Full Rosters and Overall Player Ratings in MLB 13: The Show

Posted February 25th, 2013 at 8:45 am


The team rankings for MLB 13: The Show slipped out last week and now comes an opportunity to see the complete rosters for every team along with the overall rating of every player. Though 17 players rated 99 there is a somewhat substantial gap between those at the top and the other highly rated players. Only 5 are rated 98 and 2 rated 97.

Teams heavily stacked with 90+ rated players are the Cardinals (7), Phillies (7), Nationals (6), Angels (6), Reds (6), Giants (5), Yankees (5), and Blue Jays (5). The Indians are the only team that doesn’t have a single one. In total there are 99 players rated 90 or higher.

Thanks goes to CJohnson83 on Twitter for supplying all the images. Continue on for the breakdown of top rated players for every team and flip through the images for each team in the Facebook album or G+ album to check out the entirety of the rosters. 

Baltimore Orioles
93 Matt Weiters
91 Adam Jones
87 Nick Markakis
85 Jim Johnson
84 Miguel Gonzalez
84 Darren O’Day

Boston Red Sox
98 Dustin Pedroia
95 Joel Hanrahan
94 Jacoby Ellsbury
91 David Ortiz
89 Jon Lester
89 Mike Napoli

New York Yankees
99 Robinson Cano
97 Mariano Rivera
96 C.C. Sabathia
91 Mark Teixeira
90 Derek Jeter

Tampa Bay Rays
97 David Price
93 Evan Longoria
93 Fernando Rodney
90 Jake McGee
89 Ben Zobrist
89 Matt Moore

Toronto Blue Jays
98 Jose Bautista
95 Jose Reyes
94 Josh Johnson
93 R.A. Dickey
90 Brandon Morrow

Chicago White Sox
96 Chris Sale
94 Paul Konerko
90 Alex Rios
90 Jake Peavy
86 Matt Thornton

Cleveland Indians
88 Chris Perez
88 Vinny Pestano
86 Brett Myers
85 Jason Kipnis
85 Asdrubal Cabrera
85 Carlos Santana

Detroit Tigers
99 Miguel Cabrera
99 Justin Verlander
95 Prince Fielder
90 Joaquin Benoit
89 Torii Hunter

Kansas City Royals
94 Billy Butler
94 James Shields
93 Greg Holland
89 Kelvin Herrera
87 Salvador Perez

Minnesota Twins
93 Joe Mauer
90 Glen Perkins
87 Jared Burton
85 Josh Willingham
84 Vance Worley

Los Angeles Angels
99 Mike Trout
99 Josh Hamilton
99 Albert Pujols
93 Jered Weaver
90 Ryan Madson
90 Ernesto Frieri

Oakland A’s
92 Yoenis Cespedes
91 Ryan Cook
91 Grant Balfour
88 Brett Anderson
88 Sean Doolittle

Seattle Mariners
99 Felix Hernandez
92 Tom Wilhelmsen
87 Erasmo Ramirez
85 Jesus Montero
85 Kendrys Morales

Texas Rangers
96 Yu Darvish
96 Adrian Beltre
95 Ian Kinsler
93 Nelson Cruz
91 Joe Nathan

Houston Astros
90 Jose Altuve
89 Jose Veras
83 Jed Lowrie
82 Bud Norris
80 Philip Humber

Atlanta Braves
99 Craig Kimbrel
95 Kris Medlen
91 Jason Heyward
89 Tim Hudson
88 B.J. Upton
88 Brian McCann

Miami Marlins
95 Giancarlo Stanton
92 Steve Cishek
82 Ricky Nolasco
81 Justin Ruggiano
80 Donovan Solano

Washington Nationals
99 Stephen Strasburg
91 Ryan Zimmerman
91 Rafael Soriano
90 Gio Gonzalez
90 Dan Haren
90 Drew Storen

New York Mets
93 David Wright
88 Johan Santana
87 Matt Harvey
85 Daniel Murphy
83 Shaun Marcum

Philadelphia Phillies
96 Cliff Lee
95 Jonathan Papelbon
94 Roy Halladay
94 Cole Hamels
94 Carlos Ruiz
93 Jimmy Rollins
91 Mike Adams

Chicago Cubs
90 Starlin Castro
88 Matt Garza
88 Jeff Samardzija
88 Carlos Marmol
86 Alfonso Soriano

Cincinnati Reds
99 Aroldis Chapman
98 Joey Votto
94 Mat Latos
93 Brandon Phillips
93 Jay Bruce
92 Sean Marshall

