New Signature Skills for NBA 2K14

Posted August 30th, 2013 at 3:00 pm


Signature Skills were introduced in NBA 2K13 providing more differentiation between players with unique definition of abilities. 31 Signature Skills were featured though the “Acrobat” skill was later removed in a roster update to accommodate an online tournament after a flaw was discovered allowing for Euro Step three pointers to be exploited.

Seven new Signature Skills debut in NBA 2K14 with one of them being exclusive to the King James pre-order bonus pack which is available through all retailers. Continue on to check out the new skills and their respective descriptions.

Pick & Roll Maestro
A ball-handler that excels at orchestrating the pick & roll. As the point man in the pick & roll, immediate following a screen this player receives a three point boost to his shooting attribute and is more accurate than most when passing to the screener.

Flashy Passer
This player is known for accurate flashy passes. When throwing a flashy pass the penalty enforced will be reduced by up to 60%.

Pick Dodger
A player that does not get caught up on screens very easily. He counters the Brick Wall signature skill, and when hitting a screen set by a regular player the screen often fails to be effective.

Tenacious Rebounder
This player is known for his relentlessness when going for rebounds. During rebound situations he receives up to 50% increase in winning boxout battles and poking balls loose on rebounds.

Screen Outlet
A player who excels as the receiver in pick & roll/pop game. If this player shoots immediately following a screen he set he receives up to a four point boost to his shooting attribute.

One Man Fastbreak
A player known for his ability to take the ball coast-to-coast on a fastbreak. Speed, Quickness, and Ball-Handling attributes are boosted six points if this player takes the ball from one end of the court to another on a fastbreak following a change of possession.

Lebron Coast to Coast (Pre-Order Bonus Exclusive)
Takes the ball coast to coast and finishes through contact. Speed, Quickness, and Ball-Handling attributes are boosted four points and the shot penalty enforced for hitting a defender is decreased when taking the ball coast to coast on a fastbreak following a change of possession.

  • Rob

    This is going to be beautiful for pick and roll/pop players like myself.

    • Phil

      yeah, I do a ton of pick and roles and pick and pops and passes off of pick and roles but I dont think this will be that helpful since I rarely shoot 3 pointers with the guy running it. It just makes the pass more accurate

      • Jackson

        I think you get a boost of 3 points to your shot rating no matter where you are on the court, not just a 3 pointer boost.

  • gregg

    meh. 2k needs to start talking about nextgen. they didnt do much for current gen.

  • James Slattery

    Hopefully this helps open up the mid-range game.

  • The Great Leon

    The sig stuff is nice but don’t matter all the time. Too bad they didn’t touch assoc.



  • Korey Laurence

    again something else that will make LeBron unstoppable online


    Like with all of 2k’s animations they will amount to nothing more than eye candy since 2k has no defense what so ever. Perhaps 2k would be better if they actually dedicated some time to the gameplay from a defenders stand point. They are so wrapped up in what the offensive animations are doing that they intentionally dumb down the CPU AI in order for the offensive moves to be successful. That is why when you look at 2k defenders, they are always a step too late. I guess if you like this kind of ARCADE like play then you are in heaven, but don’t mistake this for simulation basketball. Basketball has 2 sides; Offense and Defense and 2k has only mastered half of the game. So being diplomatic, 2k is half Sim and half Arcade.

    • Jackson

      Have you not paid any attention to blocking dunks and new perimeter defense additions? I agree that defense isn’t the greatest in 2K but it is improving.

      • MoneyMayweather

        I don’t like the cheap stuff that happens on defense when playing Man to man defense.

      • CSaint1994

        Lmaoo, the blocking dunks mean nothing people act like them adding that will stop cheesy dunks, no sir it wont.

        • Jackson

          When did I ever say that it will completely stop them? It will certainly cut down on them though. Plus it is will be harder to get to the rim in the first place to pull off cheesy dunks since perimeter defense has been revamped.

          • CSaint1994

            How often you see blocked dunks in the NBA?? If it happens more then 3 times a game its cheese

          • Jackson

            Yes, but people in 2k attempt way more dunks than in real life. There are way more successful dunks in 2k than the NBA so therefore there should be more blocked dunks.

          • CSaint1994

            Well you just admitted that 2k has unrealistic gameplay…. Thank you

    • allday

      You’re talk about “arcade” totally contradicts your user name lol. Live is the king of arcade yet you say they rule? Um what? lol. 2K14 has better D and more contact, should read the impressions.

  • Keith.

    I really liked the addition of Signature Skills last year and am looking forward to trying out the new ones. Anything that makes these guys even more individualized and like their real-life counterparts is a good addition in my opinion.

  • Lee

    I feel like when they do these player attributes the do it a litter overboard in the skill point boost. EX: the flashy passer 60% might be a bit much

  • GKage

    Lebron about to be Jesus in 2K14

  • kingnov1

    starting to believe alot of ppl that dont like news like this either DONT watch bball or DONT know how to play the game…either or….