MLB 2K13 Being Kept Hidden Even With Release Right Around The Corner

Posted February 19th, 2013 at 9:30 am


When the news broke that the MLB 2K series would be getting a one year reprieve expectations for the product were made justifiably lower than already had been normal. With a constrained development cycle and bleak outlook towards any future there became no reason to expect anything better than what would amount to an update of 2K12. In the month since the announcement 2K Sports has done nothing but further cement that troubled perception. 

Two weeks remain until MLB 2K13 releases. Outside of promotion for the Perfect Game Contest there has been no information about the actual game released. The features list made available by the company contained nothing of note that wasn’t already in 2K12 and only a single screenshot (which has multiple inaccuracies) has been put on display. 2K has a history of holding their marketing until later in the process but nothing has approached the tactic on display here when it comes to a league licensed title. They’ve stalled on occasions from showing footage of games but have never avoided talking them up.

At this point it is legitimate to question whether something as necessary as the Astros moving to the AL West and year-long interleague play will even be represented in 2K13. Simple annual adjustments like changes to stadiums, uniforms, and commentary are up in the air. Until anything is specifically stated or seen, which may not happen until after the game releases, assuming anything to have been done would be unwise.

All signs point to a rush job being done to just have a game on shelves just to avoid leaving the Xbox 360 without a baseball offering for the year. There is no pre-order incentive being offered, which would have necessitated being set up in advance of when the deal was struck as development resumed in the late fall, and all bets would be on no demo being offered. The company hasn’t even bothered setting up a forum for 2K13 on their official site. It would also be a surprise if any outlets received review copies prior to release as they attempt to avoid the negative publicity that would come until after the unsuspecting day-one purchasers have obtained it.

Consumers have been burned too many times to just buy games on faith and they shouldn’t be making the leap here. Even if there would be franchises worthy of that kind of trust MLB 2K would certainly not be among them. Unless there is an actual effort to prove that the game has been improved in a manner to justify another $60 investment people should steer well clear and wait for retailers to try and unload the game with deals not long after it hits the market or just pass altogether. If 2K doesn’t have confidence in the product enough to even discuss it, and they hope to deceive consumers be avoiding doing so, then it is not worth any purchase consideration.

  • dave travis

    I’m sorry is any of this a suprise? as a big fan of 2K, even I knew when it was first announced that there was actually going to be an actual game, I knew from the bat it was 2k12 1/2….. anybody that shells out 60 on this basically has 60 dollars to use as toilet paper.

  • Dalibor

    This isn’t entirely new for the 2K series of Baseball games. Even last year, there was only one press event for MLB 2K12 that I think only GameSpot covered (as they were also the only ones who had actual gameplay footage). Also, last year’s game was sent to reviewers on release day and there were no major outlet with a review until a few days later.

    We shouldn’t be surprised by this course of action, but the late announcement and lack of marketing outside of the perfect game challenge is really telling. What really doesn’t make sense is the fact that they are actually charging 59.99 for the game. This should be a 39.99 game and even that is being generous.

    • The MLB isn’t going to give 2K a price advantage over SCEA. It wouldn’t be fair to the partner that is actually respecting their sport.

      • Dalibor

        I really don’t think the MLB has say over pricing; pretty certain it’s a 2K decision.

        Also, considering they did announce an MLB/NBA 2K13 combo pack at 79.99, doing a reduced price single game wasn’t out of the question.

        • Even that is a worse deal than last year though. It was 69.99 last year (plus $10 credit on Amazon making it basically 59.99) – and there were new features/improvements they had discussed for MLB 2K12.

      • Just a guy

        Sell it for $40 on the XBOX and $60 on the PS3. There. Problem solved. Nobody who isn’t a moron is going to buy this over The Show if they own a PS3 anyway.

  • Ken

    they should sell it from 19.99 like the NFL game back in the day. Id buy it for that.

    • Even if 2K wanted to do that the MLB wouldn’t allow it.

  • Keith.

    I’m not a 2k baseball guy, but I still don’t understand why anybody would publicly judge them for what they’re doing or not doing based on pure speculation, after giving EA a free pass for releasing the exact same FIFA game 2 years in a row (with only an updated box) on the Vita and Wii.

