What Feature in MLB 13: The Show Are You Most Looking Forward To?

Posted January 25th, 2013 at 12:15 pm


With a great deal of info on MLB 13: The Show having been released – the full features list having provided a ton of details – it has been difficult to gauge what in particular fans are most excited about. There seems to be a pretty big spread whether it is a particular new mode, an improvement made to an older one, or an enhancement to the gameplay experience.

Vote in the poll, with the ability to choose up to three options, and expand with any thoughts on what it is that you’re most anticipating for MLB 13: The Show in the comments!

  • ReelBigMike

    I play almost exclusively franchise mode so I’m excited for the AI Team logic improvements there as well as adding Steve Lyons to the 3-man booth. Nothing against Soup, but it was time for a change.

    • I play franchise mode & rtts but when i struggle in rtts,i just go straight 2 franchise. I luv it now that Steve Lyons joins Matt & Eric & thank god we don’t have 2 hear Dave Campbell anymore. He was more annoying than John Kruk & Slippy Toad combined believe it!

  • Keith.

    I voted for the new Postseason Mode, but really, I’m looking forward to The Show Live, TruBroadcast 2.0, and the new and improved ball physics just as much. Reading all of the CD impressions over at OS really has me pumped for release day already.

    • Amen_Ra

      CD impressions are a joke. Its just the opinion of a bunch of dickriders who would never speak ill of the game.

      Hopefully franchise mode is finally improved after 3 yers

      • Hamn

        So right about that. Every year those guys not just praise the game but defend it against any little criticism it gets. Its pathetic. They should just be on the payroll. They basically are with the trips and meals they get out of it. Werent they even in the credits? LOL

      • Mike

        You’re a joke. You’re on the opposite end of the spectrum, so if they truly are what you say they are, then you are the same thing – annoyingly one-sided.

      • Keith.

        Normally I’d agree with you, but there’s a big difference between SCEA’s CDs and EA’s. In The Show’s case, those guys have posted a ton of information filling in gaps left by the fact sheet. In EA’s case, the Game Changer clowns always come back saying things like, “sorry, can’t say anything yet but trust me, it’s gonna be bigger than the atom bomb drop.” I mean, the Game Changers even came back from the NBA Live CD saying it was gonna be better than NBA2k, and a month later the game got canned…lol.

        The guys who go to The Show’s CD have earned my respect the last 4-5 years. Huge difference between them and the GC’ers IMO.

        • Jvim

          So youre blaming the people. Personally I think the guys that go to The Show’s day are far more disingenuous. That has nothing to do with EA or SCEA though. Big difference is the community days for EAs games are done way in advance and actually can make changes and theyre seeing features that havent been announced. Right now The Show is done. Theyre playing what is close to if not the final game. So theyre going to be free to talk about whatever they want.

        • Amen_Ra

          MAYBE slightly different, but as far as I’m concerned the game has not improved the last 2 years prior to this and yet the Game Changers hyped it up both times. The FA glitch persisted after they said it was gone (finally cleared up last year), franchise mode was untouched, and that “ball physics” bs was the biggest gimmick ever. Their only advance was fricking ball physics!?!?!?

          LUCKILY, the fact sheet says they improved franchise mode and player scouting/development so that alone warrants a purchase for me

          • Iagree with you on some aspects about impressions, but you have gotta remember man that these developers CANNOT do much more with this game on the PS3 console. They’re already basically maxing out the PS3 as far as they can. It’s not their fault. Wait till the next version of Playsation comes out

          • Mike

            You are such a one track minded fool. You can’t be serious..

  • ARB3108

    I am looking forward to the Road to the Show improvements. The gameplay and presentation hasn’t looked too much different in the videos I’ve seen so far, but that hasn’t been much. I wish they’d add more classic stadiums like Ebbets Field, Comiskey Park, or Tiger Stadium. As an Astros fan I wish they’d include the Astrodome, too. But that’s just wishful thinking.

  • Malcolm Carter

    I also am looking forward to the new franchise improvement and presentation, I really want to see the new world series celebration when I win the world series with my Orioles 😉

  • GKage

    Im looking forward to Road to the Show. Also voted for Gameplay and Presentation. Commentary can really pull me into the game or take me out, even if the gameplay is good.

  • Yamaze

    Looking forward to better online play. The connection was better last year but it still sucked

    • HustlinOwl

      Upgrade your cheap internet

  • Tyler McAdams

    franchise mode