Ronda Rousey Confirmed for EA Sports UFC

Posted September 3rd, 2013 at 7:00 pm

There has never really been any question that EA Sports UFC would incorporate the women’s division which debuted back in February. As written about last year it not only made sense in terms of marketing but since then its relevance and legitimacy has become too great to overlook. A game without the division would simply be an incomplete representation of the UFC.

Ronda Rousey has become a huge star and one of the faces of the UFC.┬áToday she confirmed her inclusion in EA Sports UFC in a short video. The division is sure to be a big part of the marketing campaign as it offers further differentiation for the Xbox One/PlayStation 4 game from the last generation’s THQ offerings and helps to reach a female demographic that otherwise might not have any interest in a fighting game.

It also stands to reason that Rousey will be one of the potential cover athletes for the game. A fan vote will determine the eventual cover representative.

[Update] Miesha Tate is now also confirmed for the game.

  • Ryan Perry

    It’s impossible to say this without it sounding awful but the Women’s division being included in this game is just a waste of roster spots that could have gone towards divisions I’d actually use. Maybe other people will play with the Women but I can’t imagine I will even once. Hopefully they have enough DLC as time goes on that 6 months after the games releases there aren’t a dozen guys in title contention not on the games roster.

    • Ricky

      But that’s a problem even if you didn’t include female fighters. There are always up-and-coming people and those on the decline; it’s impossible to please everyone. Someone is going to be left out, just like if they include MMA greats. They included images of Liddell at E3, so we can assume that legendary fighters will be included as well.

      What is really interesting is that since EA uses their Ignite engine for all XBOne and PS4 games, FIFA doesn’t have any excuses for not including women athletes in their game. People have been petitioning that for years; if the UFC team can do it, so can the guys on the FIFA team.

      • Yeah I would expect that to happen for FIFA as early as next year.

        • Ryan Perry

          You’re right, but if you’re going to go a couple years between releasing games, you should really do a better job of providing fighter and roster updates than we have seen, even if it’s through DLC.

          • Hopefully EA does just that. No excuses not to. THQ was cutting corners at every opportunity they could.

    • Jay (The Truth)

      Because they totally develop the game exclusively for what you specifically would use..

      • Ryan Perry

        Haha you’re right, Obviously they don’t and Madden the last two years is the perfect example of that. I’m just not sure this news about the Women’s division is going to get anyone excited. I can’t imagine very many people are going to use the Women’s division very often if at all.

        • Jay (The Truth)

          First year of inclusion, so you’re probably right. Big picture, its about adding as much of what the sport currently is, as well as appealing to people (women in particular) who would’ve never bought a UFC game otherwise. I like the inclusion, even if it doesnt portend much right away.

  • BenTL

    Good to hear. They deserve to be in the game like any of the other divisions. Would be like Madden missing the AFC West if women’s division wasnt in. Those teams might suck but you cant have an NFL game without all the teams.

    • Ryan Perry

      Eh, everyone in the AFC West is still an NFL player and has to play against other NFL teams. The women only fight women because Men’s sports are an entire different animal than women playing the same games. I’m happy for them and they should absolutely have the opportunity to fight but let’s not pretend it’s on the same level. I think a better comparison would be releasing a WWE game without Divas. It’s a significant step down from the men’s competition but it is part of the promotion

      • Keith.

        I’m no UFC guy, but I’d say it’s comparable to Tiburon including ladies from the Lingerie League in Madden. Just a waste of space/dev talent that could be doing things that are far more important to 99.9% of the people buying the game.

        • jake

          You’ve got to be kidding. You are such a hypocrite. If they didn’t have women in you’d be saying how pathetic EA is that they didnt put in one of their most popular fighters and one of the most fun to watch divisions in the UFC.

          • Keith.

            Again, I’m no UFC guy so I really don’t know women’s importance to the sport, but if you ever see me complaining about women not being in a sports game I’m playing, just go ahead and shoot me. Never gonna happen.

          • Ryan Perry

            Not sure if you’re talking to me or Keith but how do you know what I’d be saying? I do enjoy the UFC and the women will be in the game, and I understand why they will be in, but to me it’s just a waste of roster space because it’s an entire division I’m just going to ignore, just like I do with their fights on the UFC cards. I’m not sure why you assume I’d be angry if something I don’t care about and won’t use would have been left out in favor of more fighters I would use?

  • Greg

    EA had women in Knockout KIngs 2001. They had fighters like Christy Martin, Mia St. John, and others so why is this a big deal in 2013?

    • Keith.

      It’s not.

      Just EA regurgitating another marketing gimmick from the past.