Milwaukee Brewers
99 Ryan Braun
92 Corey Hart
92 John Axford
89 Aramis Ramirez
87 Mark Rogers

Pittsburgh Pirates
99 Andrew McCutchen
91 Jason Grilli
87 Wandy Rodriguez
84 Russell Martin
84 A.J. Burnett

St. Louis Cardinals
98 Carlos Beltran
98 Yadier Molina
96 Adam Wainwright
96 Jason Motte
92 Allen Craig
91 Matt Holliday
91 Chris Carpenter

Arizona Diamondbacks
93 J.J. Putz
89 Brandon McCarthy
89 David Hernandez
87 Ian Kennedy
86 Daniel Hudson

Colorado Rockies
99 Carlos Gonzalez
99 Troy Tulowitzki
94 Rafeal Betancourt
86 Wilin Rosario
85 Michael Cuddyer

Los Angeles Dodgers
99 Clayton Kershaw
99 Matt Kemp
94 Zack Grienke
93 Adrian Gonzalez
89 Kenley Jansen

San Diego Padres
91 Chase Hedley
90 Huston Street
88 Cory Luebke
86 Andrew Cashner
86 Luke Gregerson

San Francisco Giants
99 Buster Posey
95 Matt Cain
94 Sergio Romo
92 Madison Bumgarner
90 Hunter Pence

  • ReelBigMike

    Donovan Solano an 80?! I think they just had to make a big overrating on somebody to make sure the Marlins had 5 guys at 80+

  • fantasyboi

    is there going to be potential again? or XP?

  • rays1118

    thats B.S! they over rated every player that sponsered the game!! hunter pence a 90? really he hit like 250 and sabathia had a 3.50 era

    • yerooo

      Not everyone who has ever graced the cover got a preferential treatment, David Wright has a 93 rating after hitting .306/21/93rbi/91runs/15sb while playing great defense on a crappy ass mets team…. it could be seen as just slightly low – probably could’ve been placed in the 95-96 range considering how inflated some of these ratings are for some second year and some mediocre players

  • buggstbone

    Where’s J. Zimmermann and Harper at? I like Haren, but he should not be rated higher thaneither of them.

  • Darvish better than Weaver, Cain, Grienke, Hamels & Shields.

    That’s a joke.

    • Scott

      Weaver has finished in the top 3 in Cy Young voting the last 3 years. Sorry dude, but you’re just flat out wrong

      • JustANormalGuy

        I don’t think you’re getting what he said

  • David

    These ratings are ridiculous.What’s the point of having a 100 point scale if an “average” player is an 80-85. I understand they have to have ratings all the way back to “A” ball, but the average guy in the bigs should be about 60-65. That would leave the 50s for AAA, 40s for AA and 30s for A. Then you could really separate the .250 hitters from the .350 hitters. The elite players could then be rated in the upper 80s and lower 90s. There should only be about 3 99’s in the game… let alone on one team. Sheesh. If you have a 100 point scale… use the whole thing!

  • bpfenway

    Can someone please explain Aroldis Chapman getting a 99?

    • turkey86

      As a relief pitcher, that’s easy as hell. Check the numbers. As a starter…we’ll see. I doubt he’ll be that good.

  • 49ersfan1

    pence is better than sandoval?

  • wolf onatshirt

    Wow, so Trout and Harper, barely 21 are the GREATEST BASEBALL PLAYERS OF ALL TIME, trumping damn near everyone with 99 overall.

    Wow…just wow. MLB the Show turning into EA obliviousness?

    • Are you retarded? Trout was the best player in baseball by far last year. If anyone is deserving of a 99 overall it’s him. In fact, he’s the only person in baseball that should have a 99 overall.

      • wolf onatshirt

        Yeah, that’s last year. Even Ken Griffey Jr. on his own game didn’t get a rating like that. Get real dude. I can see an 85, a 90 maybe at most, but 99? LOL OK!

      • I’m sorry but are you retarded? Miguel Cabrera won the Triple crown. He is the only one who really deserves it! Just lol at you

  • frank

    these ratings are so overblown. horrible. can find around 20 inaccuracies

  • Scott

    Pretty ridiculous ratings. 17 Players rated 99?!?!?! Give me a break! What a joke

  • Doe

    Say what ever you want about 2k but they clearly have better ratings than the show

    • 2k hasn’t even updated the pictures…..

  • jeff

    can you do a fantsy draft in online franchise mode?

  • Bochert11

    Jose Veras second highest rated player on the Stros! Hahaha