Details on Improvements to Franchise Mode in MLB 13: The Show

Posted February 7th, 2013 at 3:15 pm


SCEA today released a new developer video going over some of the enhancements that have been made to Franchise mode for MLB 13: The Show. The mode was voted as the most anticipated for improvements but until now not much in the way of details on what to expect had been disseminated besides a few brief mentions about team budgets being based on performance and team-specific player valuations made in the features list.

The video provides a look at some of the redesigned menus while going over other changes like the return of organizational depth charts, the ability to see the upcoming class of free agents, individualized training assignments, an overhaul to scouting, and a franchise ticker to display news from around the league. It’s also worth noting that the series is finally introducing numbered player ratings rather than relying solely on “bars”. Continue on to check it out and leave any thoughts in the comments!¬†

  • giantsap

    It looks sick. Can’t wait to play it.

  • Some weird ratings as usual, noticed Justin Upton and Alfonso Soriano being rated the same, strange.

    • giantsap

      2012: Soriano: 151 GP, .262 AVG, 322 OBP, .499 SLG, 108 RBIs, 32 HRs. Upton: 150, .280, .355, .430, 67, 17. Same rating seems just about right to me.

  • Ham

    Hey Pasta, can you tell me what feature is replacing the newspaper? Thanks.


    he list looks really impressive, but it’ll be interesting to see if the game really feels that much different than last year.

    Going back & forth on getting this one. I kind of want to take a
    year off, but with next gen systems likely hitting at the end of the
    year, this may end up being my last year being able to play The Show for
    a while, since I’m primarily an Xbox player, and likely won’t get a new
    Playstation at launch.

    • Amen_Ra

      The game will not play that much different I guarantee it. However that really isn’t shot The Show’s problem. Hopefully all these franchise adjustment will run smoothly. This is LOOKING like it might be end the 3 year decline. I’ll be picking it up day 1.

  • HustlinOwl

    now give us a true online franchise for MLB 14

  • can you update contracts in the middle of the season??? buying this game for sure!!!!

  • Does the twitter thing like madden where it’s like fake tweets that follow your guy??

    • No, unfortunately they just have a feed of some preapproved MLB players real life tweets. Its not a part of Franchise mode at all.

      • Keith.

        I thought you could access the player’s twitter feed through his player card in any mode, but I could be wrong about that (and I’m too lazy to look it up).


    I import my 10 season long Franchise from MLB 12 into 13 or do we have
    to do this circle jerk all over again like Groundhogs day???

    Can I import my created players from 12 into 13 or do I now have to recreate all 40 of my unique players all over again!??…..

    Is there a history section where I can review previous season data,
    stats, standings, boxscores, League Leaders, etc?…or does each season
    in your franchise still feel like a bunch of Single Season Modes glued

    What actual on the field gameplay differences really make this game
    worth spending another $64.95 incl tx this year???………..I have
    every version from MLB 09-12 and swear I can go in and play each one of
    them and can swear, the onfield action experience doesnt feel any
    different. Subtle differences aside, I just dont know if I want to go
    thru another year of this same same experience! I really want to see
    more dynamic variety in the field, and the way the different teams play,
    and think and not see so much scripted deja vu animations and
    situations over and over…its starting to get dull seeing an outfielder
    or infielder field the ball the same exact way over and over.

    • Geoff

      Can you transfer seasons from one years version to another in any other sports franchise?

  • Wes

    I hope I’m not too late with this question: will the game feature more stats? I’m not talking about UZR or anything — but getting an OPS vs. lefties and OPS vs. righties for hitters and something like BB/K ratio for pitchers will be very interesting to have on hand for my franchise.

  • have been playing the 2011 version, and as one person said, he doesn’t really distinguish differences from 2009 on. that said, this seems like a game to buy every other year, or every three years and just add in the new players yourself…but last year some 18 percent of those in the league were 25 or younger, the highest percentage since the pre-steroid area.

    I simply have tons of fun doing the franchise mode and having guys like Aaron Conner (who? exactly) break the all-time home run mark (in this case, finally passing miguel cabrera).

    Have posted my Project 2020 info at OS and where i ran 8 different leagues and picked out the same 40 or so best hitters, have included info on these sites and it’s amazing how the career stats end up so similar for players who dont retire before 2020.
    it was too much data to properly keep track of, although i played plenty of games from 2011-2015 seasons, most seasons were simmed after that. running a dynasty requires patience and a steady hand to avoid trading away future superstatrs.
    But I would drop it all in a minute if a decent rugby ever hit the market ….

  • oh, and over the many games I have played (i only pitch myself in crucial and/or playoff games), my teams have had only one no-hitter thrown against them and have only hit two career ITP homers, both coming withing days of each other when a LF dove for a ball and missed and Cam Maybin kept backing up againzst the CF wall and turning in circles before the ball thumped against the wall up high and the average-speed runner wass safe at home