New Off-Screen NBA 2K14 Gameplay Videos

Posted August 29th, 2013 at 2:45 pm


Last week brought the first look at the current-gen version of NBA 2K14 from Gamescom and now additional recorded footage has come out of yesterday’s Gamestop Expo. Rather than the Euroleague which was being featured overseas the build captured from here is an NBA Finals rematch of the Spurs vs Heat. The extended off-screen footage of course is not of ideal quality but again provides an opportunity to gauge how the action flows, the presentation elements, and how the various gameplay improvements being touted all mesh together. 

  • hiddes

    its not surprising 2k really didnt do much with the cur gen game. im still planning to wait and get one of the next-gen bball games.

    • Jackson

      I don’t think these videos do a great job of showing the improvements. I agree that they haven’t done that much to improve the game, but the things they have implemented were real issues with last year’s game. For the last game on this gen, it is acceptable to me to fix a few gameplay issues such as changing dribble moves, adding new passes, the ability to block dunks, and take out a lot of the cheese from last year like the post pump fake and shot, and the euro step and fadeaway 3 success. I agree it isn’t groundbreaking but they are significantly improving the game in my opinion without doing anything to change it for the worse as far as I know.

      • Greg

        It doesn’t have to be groundbreaking. 2K always improves the gameplay each year without making any drastic changes to it. It’s been a successful formula so why screw around with it?

  • FlyBoy

    smh more motions….why cant they fix wades shot??? and the shoes still look trash

  • Rob

    Someone who doesnt use the Heat. Thank you.

  • The Great Leon

    Guess we should have expected them to copy and paste and make a few tweaks. Next year should be the overhaul to association and more gameplay changes.

  • alkamist1

    lol you guys think there really going to change the game, what you see now will most likely be the same thing, except the graphics will look different

  • Greg

    I don’t know about you guys but I see some improvements over last year’s game. Better passing, better dribbling, new animations,etc. I think this will shape up to be a damn good game.

    • Phil

      I just want them to work on association because that hasnt been touched very much in the last 2 or 3 years and that is where I spend most of my time playing the game

      • The Great Leon

        Agree, besides cba being included they have not done anything to that mode. Needs a complete overhaul with minute management, coaches not staying with teams for more than a year or 2, make free agency interesting, etc.

  • modman

    Why was TP on the ground so long? Teammate wife down there too?

  • Jambone

    Looks like the last 4 Nba 2k’s to me!!

  • annias1

    2ks rebounding and defense logic is totally based on ratings where as in live 10 i was a big fan of the way bigs could dominate the boards with good positioning. I didnt hate nba elite demo. I would have still bought the game Im just tired of 2ks overcommitment to flashy offense. This game does nothing to make your team mates help on d and the developement seems to think every shot inside of 15 feet is a good one.

    I have been a 2k guy since 2007 and I just dont feel the game is a balanced as it once was. So with that I can afford to make a switch.

  • Jay (The Truth)

    Animations look better/smoother. Dribbling looks more realistic. Possession flow looks more like real NBA basketball. I can see some of the improvement. Like the new preseantation (based on small sample size) better than 2K13. Same as Madden, wont fault it for visuals as we’ve clearly reached the limitations of current hardware for annual sports games. Not bad.