Trailer for MLB 2K13

Posted February 21st, 2013 at 10:30 am


Though 2K Sports continues to actively hide MLB 2K13 for all those interested in learning anything about the game, the one sure thing that was to arrive prior to release was an official trailer. There is nothing new to be gleaned from it unfortunately as it contains just the typical flashy replay footage, with the exception of spotting that they at least got the Astros their new uniforms, but it’s something anyway. 

  • Vinette

    This trailer reminds me of the one released by EA for NBA Live 13 right before they cancelled it. If only we were that lucky for 2K to do the same.

  • eric77

    no surprise its mlb 2k12. most of that could have been taken from 2k12 and no one would know the difference. doesnt tell us anything about 2k13.

    • TheSneezinPanda

      Actually. It tells us that they fixed the fact that the jersey sticks to the players no matter what their movement is, as it was in 2K12. They also showed us that they added the Astros to the American League. Many people thought otherwise. I believe that this will be a good game. It will take up time and I will enjoy many things like I did with 2K12. Graphics aren’t everything, you know.

      • Sam Ricketts

        Sure thing, because graphics are the only thing MLB The Show has over this garbage!! O__o To each, their own bro… But there is no valid argument when it comes to the comparison between The Show and 2K.

  • oREo1O

    I think looks descent. I know it’ll get a lot of flack though. I have both consoles and have been buying both games the past 2 years. MLB 2k is in it’s own way fun.

  • Kris

    thanks to 2K for releasing a trailer to show that you can make roster moves in 2k12 to reflect the off-season changes. When does The Show come out again? (12 days!)

  • Keith.

    Pasta’s been trying to bury MLB2k for years. Wish he’d spent half as much energy outing Tiburon for their lackluster football products — maybe then we wouldn’t have just wasted the last 8 years of our lives suffering through that sh&t.

    • cobb

      That you would put Madden or even NCAA in the same conversation with MLB2K is laughable. We all know your bias but come on at least try and be realistic.

    • 2K Sports themselves buried MLB2K for years, not Pasta. IMO, they bought the MLB license solely to get back EA for buying the NFL license, and had no intention of making a baseball game, just to stop MVP Baseball. And yes, EA bought the NFL license to stop NFL 2K. I don’t even like EA’s football games, Madden/NCAA 13. I do like EA’s hockey, golf and soccer; 2K’s basketball and tennis; Sony’s baseball.

      • It’s amazing how this lie continues to perpetuate itself.
        The NFL approached EA about an exclusive license. They were ticked-off at Take-Two for offering 2K5 for $20, which they felt devalued their brand.
        EA didn’t pursue this agreement, but when the NFL made their intentions clear, EA had no choice but to sign-off on an exclusive deal.

        In regards to their baseball game, Take-Two has done a terrible job of finding the right team to produce their sports games.
        Treyarch did an amazing job with the NHL game. But when they were bought by Activision, the gave the job to Kush – which was a huge mistake.
        Same with their baseball game.
        By the time Visual Concepts were given both baseball and hockey, it was too late. The damage Kush had done couldn’t be undone.
        VC did a great job with NHL2K10 and MLB2K11 and 12.
        Given enough time, or the ability to start from scratch, I have no doubt both those games would be as good as their NBA product.
        And don’t get me started on Venom’s Don King Boxing. Wow was that bad.

        Still, I don’t understand why people want to see 2K baseball die.
        I thought competition was good for consumers. Just look at Madden. With no 2K football around, they can continue to mail it in.
        Just like EA’s NHL series.

        I enjoyed 2K12 (warts and all – and yes I own a PS3).
        Having options is great for everyone. Even if an option is less polished than it’s competition.

        Saying that, I hope that VC gets a chance to make an MLB game from scartch for next-gen. Or at the very least, we see MVP return to the fold.

    • Keith, I generally enjoy reading your thoughts, but this is comparing apples to oranges. The football games EA puts out nowadays, I agree, are garbage. However, I do think they have the fun factor and just enough of “emulating the sport” that 2K Baseball sorely lacks. The game itself is an eyesore with its jaggedness and poor animations.

      Admittedly, I’m a SCEA fan. I sold my Xbox 360 four years ago just to play The Show, because 2k Baseball is THAT awful. It’s much worse than NCAA Football and Madden.

      • Keith.

        Thanks — we’ll just have to disagree. In my opinion, absolutely nobody has done less with more than the talentless hacks at Tiburon Orlando.

    • Or maybe you could just choose not to play it and shut the fuck up whining about it Keith.

  • Its a shame, the quality madden is to football is the same quality as 2k is to baseball and if it werent for mlb the show and previous 2k football games everybody would be eating 2ks baseball and maddens garbage games up most likely

    • Andy

      What is it about Madden that is so bad? What would you like to see in Madden that would make you enjoy it? Just curious.

      • First of all APF2k8 looks MUCH more like a real football game then madden.. but as far as madden goes? what would make it better? a lot. the running animations were better in the ps2 maddens. a pocket should actually form much more often on the offensive line. there should be some player individuality (other than only throwing animations) the transitions between animations need to be MUCH smoother & they need to have all the rules. Lastly, if you look over the history of madden they have thrown out pretty much ALL.. i repeat ALL of their features over the years. They have not been building on a foundation but just hashing out a gimmick they will retract from in the future

  • cody

    Can’t wait to buy this fun ass game.

    • GenTILE

      …said no one, ever.

  • I just hope players don’t automatically do everything on defense again. I mean seriously, if I want to dive and make a play let me do it. Don’t let the cpu dive for me just so you can go into your animation. If I want the outfielder to make a proper angle on a line drive to the outfield instead of running straight left or right just to have the ball scoot right by them when I’m holding up and to the right and my player acts if I’m holding down and to the right. It’s ridiculous. I’m still going to buy it just because it’s the only baseball game in town. I thought about buying a PS3 but it’s too late in the console cycle to get another one, sold mine 3 years ago.

  • TheSpartanZombie

    I boycotted 2k12 last year and the fact that there are still jaggy shadows in the trailer is enough to prevent me from buying it this year.

  • Drew Douglas

    Only thing that makes me want to do is listen to the Gaslight Anthem. What an album.

  • IamDJBoB

    2K suffers in the Basketball arena as well. They fail to make an all around enjoyable experience. If they were able to stay on top of player updates with all of their sports releases, the joy factor would go up tremendously.

  • Nick

    Justin Upton wearing #10….stupid 2k.