Part Two of Player Face Comparisons Between MLB 13: The Show and MLB 2K13

Posted April 2nd, 2013 at 10:15 am

With baseball one of the last remaining sports that have competition – whether that continues to be the case in 2014 is up in the air at this point – the player face comparison between the two games has been one of the most popular features of the spring the last few years. The Show has won out in all three battles: 21-6 margin in 2012, 14-6 in 2011, and 11-8-1 in 2010.

For 2013 the set of faces has been expanded to 40. If you haven’t already make sure to vote for the better faces in the first set that was posted last week.  Here are the second 13 to vote on – the final set will follow in a few days with results and analysis next week. 

*All sets of images feature 2K13 on the left and The Show on the right. Some have felt it would be better not to state which was which, but the visual styles of the games give that away regardless. Vote in the polls below!














  • j77

    cant stop laughing at 2K13s David Wright. seriously lmfao

  • 45

    lol at 2k’s John Axford

  • jaycruz92

    Is the left an n64 game?

  • Kershaw, CC, and Harper on 2k look pretty good, but all the others aren’t even close.


    the only one 2k has better are Beltre, and Kershaw. Thats out of both lists, I mean john axford….. do they not have facial hair in 2k.

  • dwright5_godsend

    2K is a joke.

  • dwright5_godsend

    The 2K player renditions are laughable to say the least.

  • pasta i just finished playing online rated game and the players are still wearing preseason uniforms will that change at all

  • Michael Artus

    2K’s RA Dickey almost made me piss myself.

    • ZachScott10

      it’s john smoltz!

  • and Ra Dickey look like john smoltz from the Atlanta braves from the 2k13 side

  • Voted 12-1 in favor of the Show, though if there was an “equal” option, I’d vote 10-1-2 (Clayton Kershaw and Bryce Harper look pretty good on both). Besides that, the only other player 2K got right IMO was Adrian Beltre.

    2K must be using the same graphics technology that GTA 4 used, because their players look like they’d fit right in.

    It looks like 2k copy/pasted Felix Hernandez and CC Sabathia’s faces on a head, that’s last-gen realism.

    IIRC John Axford has the same face as he had last year. With 2k’s updates to player models like Blake Griffin, Udonis Haslem, and Michael Beasley (basically all they did was add/remove hair to the same faces), it shows they ARE capable of adding hair to player models. The fact that they couldn’t add a relatively simple mustace and hair under the lip is PURE laziness.

    2k’s Miggy looks like Bruno Mars. Their Starlin Castro looks like a GTA Liberty City mob boss. And Cespedes, Adam Jones, and David Wright look almost like animals.

  • dylanrobertson

    haha 2k’s David Wright looks like Mr. Bean

  • I didn’t read which side was which before voting and guess I voted 9 for the left side and 3 for the right side. Some of them (like Jones and Cespedes) both looked bad.

  • kershaw, sabathia, starlin, cabrera, jones are better for 2k13.

    wright, Dickey, axford look better for The Show

    The others are a wash

  • CSaint1994

    All of 2ks players look like they have a mental illness….

  • Brian

    I’ve never LOL’d at these annuals shots until I saw Castro. And second of all, that Yoenis… that is m.f.’ing Bobby Abreu!

  • truetrue85

    MLB 2k13 looks like N64, but I never have liked the way the Show’s player models looked either. They’re shaped weird.

  • bla bla bla

    pissed my self after seeing cc’s picture from 2k so funny

  • Wematanye

    2Ks Miguel Cabrera looks like its from his rookie season.

  • Why are you refusing to randomize the order or at least not announce which side is which? You are, on purpose, making the results less real than they can be.

    • Its obvious which is which just by looking at the images. To pretend it isn’t is far more ridiculous. In the past it has never mattered…or else 2K never would’ve won a single match-up.

      • Might be obvious to you, not to people who don’t spend as much time with the games… but I guess feeding the trolls is also part of being webmaster, right? brings in more traffic!

  • kugfieik

    2k has players look either super skinny or super fat

  • Jimmy Kraft

    I laughed so hard at 2K’s Starlin Castro’s pic. I keep looking at it, it’s like a car wreck! lol

    • AmazinsCowboys

      Haha it was so bad I thought it was Pablo Sandoval at first

  • breon stockton

    terrible faces by 2k yet again, im sure most people can tell the 2k faces from the show easy in most cases, as said before bryce harper and maybe beltran look pretty equal i think there was 1 other one that was pretty good, overall though terrible job by 2k great work by san diego studios,

  • JStiener

    Only 2 even remotely represent theses players for 2K. Bryce Harper and Clayton Kershaw are the only ones that even look good for 2K