Madden NFL 25 All Player Ratings Including Defense and Special Teams

Posted August 22nd, 2013 at 9:15 am


Last Friday all the Madden NFL 25 ratings for players on the offensive side of the ball came out and now all the other players in the base roster, including defense and special teams, can be checked out. Leading the way is J.J. Watt with the only 99 overall rating from the defense. Following closely behind are Cameron Wake, Darrelle Revis, Geno Atkins, and Von Miller at 97 overall. Check out the complete list of all player ratings for Madden NFL 25 here.

  • brian

    Is that bundle of goo supposed to be JJ Watt?

  • mitch norton

    JJ Watt is not that fat, he’s all muscle, maybe next gen will show that

  • Henry

    Found a guy on ebay that sales big title movies and games the Thursday before it drops, gonna buy my copy today. Was hesitant because of the jacked up camera and injury big but screw it. Last madden on current gen I shall buy

  • truth3

    JJ is looking a little tubby in that pic

  • Remmsterr

    These developers NEED to fix the player models or let the players (us) fix them; JJ Watt looks like an overweight linemen.

  • M

    That’s actually Tony Siragusa dressed up as JJ for Halloween..

  • izzy

    am i the only one having trouble seeing the defensive player ratings??

  • mfmurda

    again this donny moore f’s up the madden rosters. thank god you can edit rosters and make it realistic.

  • Iown You

    Wow, Chris Farley is in the game??? Man, they’ve really got their legends nailed down!

  • Huejac

    How can Luck be a 88 & Freeman be a 82? It’s not TD to INT ratio, completion percentage or QBR because Freeman was better in all of those.

    • Jarvis

      Do you really believe Freeman is better? Freeman hasn’t shown the growth that was expected of him. Numbers don’t tell the entire story

  • Jeremy Aldrich

    Wow, I’m realistic and totally understand that the Saints D gave up record breaking yardage last year but these ratings are pretty much garbage! The best player is Greer at an 86 and then Lofton at an 82 and no one else is even close. I know ratings will change as the season progresses and I can make adjustments but WOW this is worse than I could have even imagined.

    • Andrew

      May have something to do with the scheme change from a 4-3 to a 3-4.

  • hToEuXsAtNoSn

    Geez, they always make JJ Watt look so fat in this game.

  • upset bengals fan

    acceleration ratings?

  • Leopold Gloom

    JJ Watt-aburger

  • Cliff1cj

    You would think Maddne would upgrade the player models smh

  • The Great Leon

    JJ Watts is suppose to be built like a brick shithouse not a pile of shit in the house.


    Why is Alfonzo Dennard so slow 87 speed really he didn’t look that slow on his A. luck pick six