Early Deal on Madden NFL 25 Is Great For Those Moving From 360 to Xbox One

Posted August 28th, 2013 at 3:30 pm


In a surprise move yesterday Amazon added a $10 promo credit to Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 copies of Madden NFL 25 (excluding the Anniversary Edition) for both ongoing sales and consumers who pre-ordered. Elsewhere NewEgg via Ebay had copies going for $45 but their supply was run through fairly quickly. Costco meanwhile is selling the game for $55. As was the case with NCAA Football 14 it’s likely some retailers will drop the price temporarily on Madden even lower within the next week or two.

The Amazon deal though is especially enticing to 360 owners who plan on buying an Xbox One. With Amazon’s trade-in offer, in which they’ll provide $50 credit to put towards the same game on the Xbox One, it essentially makes the 2 1/2 month rental of the current-gen version free when factoring in the bonus $10 promo.

  • base33

    Lame that theres nothing like this for the PS4. But im not changing my mind on console to save $50 bucks on a game when its a whole generation to look forward to

  • Keith.

    The price of this one is going to drop fast. I predict $49-$51 on Amazon by the weekend, and $35-$39 by October if not before ($20 by Black Friday). I’m sure EA pressed more discs than there will be demand for, and better for them to get something rather than nothing for all the copies that’ll otherwise be sitting in a warehouse somewhere.

    When you’re currently sitting at a 74 on Metacritic (PS3), desperate times call for desperate measures.

    • Jeff

      They mentioned it multiple times already, it’s the end of a generation and they expect lowered sales. So why would they press more discs if they seemingly knew this coming in? I’m quite sure it’s a two fold strategy. One, Madden 07 didn’t go over too well at the start of this last console generation. And two, Microsoft needed something to further distinguish themselves from Sony. Both companies seem to be trying to work up some goodwill with their bases. No conspiracy. No warehouse full of CDs. It won’t be given away with samples of laundry detergent.
      And you predicting a sale on Black Friday is a gutless guess.

      • Keith.

        “it’s the end of a generation” — what nonsense. Analysts are predicting GTA V to sale 18 million-plus copies, even though it’s coming at the same “end of a generation.” You know why it’s going to be a mega seller? Because it looks to deliver something gamers haven’t experienced before, rather than yet another stale rehash of a tired franchise.

        And you can keep kidding yourself about “no warehouse of [unsold M25] cds.” EA knew sales were going to be down, but I’m sure they weren’t expecting a 74 Metacritic or scores of 60 from Gamespot and “No” from Kotaku. Just wait and see how fast and how low the price drops — it’s gonna be fun to watch.

        • Jay (The Truth)

          Get a life dude..

  • Ryan Perry

    You might save a little money but in the end, everyone who buys this game loses.

  • disqus_R7KE3LZvga

    why can’t the ps3/ps4 get some love

    • Unless something changes, have to assume its related to the deal between Microsoft and EA. Trying to spur sales over there with this.

    • Keith.

      Peter Moore used to be an exec at Microsoft before joining EA, and Don Mattrick was a longtime EA guy before he went on to Microsoft, so there are obviously a lot of ties between those 2 companies. EA didn’t do Sega any favors back in the Dreamcast days, and they certainly haven’t done Sony any favors these last 9 years with their shoddy XBox ports over to PS3.

  • MoneyMayweather

    Pasta only cares about the bottom line he gets revenue every time you click on his links. Yet He Bashed Madden sorry pasta you ain’t getting money off me after you bashed a game you said wasn’t a classic in a generation.

  • MJ

    drop price to 5$ and ill buy it.

  • Gamestop Employee

    I’m a Gamestop employee, and this deal is being run for PS3 to PS4 at Gamestop. If you own the PS3 version and trade towards the PS4 version there is only a $10 difference.

    • Tony Trenkle Jr.

      REALLY?! Is this all Gamestops?

      • mike

        This was news a week ago dude

        • Tony Trenkle Jr.

          Yeah and I responded a week ago..But I went to my Gamestop and they told me it was true so its all good.

  • Darrin

    I’m going to get Watch Dogs I was going to get Madden 25 for my ps4 but this game is the same every single year!

  • Chris

    In Canada, you can get a $60 credit towards Madden PS4 from FutureShop and BestBuy when you trade in the PS3 version within the first week the PS4 is out.

  • Sam

    After watching the Madden NFL players exhibition game over the weekend which was sponsored by EA and Microsoft and seeing the other deals. Although I pre ordered both the One and PS4 the only logical choice for sport gamers is the One. EA and Microsoft will continue to have these promotions / deals for years to come, besides I’m not comfortable with the PS4 receiving timely patches, updates to EA games..