First MLB 2K13 Screenshot and Details on Feature Set

Posted January 9th, 2013 at 7:15 pm


The surprise announcement that the MLB 2K series would return for another year – and the new license agreed upon with MLB is just for one year – came down this morning. Though the cover athlete news was announced along with it (David Price) no details on what to expect from the game feature wise were made immediately available.

Now though there is a early features list for the game that won’t quell any pessimism around how much work is going to be put into the product. It contains only features being carried over rather than anything new with the exception of a Playoff mode (which is also new this year in The Show). Given the constrained development cycle that may not be a surprise but it will make it even more difficult for consumers to justify the full $60 price tag. 

Total Control Pitching & Hitting – The original analog pitching and hitting controls remain the benchmark. Unmatched control and realism allow you to feel the action on both sides of the plate.

My Player – Experience the journey from Minor Leagues to MLB stardom. Choose your path, customize your player and work your way to the top.

MLB Today – Take the field in an authentic environment pulled from the real life MLB season. Featuring the latest rosters & lineups, and relevant commentary & stats overlays.

MLB Today Season – Play through the full 2013 MLB season, one day at a time. Real results combine with yours, allowing you to compete directly with real life MLB teams.

Dynamic Tendencies – Player performance fluctuates dynamically as player ratings update from pitch to pitch and at-bat to at-bat.

Inside Edge & Stats Inc. – Strategize for each at-bat with authentic scouting reports and data from Inside Edge & Stats Inc.

Franchise – Championship teams are built in the front office, and crowned on the field. Can you master both sides of the ball and build a dynasty?

Postseason – Relive the 2012 Postseason, or customize your own bracket and crown a new champion.

Home Run Derby – Go head to head with MLB’s greatest power hitters in a classic Derby format.

  • Irsh10

    Everyone who said this was just going to be a roster update was right.

    • dave travis

      Thank You I appreciate that!!! 😉

    • smsixx

      No its not…Dont forget that the Astros got new uniforms 🙂 lol

  • Dan

    This game is going to be so bad.

  • mcmax3000

    The only thing that prevents me from believing they just copied & pasted this list from last year is the lack mention of the soundtrack.

  • I know I am going to get lit up for saying this, but I am so excited this game is coming out.
    I know its not the greatest game but it does some this that I wish the show would do. Like shorter season in franchise mode and you can adjust the amount of innings per game. For some reason I have always found the series to be fun. Dont get me wrong the show is a better game all around and I will get both. But 2k13 will probably get more of my time than the Show!

    • I still love this game. there may be some flaws but the hitting and pitching are top notch and that has always been the main reason I come back yr after yr.

      • Keith.

        I’m not one of them, but there’s a lot of people who say they really like this game on other boards, and the sales numbers last year weren’t terrible (better than some of the other big name sports releases). For whatever reason though, Pasta always likes to rip the game, the same way I do Tiburon football.

        • Hank

          haha, yeah Pasta loves to rip on 2K. He’s not the only one. Kotaku did the same. Both writers act like 2K stole something from them.
          2K has flaws and bugs. Of that, there is no doubt. But like many of you have stated, the game is just plain fun. I absolutely adore the analog pitching and the hitting, with Hitters Eye, is incredibly fun as well.

    • clubguru

      I couldnt have said it better my friend.I don’t know why but mlb2k is so much more fun to play than the show even though over-all the show is better but ill take fu over boring any day

    • Hank

      It’s sad that us 2k fans feel the need to apologize for liking this series.
      I’ve grown tired of defending my choice of this over the competition.
      I thoroughly enjoy MLB2K and was overjoyed to hear that 2K13 was being released.
      March 5th can’t come fast enough.

      • Why do you have to be a 2K fan? Why can’t you just be a sports game fan who happens to like a game made by 2K?

        I don’t hate this game – I kinda like it, and think it takes way too much flack. But the folks busting on this game are as bad as those who root for NBA 2K while hating on NBA Live.

        The way they gave up on MLB 2K12 last year was pathetic – and one reason I never bothered to pick it up. I hope they make amends this year.

    • I like it quite a bit as well. I’m hoping it does release on the PC though. The commentary is heads above The Show IMO and the ability to quickly jump into a MyPlayer instance (it takes about 3 seconds on a PC) are two biggies for me.

    • Pretty funny, you’re not getting lit up at all! You’re getting props. I’m as surprised as you are.

      Having only an Xbox I am glad this game is coming out as well. At least I have the option of getting a baseball game (so I can see how my woeful Astros do with a DH!)

