All Eight NCAA 14 Cover Candidates Now Announced

Posted February 1st, 2013 at 9:45 am


EA Sports has now completed the reveal of cover candidates for the eight schools remaining in the NCAA Football 14 campaign. Joining Denard Robinson, Eddie Lacy, John Simon, and Jarvis Jones are E.J. Manuel (Florida State), Kenjon Barner (Oregon), Ryan Swope (Texas A&M), and Tyler Eifert (Notre Dame).

Voting on the individual athletes will begin on Monday and presumably those totals will be added into the program specific poll that has been up and running for over a week now. The four with the most votes – which looks likely to be Michigan, Alabama, Oregon, and Texas A&M – will move on to the next round.

  • sert29

    What a shit year for cover guys. None of these players seem like they should be on the cover.

  • Just a guy

    Pretty obvious who the NCAA team and EA want to be on the cover. Tyler Eifert? Ryan Swope? John Simon? Seriously?

  • Just give it to Barner or Lacy. If they have a cover vote next year they are dumb, Clowney is the clear choice if he wants it.

  • Cliff

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  • Willy2535

    Do you know if they are gunna release it on PAL this year??? Im from Australia and it sucks that I cant get this game on my Xbox!