MLB 13: The Show Has 17 Players Rated 99

Posted February 13th, 2013 at 10:00 am


Having been noted previously SCEA is shifting away from a “bar” representing a player’s overall skill level and going to a numbered ratings system with MLB 13: The Show. Of course those numbers existed in past iterations they were just hidden away which makes it interesting to find out just how players stacked up then compared to new edition out next month.

Apparenlty MLB 12 featured a mindboggling 44 players rated 99 overall while a change to the positional weight of individual attributes has reduced that number to 17 in MLB 13. The information comes from a post over at Operation Sports. The Los Angeles Angels lead the way with 3 players at the pinnacle and a few others that are sure to be close. Continue on for the list of players who’ll start MLB 13 rated 99.

Starting Pitcher
Felix Hernandez
Clayton Kershaw
Stephen Strasburg
Justin Verlander

Relief Pitcher
Aroldis Chapman
Craig Kimbrel

Buster Posey

First Base
Albert Pujols

Second Base
Robinson Cano

Troy Tulowitzki

Third Base
Miguel Cabrera

Ryan Braun
Carlos Gonzalez
Josh Hamilton
Matt Kemp
Andrew McCutchen
Mike Trout

  • Amen_Ra

    Hamilton is over rated

  • David

    Seventeen “99’s” is totally ridiculous. 44 is just pointless. May as well make EVERYBODY a 99.

    • smsixx

      Lets do the math on that…
      750 players are active for each team
      17 of them are rated a 99
      which makes .023 pecent of players a 99
      Yeah…”May as well make everybody a 99″ lol
      Such drama queens around here sometimes.

      • David

        I was saying that 44 out of 750 is ridiculous… but I’d still say that 17 players rated at the absolute top is too many. There’s probably a shitload of players also rated over 90. I’d much rather see a much wider range of ratings in any sports game, say where a 50-55 is an absolutely “average” player and have the ratings go up or down from there. I’m sure things would be a lot more realistic that way and you’d actually see the elite players shine.

  • Jason O

    that’s actually pretty fair

  • ReelBigMike

    Only one I really disagree with is Tulo. Some others I might say should be more like 96 or 97, but that’s close enough to not be a huge deal. I hope Giancarlo Stanton is in the high 90’s b/c my Marlins are going to have no one else even close to that. Also interested to see if anyone on the Astros can break an 80 rating haha. Maybe JD Martinez or Jason Castro.

    • or maybe their best player, Jose Altuve…

      • Astros W-L: 51-111

        Altuve is not their best player. Jonathan Singleton and Jarred Cosart are. OUCHBABE!

        • Cosart has never pitched in the major leagues, but then again it must be tough for you Astro fans to tell the difference between your farm system and professional team.

          • Amen_Ra

            LOL, Nice

    • JP27

      Altuve is rated 90 so…

  • Tulo and Cargo should not be 99’s. Mid 90’s, but not 99. That’s a little ridiculous.

    • Tulo should, he is the best SS in baseball…period (assuming he is healthy). CarGo I agree with you on..mid 90’s at best.

    • Cook

      Ad did not make the playoffs?

  • Jordan

    There should be one player at 99 at every position, then everyone else is rated based off of that player.

  • wicp545

    Madden has like 4 players rated 99 and people think ratings are too high in that game. But if Madden had the same percentage as The Show having 17 99 players then there would be 32 players in the league rated 99. Pretty crazy how high The Show’s rating system is. Like they didnt want to offend any players now that they show the numbers so they made them all high rated.

    • catch21_2

      I’m a little unsure of your math. There are 1,696 players on active NFL rosters (53 players * 32 teams). There are 2,700 active MLB players (25 players * 30 teams * 3 levels + 15 on each A roster). By 6th grade math we can see that there would be a grand total of ~10 players in Madden rated 99 overall. You have to weight the MLB players against all minor league players in the game. Nobody said a word when it was just the bars–makes no sense to freak out.

    • catch21_2

      I’m a little unsure of your math. There are 1,696 players on
      active NFL rosters (53 players * 32 teams). There are 2,700 active MLB players
      (25 players * 30 teams * 3 levels + 15 on each A roster). By 6th grade math we
      can see that there would be a grand total of ~10 players in Madden rated 99
      overall. You have to way the MLB players against all minor league players in
      the game. Nobody said a word when it was just the bars–makes no sense to freak

      • guest

        He obviously wasn’t including the minor league teams, and the NFL teams have practice squads if you want to be so smart as to include them in your count.

