Date Set for Tiger Woods 14 Patch Release on PS3 as 360 Side Falls Behind

Posted April 23rd, 2013 at 6:45 pm


The status of the comprehensive patch for Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14 – detailed earlier with primary notes on changes to expect – has been updated by EA Sports. The patch cleared certification by Sony and will arrive for the PS3 on Monday the 29th. Microsoft however found a bug in the patch and returned it to EA to fix. Because of the turnaround involved the company is now expecting it to be out on the 360 one week later.

The first post-release patch for Tiger 14 is expected to include a change to the camera angles that are cut to while observing putts among many other presentation-based and stat tracking alterations. Multiple server-side updates have been pushed live in the weeks since release to address similar issues isolated to the game’s online-connected modes.

  • addc37

    im eagerly awaiting the patch. should make a great game even better to get these minor probs cleaned up.

  • I’m glad they caught the crash bug on the 360. It would have really been a blow to an already beleaguered customer base to have something like this add insult to injury. It will be interesting and hopefully encouraging to read the reactions of the PS3 users though. I’m ready to play this game, but I can’t make myself do it in its present state… it feels “broken” to me.

  • Keith.

    Pretty funny to read on the official EA forum that MS flunked Tiburon’s patch because of a “crash bug.” Tiburon’s games for years have suffered from freeze problems (that are never covered here). Wonder what makes MS think that Tiburon will be able to find a fix for the freezes now?

  • It’ll be nice when the camera stops zooming out after each shot

    • I *hope* that gets fixed in all play modes as it is annoying as heck, but the way the patch notes read: “Fix for H2H cameras so they no longer pull back after a ball comes to a rest ” I beg to differ – I see it in every mode.

  • Paul Hanlin Jr

    I’ve been biding my time in Legends of the Majors until a patch comes up. Better to catch a bug before releasing the patch. I can wait a week.

  • BLB34

    The leaderboard glitch in career mode is unforgivable. It makes playing anything but single round tournaments nearly useless. They have done a lot of good things with this version, but it’s mind boggling how the game was allowed to ship with some of these obvious bugs.

  • Keith.

    Ouch — the new vgchartz weekly sales data is out, and while TW14 (360) came in 63rd place for the week ending 4/20, i.e., the week Target and Amazon had the game on sale for $40, the PS3 version once again failed to chart in the Top 75. Even worse, vgchartz is showing that TW14 for 360 has sold a total of 40,000 copies here in the US after 4 weeks of release, and only 30,000 copies for PS3. That amounts to a grand total of only 70,000 copies sold on 360/PS3 combined after 4 weeks on sale, which is just terrible.

    Better enjoy the game on 360/PS3 this year, fellas, because this series definitely is dead. No way on earth EA keeps putting out this game with all of the licensing costs involved for those kinds of sales numbers.

    • These numbers are astoundingly disturbing! I know VGChartz volume numbers are frequently called into question. In fact, doing so is a bannable offense on Neogaf’s forum. However, I think they are closer to reality than people give credit, and I certainly think they are useful for relative comparisons against previous year’s titles within VG Chartz. These early drastic sale prices are unprecedented and likely are indicative of the reception the game is getting on the market.

      If the forthcoming patch delivers, I think it will pick up sales some, but there are lots of lost sales they’ll never recover.