on, opens tomorrow and runs through January 15.

  • gregg

    This whole thing is a sham. At least after last night EA probably cant put Notre Dame on the cover like they were planning to.

  • Anon

    Just put Bama on the cover and scrap this terribly organized voting system.

    • Who? Barrett Jones? Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh N O thanks.

  • eagleyedesigns

    Jesus. They can’t even get this shit right, let alone developing a football game…What do you expect? Just put South Alabama on the cover since you screwed them out of NCAA ’13…

  • Just put Montee Ball on the cover and be done with it.

  • Notre Dame does NOT deserve to be on the cover. This is all rigged, EA doesn’t give a crap about the fan base… looks like I’m skipping… again.

    • So you’re skipping the game because of the cover vote? If the cover – THE COVER, of all things – means that much to you where it determines where your $60 goes, you can just have someone make a custom cover for you.

      • EA, for the past three years, has shown little to no innovation. I’m not just complaining about the cover… if EA is going to rig the cover, which they promised THE FANS would choose, why should I expect anything different from them in gameplay… especially when the game has been crap for the last three years.

        • That’s a fair outlook. I’m personally hoping an assumed “improved” Infinity Engine isn’t the only addition or “improvement.”

          • They need to, imo, completely change the game. It doesn’t work. They need to start with the presentation… it sucks. ESPN doesn’t “feel” like ESPN in this game. It doesn’t feel like a TV broadcast. Gameplay is completely broken… a football game needs to feel like a football game. Teambuilder needs vast improvements. The Infinity Engine would be nice.

            I know this last part sounds kind of nit-picky, but the lighting in the last few versions have looked really weird.

  • I hope that Kentucky fanbase pulls through – that would be hilarious

  • Kindell Anderson

    If EA really wanted people to care they would let people that pre orders get a team specific cover of the college of their choosing and they would also team with Fathead to get something extra but this is EA and they still havent finished updating unis.

  • JC

    I left this game years ago, Madden is next

  • Mitchell

    I say get Navy on the cover.

  • kdarnell233

    it woul’ve been better if Old Dominion got the cover. EA would’ve shit themselves