  • It doesnt make sense having Trout and Pujols rated 99. If youre basing it just off last year, then Trout is a 99 and Pujols isnt. If youre basing it off the last 3 years or so, then Pujols is a 99 and Trout isnt it. No consistency.

    • AJ

      lol the angels have 3 99s

  • Josh Roberts

    As an Angels fan, the only player on our team who deserves a 99 overall based on their last 2-3 years of production is Jered Weaver, who appears to be underrated once again. Last year, I believe he was rated lower than both Haren and Wilson.

    I love Mike Trout, but we are going to have to see more than 5 months out of this kid before we start handing out perfect ratings. Albert Pujols is still among the best hitters in the game, but his defense and durability is in question. and Josh Hamilton has been overrated since the Home Run Derby in Yankee Stadium, so that really comes as no surprise.

    • Weaver wasn’t rated below Haren/Wilson ever last year at any point.

  • AJ

    Trout is good but I dnt think he shud be 99.

    • Are you retarded? He’s the best all-around living player!

  • I honestly don’t think there should really be a cap with ratings. It probably helps to have that parameter when programing these games, but basically a 99 is like saying the player is essentially “perfect” and has no room to improve. If there is a player playing out of his mind, why not 102. Why not have a larger scale for rating with no true boundary (with the understanding that, say, someone rated 172 would essentially be super-human, but at least that allows for a super-human if there ever was one lol). My argument is this, it’s pointless to have a bunch of players just bunched up at 99. If Mike Trout is a 103 and Josh Hamilton is a true 99, that just allows for some extra separation and movement. Or maybe drop the ratings significantly (FIFA sorta does this to allow for players in the lower English leagues) so that good players are coming in at 60 or 70 and only the best even hit the high 80s, let alone 90.

    • saintpatrick33

      Correct ratings mean very little in The Sham especially at key moments and the AI will do whatever it deems necessary to force sim

    • Overall ratings honestly mean nothing. It’s all about looking at individual ratings. Overall is just a summary for those who want a quick glance at the player’s ability.

  • HustlinOwl

    There are about 1,280 players in the MLB the game has chosen 17 of them to be 99 overall. That’s less than 2% of the entire league that are considered the elite of the elite.

    • cemm

      Oh look The Show defense squad is here. 17 players rated 99 is ridiculous. Like someone else said that would be the equivalent of over 30 in Madden.

      • HustlinOwl

        Cant handle the truth I see, facts pay attention. This will be my last post, this site is worthless enjoy.

        Also for the people who haven’t jumped off the bridge already ( I think
        there are about 10 of you left 🙂 It’s just a number and there are
        maybe 3 players in the game with almost maxed out ratings. For instance
        A.McCutchen ratings are

        Con R 74
        Con L 97
        PWR R 68
        PWR L 76
        Visn 44
        Disc 78
        Clt 80
        Dur 98
        FLD 88
        Arm str 75
        Arm Acc 54
        Reac 88
        Spd 83
        Br a 60
        Br ag 56

        Doesn’t look crazy now does it.

    • HustlinOwlIsADumbassHomer

      How is the view when you’re shoulders deep in SCEA’s ass?

      • saintpatrick33

        Shoulders deep my Ass hes in up to his ankles lol , Hoot Hoot I wish the Owl wouldnt pollute , as its fan bois like him who hold this game back each year

        • HustlinOwl

          yea the game is held back so far lol, who cares about rankings as long as player perform as they should why care. Another thing you can edit ratings to your liking. No one complained about last few years with bar rankings and now that you see number associated with players everyone is up in arms.

      • saintpatrick33

        your mouth must really be sore ?

