EA Sports Begins Announcing Cover Athlete Candidates for NCAA Football 14

Posted January 30th, 2013 at 4:45 pm


It was first discussed last week that the silhouettes in the graphic released by EA Sports appeared to be of the as-yet-to-be-named cover athlete candidates for NCAA Football 14. That has proven to be the case as the company has revealed the first names from the bunch and as expected Denard Robinson is Michigan’s representative while Alabama’s is Eddie Lacy. John Simon gets what looks to be the short-lived role for Ohio State.

Others anticipated to be named then include Jarvis Jones for Georgia, Tyler Eifert for Notre Dame, and Kenjon Barner for Oregon. Florida State and Texas A&M (either Luke Joeckel or Damontre Moore) are somewhat more difficult to distinguish. (Update) Jarvis Jones now confirmed.

Though it still hasn’t been clarified it would seem that the individual athlete voting will represent the secondary data that will factor into which four programs/players move on to the next round. As it stands now Michigan, Alabama, Texas A&M and Oregon are in good shape to move on but a compelling individual player could turn the tide for one of the other schools – the problem is there really aren’t any of that nature that could be involved now. All of the cover candidates will be known by Monday which is when the voting on them will begin.

  • Nole4Life

    In a perfect world Werner would be representing us but I’m sure it’ll be EJ.

    • I see EJ too. in the pic it looks like the guy is holding football, you can see a bit of the laces.

    • NoFro904

      Could be Chris Thompson, Looks like a RB

  • Keith.

    Not really a surprise, but Riccotello said NCAA’s sales were down this year during EA’s conference call today (though he declined to say by how much). Surprised we haven’t heard by now what kind’ve shakeups there will be to the NCAA team. With the O’Bannon case news to go with the declining sales, I’d say NCAA’s in big trouble — maybe it won’t even appear on the new consoles.

    • The other factor is, without real players, the limited digital revenue streams for NCAA games. Can’t do an Ultimate Team. Means the dropping sales are especially significant. But I suspect they’ll continue to play this out until the lawsuit concludes. Just not expecting them to invest much into the game (see last year).

      • Keith.

        That’s what makes it all really interesting. With all the talk of new consoles on the horizon, how could EA possibly justify building a new NCAA game, when sales have been declining for years and O’Bannon, et al are shooting for billions?

        • I don’t understand why the sales are stalling? College football’s fanbase is HUGE and includes a huge part of the gaming populace (college students) who may actually have a REAL connection with these teams. Don’t forget the typical alumni or other fans who play. You’d think it would be a huge seller (and I really didn’t hear much about bad NCAA football sales until the past year or so, which makes me wonder if it’s just EA’s general laziness with the series that’s pushing sales downward.

          Thing is, a good game could sell like hotcakes with any license. FIFA is one of the kings in the North American sports gaming landscape with a sport that was (and still arguably is) a very tough sell here. It’s sorta pathetic that college sports, with some of the most passionate fans, could potentially have no video game representation.

  • 49ersfan1

    Denard Robinson is absolute crap.

    • 49ers lost to Ravens

      the all-time leading QB rusher…

      yeah, crap…

      • 49ersfan1

        yeah hes not a QB.

  • I think it will be an offense guy this year. Next year we should get Clowney on the cover since he is almost sure to be the #1 pick.