Franchise Mode Leads Way as MLB 13: The Show’s Most Anticipated Area of Improvement

Posted January 28th, 2013 at 5:15 pm


With the depth of content offered in the MLB: The Show series, which naturally spreads out attention depending on individual interests, it can be difficult to get a grasp on the particular elements that are leading to the most consumer excitement. The poll posted last week has provided some clarity in that regard for MLB 13: The Show. 


With well over 4K votes cast in the poll Franchise mode led the way in commanding fashion. As anticipated the new modes found far less support than improvements to the legacy ones. Clearly, at least with veterans of the series, it is improving on what is already providing value rather than bringing in new ways to play that have proven to be the most attractive details.

That’s not to say that the new additions will go unappreciated. Postseason mode and The Show Live are not new ideas – they’ve appeared in several other games – but the fit in The Show will be natural. The Beginner mode is not going to hold much appeal with those who are already experienced and it remains to be seen whether even novices will choose to play something called “Beginner mode”. Work done on Diamond Dynasty and the arrival of a Universal Profile garnered practically no support.

  • I would add an online play quality button once the game is released and we can participate in a new poll. That is cruicial IMO.

    • hanz

      yea I dont think anyone believes sony will get online play better. or at least wont believe it till it happens.

  • Amen_Ra

    So they have a decent looking Features list.

    Let’s hope they produce. This could be Epic

  • HustlinOwl

    Close to 900 games played online, 12 was best to date online wise. I suggest you guys upgrade your cheap ass internet and get hardwired. New Ping meter, if youre not green dont even bother trying to play me or join my leagues.

    • kosh

      funny how youre always around to defend the online when everyone else acknowledges that its terrible. the “upgrade your internet” argument is especially dumb. if every game but one lags badly then its the game thats the problem. use some common sense.

      • HustlinOwl

        play online exclusively and its not hard to adjust timing. Now if you are going from offline back to online, then naturally you are going to struggle.

        • jhern

          lol which explains why even the top ranked online users batted like .220 online

          • HustlinOwl

            nope just means it is extremely hard to hit. Thus they are opening the timing window. Do some research

    • Keith.


    • Amen_Ra

      Come on Owl, you know folks were not lying about this supect online.

      I’m going see you this year!

      • HustlinOwl

        lol play more than 5 games then come see me.

  • Caesar

    I’m a big fan of online gameplay but mlb is the only game I appreciate for its offline franchise mode. With the apparent upgrades they have made MLB 13 should be that much better. If anyone is purchasing the game for online gaming, I wouldn’t recommend it.