Release Day Patch for Madden NFL 25 Will Fix Invisible Players

Posted August 15th, 2013 at 11:00 am


With the Madden NFL 25 demo releasing earlier this week one bug of great concern has stood out from others in significance and rate of occurrence. Many gamers on the PS3 in particular have experienced players disappearing on the field leaving only their shadows visible. Social media and forums are filled with reports of it occurring and images of the problem. 

EA Sports today confirmed that a patch will be released by next Friday when the game goes live for Season Ticket subscribers. One thing addressed in the patch will be the invisible players.

While it’s not exactly “Jesus Bynum” of NBA Elite 11 consumers who experience the issue could be swayed away from purchasing or at the very least discouraged and in the process some confidence in the product could be damaged. It’s startling that something of this nature would not be caught in testing for the demo but especially for the final product that went “gold” and shipped. Those without internet access to receive the patch may have to live with players disappearing on the field which would obviously be unacceptable and justify a refund on return.

  • kdarnell233

    The fact that this is even a problem…

    • Chris B.

      I agree.

  • Crispy Winters

    we need new gloves and cleats and one arm sleeves

  • Goose

    I hope you heard what the guys at The sim perspective said about you. That you are a straight up madden hater and have a heavy bias against EA. Sorry to say this, but I have to agree with them. Your coverage and comments about most EA products are negative toward the company. It’s concerning that you do reviews of games and are clearly bias against one particular company.

    • It’s scary when being objective and holding a company accountable for their actions is considered bias. But I’ll take it. Couldn’t care less what someone (who lets a company fly them out and wine and dine them to play a game early) thinks. Just tells me I’m doing things the right way.

      • Rob

        Wow, I thought Pasta was always called an EA plant…I guess you can’t win.

        • Learned that long ago. That’s why its not about winning. There’s going to be disagreement no matter what is expressed.

          • Rob

            I have no issues with disagreement, but when it devolves into name calling and hyperbole it benefits no one. What everyone needs to consider is the source of the initial claims. They appear (I am not familiar with the site) to be competition. Of course they will try and knock Pasta down. If they can pull from his base and hurt his rep it is a double win.

            An aside: The Madden 25 demo was not an great sales pitch. I was unimpressed with the demo and will likely stick with ’13.

          • Iown You

            The people at the “sim perspective” are a bunch of phonies who hated on EA and Madden for years until they started getting flown down there for free trips and games. None of them have an ounce of understanding about how a game is made, so they just regurgitate bullshit that Tiburon tells them.

            How can anything they say be taken seriously?

      • Chris B.

        Somebody has to call a spade a spade.

      • Redhawk

        Goose, you must not read the other articles from Pasta. He points out the negative in all the other companies as well. People need to face the fact that not all games are created equal. You have a choice as a consumer to choose what you want and form your own opinion as well.

      • madden baller

        I agree they need to fix it and add perks mistakes after mistakes ea.

    • Eric

      Seems like everyone else says Pasta has a heavy bias in favor of EA. Guess you just can’t win, can you Pasta?

    • Arrowe76

      Someone will have to present Keith to those people if they want to know what a real bias against EA looks like. It’s a pretty good company but it doesn’t take a bias to realize the last few months haven’t been kind to them. Once the NCAA debacle clears up and the transition toward next gen is complete, the coverage will probably improve.

      • Keith.

        Past few months? They’ve been named Worst Company in America, two years running.

        The Sim Standard guys are just EA Game Changers anyways. Who cares what they think about anything, other than how they’ve enjoyed the free trips to Orlando and all the swag they receive.

        • Trey Warner

          why do you comment so much??whining about a company or product in a comments section isnt going to change anything

          • Keith.

            Ya never know.

          • JJ

            And whining about someone you think is whining is better HOW?

            Don’t answer that, it’s rhetorical.

      • Iown You

        “It’s a pretty good company”

        Smh @ Arrow76. That’s pure comedy.