  • Jayfan55

    I swear I saw a photo that showed Jose Bautista rated 99 overall for MLB 13

  • Saltalamacchia

    I think Stras should be more 96-98. Felix same range. CarGo more 90-93 (his defense slipped last year and when park factors considered offense is still very good but not exceptional). Tulo more 90-93 (durability matters for ratings). Hamilton more 92-95. Kemp more 94-96 until he can prove his injuries aren’t a factor this year. Pujols more 89-91. Since ratings are treated equally and nobody would believe any closer is worth as much as the best starting pitchers or best position players, I think they should be artificailly capped at maybe 95. In which case, Kimbrel with 95 and Chapman with 94.

    • That makes no sense regarding Tulo. Durability matters for ratings? Yeah, for injury rating, it doesn’t matter for all the other ratings.

  • Hugo D.

    They changed the way they rate the players. Supposedly, they are taking specific attributes for each position…so I guess a 1B is not going to be rated in the same way as a CF. Not saying that all these guys should be 99 but does explain Trout and Pujols being rated a 99.

  • doug

    for all of you guys bitching, you know the rankings will go up or down based on how they play this upcoming season. so shut the hell up already. we all know a month into the season there will be maybe 3 or 5 guys not on this list.

    • h7ee

      Ok. And there will be probably like 8 new ones moved up to 99 then. Thats how these things always go. They move guys up faster then they would move them down.

  • lets be real

    lol @ people using madden and the show in the same sentence……madden is a joke regardless of ratings and the show is one of the best sports games available

  • daley7199

    New to MLB: The show will be the “Juice Meter”. This will boost a players attributes ie: Ryan Braun to simulate steroid use. How else would Ryan Braun be a 99….LOL

    • Amen_Ra

      LOL, yeah ratings are always trash in the show until you get them from someone else

  • Mike

    In reply to this blog title.. so what ?

  • catch21_2

    People, stop bringing up Madden in a Show article. This is just bringing out the 2k and Madden trolls. Madden has absolutely nothing but sales figures on the Show series.

  • catch21_2

    The Show has to way these players against minor leaguers as well–something Madden does NOT have to do. Comparing the two rosters is not a valid argument.

    • 0-3 on using the correct word of weigh. Not weight, and certainly not way.

  • saintpatrick33

    Guys lets be super serious at key moments in this game once again ratings will mean nothing as gameplay wasnt touched just more visual stuff so true interaction will still be void at key times if the AI deems it . ???? what do the hustling Owl , a tai hooker and a hoover Vacuum have in common ?

    • saintpatrick33

      They all suck

    • Mike

      Punctuation helps make your point clearer. That was a textual train wreck. Let me guess. This isn’t English class ? No, it isn’t, but we are using English to convey thoughts on here.

      • saintpatrick33

        Hello Mike but we all know its you Ramon Russelsprout of SCEA and your toadie the homer the owl

        • Mike

          Yea, like Ramone has time to reply back to you losers. Also, my first reply to you still stands.

  • fantasyboi

    is potential supposed to be gone this year? thats the only problem ive had with this game

  • turkey86

    No Joey Votto is a travesty. Especially, since Pujols is. Every single person in baseball thinks Votto is better right now, which is the truth. What Pujols hit last year? .280?

  • Don’tClickMyName!

    Hamilton should only be mid to low 90’s because last year he was way to inconsistent, Mccutchen should be low 90’s high 80’s as he isn’t good enough to be 99, Kemp’s defense is lacking to be a 99, Braun’s defense is lacking and CarGo doesn’t have big enough offensive numbers. Pujols and Cano aren’t the same offensively. Troy tulowitzki is to injury prone. Chapman is a beast but can lose control once in a while. While Strasburg and kershaw shouldn’t be 99’s because they dont have enough control. Kimbrel should be 99 because he is the best closer, Cabrera’s offense take’s away what little he lacks on defense, Posey if healthy is great all around, Verlander and Hernandez are easily the best, but Hernandez might not be played as much because he’s on a sucky team.

  • Mike

    The way MLB The Show determines overall number ratings and the way Madden does are completely different. Comparing the two is nonsensical.

  • saintpatrick33

    Once again this game will play the same as the last few years other than alot of added visuals to make forced sim results seem less cheap , so if you hate the same boring cookie cutter outcomes DO NOT BUY THIS GAME ! TILL THEY BRING BACK REAL HU INTERACTION

  • The show should use ratings like the Fifa series. Best player is 94 (Messi). Makes things much more interesting and realistic with your good players being in the 80 range to low 90s.