PS3 and Vita Combo Deal Returns for MLB 13: The Show

Posted February 6th, 2013 at 10:30 am


Though Sony’s “Cross-Buy” program, which offers a free digital version for the Vita when a PS3 copy is purchased, has not been extended to MLB 13: The Show there is a deal in place that will at least provide a discount for those who are interested in buying both. Similar to last year a combo offer is being made in which $20 is shaved off the total combined price making the pair $80. Amazon has the deal live now.

Last year the combo deal was announced at the last minute – the Friday prior to release – but was extended through the first month it was out. It’s unclear what deadline there may be for MLB 13 but certainly it will apply to all pre-orders and this time around with plenty of lead time. Currently Amazon is the only retailer with the deal in place but it’s likely that others will follow.

  • Keith.

    Sold — $80 is a bargain for these 2 great games, IMO.

    Pasta, are you not going to do a story about Take Two’s financial report yesterday, and the awesome sales of NBA2k13? Blows my mind that EA could sell 12 million copies of FIFA in the quarter, and lose $45 million, while 2k sells 4.5 million copies of NBA2k13 and earns $78 million profit for the quarter. Goes to show who knows how to run a business, and who doesn’t.

    • mcmax3000

      “Blows my mind that EA could sell 12 million copies of FIFA in the
      quarter, and lose $45 million, while 2k sells 4.5 million copies of
      NBA2k13 and earns $78 million profit for the quarter.”

      Maybe because neither company’s success/failure can be attributed solely to one title? 2K also had Borderlands 2, which they said is on pace to become their best selling game of all time.

      (That’s not to say that EA doesn’t have some serious problems, just that comparing sales of one specific game for each company, and the overall profit/loss of each of those companies for an entire quarter is really a beyond pointless comparison)

      • Keith.

        You and I both know why 2k made $78 million while EA lost $45 million — i.e., 2k doesn’t have to deal with the exclusive licenses costs. Don’t have to be a rocket scientist to put those 2 and 2 together.

        The bigger question for me is, given that EA as a company has lost a cumulative $2.5 billion since 2008, how does Riccotello still have a job?

        • DistortedAudio

          Or because Take Two has managed to carve into a deliberate niche of gaming that is very successful with sales. Borderlands 2, Bioshock, X-Com and Max Payne 3. It’s because of smart scheduling tactics with Take-Two, none of their games last year were released during the most hectic/’do or die’ part of the gaming schedule: the holiday season.

          Exclusive licenses costs probably factored in at some point, but EA owns enough subsidiaries that its forced to play ball against other big contenders, whereas Take-Two can choose where and when to fight.

          • mcmax3000

            You basically spelled out a better reply than I ever could… Except Max Payne 3 wasn’t the greatest example. I’m pretty sure that one was generally considered to be a failure.

          • Keith.

            Huh? His argument makes no sense whatsoever. The topic at hand is EA’s and T2’s financial results from last quarter, and the games he’s mentioned (MP3, Bioshock, X-Com) weren’t even released last quarter.

            Bottom line is, Take 2’s financials last quarter were driven by NBA2k13 and Borderlands 2, which resulted in $78 million profit for T2. EA’s sales were driven by FIFA and Madden, which resulted in a $45 million loss for EA (to go with the $2.5 billion they’ve lost since 2008). Looks to me like one company’s business model is currently working, and one’s clearly isn’t.

          • mcmax3000

            XCOM was released during that quarter.

          • Keith.

            But it still cuts against his argument, as XCOM was a sales loser, relatively speaking:


          • DistortedAudio

            While MP3 and Bioshock weren’t released last quarter, X-Com was most definitely an exact day after NBA 2K13.

            Your bottom line ignores several other failed ventures that EA attempted throughout the year, including Medal of Honor: Warfighter. To solely put the blame on EA Sports and ignore EA’s other multiple subsidiaries shows a lack of effort on the part of the researcher.

            With re-releases and social networking counted, EA released 39 games last year. Take 2 released around 3 – 5. Not to away from Take 2, but they have a knack for expunging any franchise that doesn’t sell to their desires (seen currently with MLB 2K and Manhunt) whereas EA seems to have a more LAX policy which results in more annual losses.

          • Keith.

            You’re right — Medal of Honor was a sales loser. But with EA losing more than $2.5 Billion since 2008, I’d say it’s not alone in that category for EA.

          • mcmax3000

            Also, if we’re talking about which games were, and were not released during that quarter, Madden wasn’t released in that quarter either.

  • ben

    The vita version should be free if you buy the ps3 one. They are pretty much the same exact game with the vita missing a few of the features. Cant believe they want people to pay even $20 for that just so it could be played on the portable.