    • Tazdevil20

      Goose, you can’t be serious. I’ve followed Pasta for a long time. There were times in the past when I felt he took it way too easy on EA for their efforts in football gaming. However, he’s been more than objective for years. It doesn’t do the gaming community any good whatsoever to sugar coat and bullshit people on the quality level of a sports game. He’s simply being objective here and telling it like it is. If EA wants more positive reviews, then make a higher quality product. It’s that simple! When playing the other sports games out there like NBA 2k and MLB the show, madden doesn’t even enter the same sentence. If Madden ends up being a great title at some point, it will be mentioned here on this site and the positives will be the focal point. Until then, it’s being called exactly as it’s being seen…

      • madden baller

        You’re so correct thanks man another real gamer that likes good and quality games.

    • Hello I’m DEV

      this is my ncaa 14 copy ..retail..i notified them the day the game come out and it hasn’t been fixed yet..its my 3rd copy of the game..and i have two xboxes..two differ profiles same results

      • alkamist1

        ive ran into this same problem but it happened to me, and not the cpu!

    • Brandon

      Then maybe EA should stop sucking.

    • Panamajack13

      What a dumb comment. Pastapadre is one of the best out there. Everything he said was on point. The invisible player bug should never have made it to the consumer. It brings up a couple of good points. A. Does EA have intelligent beta testers? B. Goose must have a girlfriend that works at EA.

    • mikemck09

      Hahahaha… I think you might have that reversed bro… Pasta has his stuff on Operation Sports, which is a HUGE Madden support group lol… Where in the world did you get that info from? Your source is seriously messing with your head.

  • Hello I’m DEV

    i had the same issue with my ncaa football 14 as documented in this video had the same thing when the demo came out before i bought the game…and they still HAVE NOT FIXED IT..ive had 3 different disk of the game and two xboxes..same results..they sent me a email 2 days ago saying they sent a patch i called them the day the game dropped ..over a month ago..and guess madden demo is doing the same thing as this was during the demo so i guess ima have the same issue with madden too..LAME

    • mikemck09

      That is a real shame, bro! I haven’t seen this in my game personally but I have heard from a lot of other guys that this has happened to them as well. Thanks for publishing this video. Its a damn shame how this is happening, back when patches didn’t exist these games were never shipped with problems like this. I couldn’t sell lemonade for a buck to a little kid if something was wrong with it, yet this company can sell a broken product and make millions of dollars.

      • Hello I’m DEV

        i got college the day it dropped and i have YET to complete one game period..most expensive coaster ive ever purchased in my life..but its not like i can go to 2k and get my football fix huh…EA really ran anumber on me this season ive been buying madden since sega genesis..even when dreamcast came out i got one for the ps2 although i thought nfl 2k was better..i bought both..cus i was loyal…but now i think they arent loyal BACK to dick in the dust em..if my madden is broken when i get it..ima make a video of me burning the game in the trash then putting the flame out with my piss..fuck EA..

  • Keith.

    One unsuspecting customer without internet access is all it’s going to take for a putative class action to be filed.

    If the game really does ship with this invisible players problem, look for suit to be filed within a couple of weeks. Easy money for a good plaintiffs’ attorney.

    • alkamist1

      i agree!

  • Wayne McEachron

    Companies have trained gamers to get used to this. None of the sports games I play are close to finished products at release. We are the testers, we provide the feedback and then we wait for the patch. That’s the new age of gaming.

    Most of these blemishes don’t hurt the bottom-line so there is no incentive or reason from EA’s perspective to do anything different. Couple that with having a monopoly on NFL gaming and this is what happens. It’s nothing personal with EA. 2k Sports does the same thing with their NBA 2k Series.

    I haven’t read much about the patch system for next gen, but if it is more streamlined and easier for patches to be implemented we can expect to see releases even more rough around the edges down the line.

  • alkamist1

    all this game is an upgrade of madden 13, so I call it Madden 13.5, they could have put out a 9.99 patch for upgraded rosters, patches and I would have paid for it, but come on now, putting out the same game, and adding NCAA 14 audibles and crap…

    • Ace McCloud®

      Exact reason I’m sticking with Madden ’13 until 26 or 15 comes out. Sure ’13 isn’t perfect but I have a good slider set and it makes the game playable/interesting.

  • Mark R. Morales

    have played like 1000 games on xbox and so far 10 out of 10, its only happening on the ps3 cuz ps3 sucks

  • Justin

    Yikes. Thought it was just me.