  • As someone pointed out to me on twitter…there are no fans on the Green Monster! Not a good start for 2K13 with the first image even.

  • wow. it looks like it’s literally going to be 2k12 with a roster update

    • dave travis

      No sh#$#t!!!! What time did they have to work on things?? EVERYONE, including 2ksports, thought this title was dead

  • truetrue85

    Thank God! Now I don’t have to get a PS3. I can’t even begin to explain how happy I was when I read this. The scariest thing about the thought of 2k baseball was the fact that actual good online play would go out the window with it. Yeah The Show is a better game, but online is all I care about… and as far as that is concerned 2k takes the cake.

  • I really hope they did something to My Player. Not confident though.

  • Playoff mode has always been in the 2K games. It’s not new either.

    But I can’t wait and will be buying on day one.

    • TheSpartanZombie

      All of the features listed are nothing new. Which is why I question this game’s integrity.

    • smsixx

      ..Look again…

      For NBA yes…But for MLB2k they simply put the playoff logos on the field…”The Playoff mode” they refer to is more or less crowd reactions and more intense noise in crucial/clutch situations…which the game has lacked (The Show has lacked this as well)
      I own both consoles, I purchase The Show now but still rent 2k to see how it goes..From my take pitching, and commentary trump The Show. The Show takes the cake in every other category other then hitting…which I believe both games need serious work.

  • fantasyboi

    There’s no one on the green monster cuz nobody wants to watch the red sox!

  • HustlinOwl

    lol at the black tarp still on the green monster

  • HustlinOwl

    why must my comments go through moderation now???

  • HustlinOwl

    no soundtrack list lmao

  • Joe Mankins

    They need to change the batting controls if they want to get people interested again. I believe most people would agree that the pitching controls have been the forte of the series for the last couple of years. The batting on the other hand feels like its more about sliders and ratings than actual user influence. fly ball, left analog up , ground ball analog down. where’s a nice batting curser for ball contact? its not just about timing…

    • Hank

      See, that’s what I like about this series; it’s more about the hitters attibutes than my own skill with a controller.
      Just because I’m a master with the sticks, does that mean Brandon Inge should be a .450 hitter?
      Or vice-versa. If I’m really bad at games, does that mean I have no chance of making Cabrera a .300 hitter?
      That’s why I like classic hitting on this game. I still have to time the pitch properly and I have to have a good eye as well. But when I do make contact, it’s up to the players ratings that decide where the ball’s going to go.

  • Joe Mankins

    I won’t be buying the game this year, because nothing new seems to be happening to the batting controls. In the past, 2k has had glitchy fielding error, sketchy baserunning motions, and sporadic low frame rates. no thanks!

    • sco

      by past you mean ’12, ’11, ’10, ’09, ’08, and ’07 right?

  • vec

    So this is just going to be a minor improvement to the terrible 2k12. who would pay 60 bucks for that???

  • vec

    So this is just going to be a minor improvement to the terrible 2k12. who would pay 60 bucks for that???

  • vec

    So this is just going to be a minor improvement to the terrible 2k12. who would pay 60 bucks for that???

  • clubsteve

    unless 2k adds some more to the game, this will be a hard sell. they go all out on nba 2k, but can’t do anything close to that on mlb 2k……smh.

  • Joe Siegler

    I’m hoping someone puts one out on the Wii U. I suspect with the dual screens that has the potential to make things a bit different.

    • There’d be unique ways to use the tablet controller for sure. Won’t be a baseball game on the Wii U at least for this year though.

  • Not that I would ever buy 2K13 but I like the “MLB Today Season” mode they mention. Playing along with a real season with the stats to match?! Pretty cool. If The Show does this too it’s gonna be so amazing.

    • 2K12 had MLB Today Season and it never worked. It’s convenient for them because reviewers can’t include that in reviews as it doesn’t start until a month after the game comes out!

    • Keith.

      The new Show Live and Playoff modes are probably what I’m looking forward to most with The Show — aside from any improvements they’ve made to the Real Time Broadcast stuff they started last year. Can’t wait for some of the blogs to start hitting next week.

  • sco

    Face it, 2K is arcade all the way with some nice OSD’s and good commentary, other than thatm, mechanics are horrible and the graphics are only a small step above ps2.

    I play the show for realism.

  • sox24

    i wish i could see The Show features vs. 2k13 features

  • kolob

    I was excited until I saw analog pitching and batting were back in. Just not fun for me, I think batting and pitching should be more of a guess type/location kind of thing instead of a gimmicky control scheme