Details on First Patch for NCAA Football 14

Posted August 20th, 2013 at 7:15 pm


EA Sports today had the first post-release patch for NCAA Football 14 go live on the Xbox 360 and PS3. The list of fixes provided by the company is not expansive – there was more done than just what is mentioned here – but these are the primary issues addressed. 

Formation Subs Exploit
Fixed an exploit that allowed users to disconnect an online H2H game without receiving a loss or affecting DNF %

Coaching Carousel Update
Fixed an issue that prevented non-commissioner user teams from being offered new jobs in Online Dynasty

Defensive Back Hot Route Adjustment
Fixed an issue where some Defensive Back Hot Routes would not react correctly

Old Dominion Update
Fixed an issue where Old Dominion is referred to as “Big Blue” and not “Monarchs”

Vignette Slowdown
Addressed an issue where postplay vignettes did not trigger after touchdowns.

Grey Facemask Issue (PS3)
Fixed an issue where some teams had a grey facemask in-game regardless of user modifications on the PlayStation 3

PS3 Optimization
PS3 players will notice a much quicker overall experience with reduced hitches.

♦Fixed issue where Team Skill OVR ratings appeared to be 99, but were actually only a 94
♦Players may see their OVR Team Skill Ratings adjusted after applying the title update
♦Please note that individual player OVR ratings have not changed at all.

  • Wematanye

    Georgia’s gray facemask on 360 was fixed.

  • alexdykes22

    I have been having an issue since the launch with my Online Dynasty. Cannot advance the week more than once when starting a new game session. If I try to advance a second week it will disconnect me from the EA servers every time. I have to shut the game off completely reboot then advance the week. I have found a work around for this issue via my season ticket purchase. I am able to advance the week through the online dynasty website, but this still takes unnecessary time to complete.

    Really happy to see that they have fixed the Vignette problem with this update. I have rarely if ever seen it work.

    I do not have the Disc Based version of the game. I just purchased a game code after my season ticket early release version was up. Saved me a trip to gamestop. I have wondered if that may be what caused the issue.

    So I even uninstalled the game, re downloaded, and reinstalled the game. No Dice. Hopefully this patch will correct my problems.

  • mikemck09

    This is nothing but a “cosmetic makeover”… This patch just goes to show that the NCAA team could care less about this game any longer… It sickens me to see how bad EA treats their customers!

    • Keith.

      It is an awfully skimpy patch list considering that the bugs list at OS was 70 pages long at last check. TW14 got the same lousy post-release support when that series was put out to pasture earlier this year. Writing’s all over the wall for NCAA. My guess is it will have some sort’ve paid-DLC added later on (uniforms?) and then that’ll be it for this game/series.

      • Just a guy

        Even if the game was perfect, the bug list at OS would be 70 pages long. 80% of the stuff people post in there are either not bugs/glitches at all, or repeats of what other people have already posted.

      • mikemck09

        Indeed, brother! I have TW14 as well, it still freezes when updating my Golfer in Career Mode… Only fix for that is to disconnect from the EA servers! Damn shame to see companies put more effort into DLC than into the actual game that we pay for!!!

  • Skihawks

    How about the bug where a defender intercepts a pass in end zone and the offense gets credit for a TD when a booth review occurs? Other than that pretty nice list.

    • Henry

      Man I was playing FSU in my dynasty. We went to double overtime. They ended up scoring on me and guess what, the very next play they kept the ball. Ran one play band the game was over. That cut me deep yo

  • AngusH

    Did they fix the player progression yet, or does every 3-star recruit still develop into a 90 OVR stud?

  • Singo

    All of a sudden there’s no tackle sound effects and computer is breaking every tackle. SMDH

  • Jay

    I just wish they fix gameface my gameface on PC is spot on and on 360 is looks like a goonie wtf

  • Matthew Hoffman

    What about all of the road to glory bugs?

  • BoltThrower74

    Defending no-huddle bug on PS3 is fixed. That just made this game 10x better for me.

    • Jeff D Lowe

      Wait, as in now it isn’t f***ing impossible to pick a defensive play quickly in no-huddle!?

      • BoltThrower74

        Yup. When playing defense, you’ll have probably 2-3 seconds to pick a play. Plus I noticed the AI QB actually barks his orders at the line. You have time now.

  • God

    So I guess defense will stay a joke in this game

    • BoltThrower74

      I guess it would depend on if you’re playing human opponents
      or CPU. I only play CPU, but as far as
      that goes, I’m actually pretty competent I think. I can’t tell you how many times I’d be
      playing a game, see that I give up the occasional big pass or run and shake my
      head, only to look at post-game stats and see that I’ve held them to under 100
      yards rushing, or under 200 passing, etc.
      I think for myself, what I was expecting was a BIG stop on every one of
      their drives and that’s just not gonna happen.
      I’ve finally gotten that. In 3
      years of offline Dynasty, my defense has ranked from top-10 to top-5 to finally
      top-3 in year 3. Everyone’s different,
      but for me defense isn’t a problem anymore, save for the occasional busted
      play. I see what you’re getting at
      though, so I’m not dogging ya.

      • God

        Top 10 ! Holy crap man. I give myself a challenge with sliders but my DBs in this game are frustratingly stupid. I consistently end up with 50 – 60 point games between me vs cpu. I should add that I play with Maryland and not alabama or something like that lol.

  • Czechdown

    sliders for offside, false start, and holding are set at 100, and I rarely see it called. that should be a simple fix for them, wouldn’t you think??

  • AmazinsCowboys

    The uniform pack still won’t download for me…. I’ve deleted it from my hard drive and re-downloaded it. still says error: download aborted no matter what. Also I’m not complaining because it made my RTG guy really good 🙂 but it was ridiculously easy to get my guy up to a 99 overall. Took me until about halfway through my freshman year. Skill boosts are way too cheap and you earn skill points way to easily.

  • Guest

    Honestly the defense in this game really is a joke. and what sucks is that I can’t find the perfect sliders, partially because I honestly think boththe human and CPU can’t play defense for their lives. On default, I give up a shot load of yards, although honestly in the red zone my defense is over 9000. But then there are games where I adjusted sliders and it was to much. I held them to like 15 yards rushing and like 125 passing yards. I do think the game made some strides, but honestly I can’t believe these are actually physics. How can Freeman from FSU truck Stephon Tuitt from Notre Dame, a likely top 10 selection in next year’s draft? I mean Freeman is what 5’9 maybe 200 pounds going up against Tuitt at 6’6 322 pounds.

  • LenInFlux

    EA fixed the play menu during no huddle on the PS3 so that you now have adequate time to call a play on defense but in doing so there is a nasty audio dropout right before the play menu pops up on the screen.

    Don’t they test these fixes before they send them out as a patch?

  • carolina hardcore ecstasy

    This is really stupid, the blocking was perfect before the patch. Everyone from linemen to fullbacks would pick somebody to block while on the run, but now they seem to go around them or let them go past them or something. I also noticed on field goals that the longsnapper doesn’t pick up his block and the opposing player will dive through him and push the ls into the kick. I’ve actually had 2 extra points blocked this way.