  • Henry

    If they don’t release info on fixing the camera angle and multiple abdominal tears, it won’t be a day 1 buy from me and I’m a real madden fan.

  • lonzell99

    So the talk of the demo being an older build of the game is B.S. if they have to patch this problem. The Gold version wouldn’t need to have this patched, it would already be fixed on the disc. Nice One EA and the beta testers……..

  • heels61

    It is impossible to rush the passer and therefore play defense in the Madden demo

    • Keith.

      Defense has been an absolute snore in Madden for years. M25 is no different.

    • Anthony Prows

      That’s not true, I have made some huge sacks, some near 10 yard loss. Also people saying that the CPU QB never misses a pass, that is incorrect as well. I played against the Ravens and had 3 interceptions and their QB missed a lot of passes and threw some away, he had like 45% completions.

  • Trey Warner

    dont you need internet connection to receive the game from the season ticket thing anyways?so whats the problem?or is this going to happen on the released disc version?

    • Its a problem in the retail version of the game, whether on disc or digitally downloaded and needs a patch to fix.

      • Trey Warner

        Is this confirmed by EA???There’s nooo way they can release a game that’s as popular as madden is and it to be that broken!O and is this only with PS3?

        • Yes. It only gets fixed with the patch that’ll be out by next Friday.

        • truesimgamer

          Sorry, but Madden NFL games come broken on day one and they are never completely or even 50% fixed.

  • whatsuppasta!

    ….blitz is always my football game. any one of the series from blitz any day all day over madden or nfl 2k. 2 on 2 get your cheat codes in and bam tournaments with friends so much more fun than online by yourself .

  • Pissed Off

    These rating coming out are about the most worthless I have ever seen…Makes me sad when I hated the 2 teams a day but what I wouldnt give for that again! Jesus EA you morons really know how to do shit the wrong way and fix things that are not broken!

  • mikemck09

    How about how EA Sports Season Ticket doesn’t transfer to the next gen consoles!?

  • gumbyragemachine

    Is there a point where developers start getting into legal trouble for repeatedly releasing defective products? It feels like the games today have the same level of quality control they had before the industry crashed in the 80s. I never buy anything on release day anymore because you just can’t trust the developers to put out a working product.

  • TIMtationX

    This happened to me yesterday. players vanished on 3 plays.

  • Leopold Gloom

    No need to fix it for the Eagles defense.

  • whatsuppasta!

    nfl blitz series>madden series

    • whatsuppasta!

      the person who voted down one obviously doesnt remember the original blitz, 99,00,01,02,03

  • Jesse

    Holy invisible players Batman, maybe that evil company the Joker funds as a front for his underground sheep herding is behind this?

  • gamer5442

    haven’t had this happen on my xbox 360 yet…ps3 with their ports…guess I’ll still get both consoles when they release…which ever i don’t like after getting them…i’ll just sell the other.

    love my ps vita…but the ps3 not so much…will take my xb360 any day.

  • Ghoul II

    Madden on Playsation runs clunky and has tons of bugs. Its built for XBOX. Sorry for anyone who has to play on PS3 or plans on playing on PS4.

    • izzy

      microsoft had to change everything they originally said was gonna be on xbox one because ps4 completely destroyed them at E3. xsux 1 is garbage and ps4 is far superior. heck xsux 1 isnt even better than the ps3.

  • GKage

    Madden so bad even the polygons are fed up with it

    • Drew

      ^^^this. LOL

  • Sean Conners

    it’s sad and unfortunate that all these gamechangers and people who get to play the game early (like so they can make the strategy guide) missed all this … very poor QC @ EA apparently. color me disappointed.

  • Jae Smith

    Y isnt the new gloves or half sleeves in game?? Anybody kno??

  • Jae Smith

    What happened to the nike gloves and 1 sleeves??

  • justud


  • justin

    they need to patch their patch because people on ps3 (myself included) cant even play the game without menu screen lag and freezes

  • Eric Praise Him Madison

    Can’t even do CPU vs CPU on franchise mode I hate madden I hope they patch it soon

  • Jennifer Reed

    Do we get our money back