    From their investor conference call a couple weeks ago, it sounds like 2k is expecting baseball to be profitable for them this year, regardless of what the gaming press might think about their game. Hopefully the profits lead them to improving the game on the new consoles next year — we consumers would be well served to have 2 quality baseball games to choose from on the PS4/next XBox.

    • What are you talking about? Last time I checked, MLB The Show series was a PlayStation exclusive.

      Stop trying to prop up 2k, why don’t you? I’m not even sure I’m a casual baseball fan and I know that the 2k baseball series just isn’t really that good. It’s bland, both visually and gameplay-wise, and it seems there has been little progress in the time I’ve played it with the gameplay and features.

      • DistortedAudio

        Best presentation in the game though. Hard to find reasons to like MLB 2K, but it did have the new playoff system last year and was streets ahead in terms of presentation.

  • navv

    Anyone who buys MLB 2K13 is a SUCKER.

  • Wesley

    No surprise here. 2K always tries to trick people into buying without telling them the info they want to know. Remember when they took out Crew mode from NBA 2K12 and wouldnt even admit it? Theyve got nothing good to say about MLB 2K13 so theyll just pretend its a big million dollar contest that everyone will love!

  • I almost feel bad for the individual developers who are on this project. Maybe they knew from the outset that their game would get no publicity, but to have your name in the credits of this might just hurt their resumes a bit. If I were an Xbox owner I would steer clear of this trap.

  • Vinnete

    ESPN’s Jon Robinson just tweeted that they’ve begged to see the game but 2K wont let them. This is someone who has written positive pieces about MLB 2K games in the past. The game must be really bad.

  • Just a guy

    I like how you’re just jumping to the conclusion that they’re trying to deceive the public by not talking about their game. In my opinion, them not talking about it screams “our game sucks” and not “buy this on faith!”. They know it sucks, everyone who follows video games in the least knows its going to suck. There’s no “deceiving” going on here. Just a company ashamed of their product. People who are going to buy this on day one, or even week one, when it wasn’t even announced until a month ago aren’t going to be deterred by bad reviews. They’re going to buy it because they want a baseball game on their XBOX. 2k could even come out and say “this isn’t our best offering this year. In fact, it’s going to be a rush job” and that still wouldn’t deter most of those day one/week one buyers.

    • Dont necessarily disagree with you. But its not doing any favors to the people would actually like to make an informed decision. They are taking that possibility out of the equation.

  • MoneyMayweather

    the show sucks.

    • Why do you say that? What sucks about The Show?

  • lonnie

    i saw where they are going to combo pack it with nba 2k13 for 79.99

  • saintpatrick33

    They never should have changed from MLB2K7 ! If they would have built off of it they would have been better then mlb the sham plus it has real interactive gameplay

    • Scottyo614

      Love that game. Picked it up last week, found sliders and boom I got a solid baseball game for Xbox.

    • MLB The Sham? Are you serious? This coming from a guy who bought MLB2K5 World Series edition and thoroughly enjoyed it.

    • dave travis

      I agree with your MLB2K7 assesment, should have stayed on that road

  • I actually did what I said I would never do: buy a console for just one game. Excited to put away MLB 2K and give the show my undivided attention

  • clubsteve

    we weren’t expecting a game anyways, so expectations are low…..2k isn’t even trying to create a buzz other than that million dollar contest with 30 winners…..the only 30 people who will buy the game new…….lol. adding something like the world baseball classic would have been a great move. they could have at least capitalized on that.

  • AmazinsCowboys

    Can’t MVP Baseball come back? Please? Or somehow get The Show on Xbox. I don’t understand how The Show can be so much better than 2K. Does 2K just not try as hard as The Show does to make it good?

  • Dan

    Sucks that The show is only on the PS3… would be great if they somehow got it on the 360 in the future.

    • That would never happen since The Show is made by SCEA.

  • they kept it hidden so they didnt have to disclose no online league play and the fact that its just a roster update from last year….that way they actually get sales this way…its bullshit…im pissed being a 2k perfect game challenge final 8 contestant last year and dissapointed they screwed us all for online leagues