NBA 2K13 Week 17 Roster Update Out Now

Posted February 22nd, 2013 at 9:45 am


The first post-trade deadline roster update for NBA 2K13 has arrived. Though no big names were moved there were a number of transactions that had to be completed. Very few player ratings changes have been made with Kyrie Irving being the most notable going up a point to 89.

Patrick Beverley remains among the missing players, his pleadings to be added on Twitter going ignored, and Alvin Gentry is still the Suns coach now over a month after being fired and replaced by Lindsey Hunter. Kenyon Martin has yet to be placed on the Knicks. The Lakers also have not had the Jerry Buss memorial patch added to their jerseys.

  • Rockets2

    Rockets are underrated on the game man…Lin needs to be a 78 Asik needs to be a 75 and needs the defensive anchor skill…Harden should be a 90…Parsons is way to slow 70 speed is ridiculous…chandler can move and handle the ball

    • CSaint1994

      Not only are they underrated they are getting no attention how is patrick beverly not on the game??? I mean he is now officially the backup PG. this is shitty because the rockets are my fave team. 2k is just so god damn lazy idk how people call this “the best” sports game when they cant get something as simple as roster correct, NBA 2k doesnt deserve anything except for a lazy award

      • Well apparently the gameplay was developed by Jesus so everything else is irrelevant.

        I mean, could you imagine a 2k football game where rookies and/or backups are missing, and the equipment is incorrect? Could you imagine 2k taking a month to update Russell Wilson’s rating? Or Colin Kaepernick?

        Madden may get criticism, but AT LEAST they’re diligent in updating the roster and getting the looks of the players right. IIRC Live was good at that too. If only they could figure out a balance between realistic and fun gameplay…

      • Beverly was in the last game. They could easily copy and paste him into this. Laziness.

    • Khadeem

      hes slow though…hes a very good player but hes a little slow footed for a wing player

      • Rockets2

        Hes not slow and hes not a 70 speed either….75 speed is good for him..His ballhandling is a 49 which is ridiculous…Parsons can handle the rock and it should be raised

        • Khadeem

          hes slow bro…i never said he wasnt underrated but he is definitely slow for a small forward…i think 70 is an accurate depiction of his speed…everything else u can chalk up to 2k sports disgracing the game of basketball

    • Amen

    • Chris

      Yupp..They need to improve Parsons the to Asik. Highest Scoring team in the NBA!

  • Go Thunder

    Jeff Green needs more love in this game IMO….

  • Rockets2

    Rockets are underrated man..they get no love

  • growndhawgg

    I hate that Irving is rated higher than Parker.

    • Khadeem

      yes…parker also needs dimer too and manu ginobili needs the signature skill for finisher…parker should be around a 90…too bad 2ksports doesnt know how to accurately depict teams and players

  • TheSpartanZombie

    Patrick Beverley has Twitter followers??

  • Warriors love anyone?

    • Wematanye

      Only 4-6 in their last 10 games

    • #5 or 6 in team rankings, what else do you want?

  • Wematanye

    Greg Monroe 79 to 81, Danilo Gallinari 76 to 77, Courtney Lee 72 to 74, & Terrence Williams was added to the Celtics.

  • Dan

    Still no Patrick Beverley on the Rockets… just pathetic.

  • The Knicks are extremely – EXTREMELY – overrated. They’re basically god-like online.

    Raymond Felton is WAY better in-game than real-life and Jason Kidd is far past his prime to deserve an 80. Both JR Smith and Iman Shumpert are one-trick pony (Smith being an athletic volume shooter and Shump being a good defender with a limited offensive game) so they should not be 80s either.

    I rate Felton: 73-ish, Kidd 71-ish, JR Smith no higher than 75, and Iman Shumpert 73-ish.

    As for Melo, he’s fairly accurate I guess. Only thing is his release is (wrong) and almost too easy to use. Same with Amare, he’s WAY overrated in the game.

    TL;DR: the Knicks in general are overrated (at least, in-game).

  • NoFro904

    Can’t believe Kyle Singler is still a created player….

  • Dusty

    Ryan Anderson only a 69. Dude averages 16.7 ppg and 6.5 reb shooting 40% threes. Craziness